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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection

The BioElectric Shield Company

BioElectric Shield

The BioElectric Shields are made with Proprietary Technology developed by scientists to Shield your body from harmful EMF & negative energy.

Since 1990 we’ve sold over 300,000 BioElectric Shields, which have truly changed people’s lives.

Our Shield was created with Nobel Prize Winning Physics & has been backed by renowned scientists worldwide.

By deflecting harmful EMF & negative energy, and stress from others, the Shield protects your energy field & allows you to reclaim your life.

We won’t be manufacturing more shields, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Our Shields last a lifetime & allow you to experience life fully, as you were meant to.


How do I recharge the Shield?

If the Shield is hung in daylight (i.e., sunny or cloudy) at least once a month for at least 6 hours, then it will stay fully charged, forever!

If you leave it out overnight, then recharge it for twice as many hours as it was exposed to moonlight. The Shield cannot be recharged with laser pens, ocean water, Reiki or any other method other than hanging in natural light.

Download the PDF for complete details.

Is it waterproof?

Yes, it is; however, we do not recommend wearing it in a chlorinated hot tub or swimming pool because sterling silver will tarnish much more quickly when exposed to enough chlorine. Shower, bath, lake, river, or ocean water is fine.

Can the Shield get depleted?

The Shield can get depleted when you are in a high-stress situation, but it has a self-charging mechanism up to a point. If you are wondering if it needs to be recharged, you probably are intuitively picking up that it’s time for a “tune-up”.

Is the Shield at the earth's frequency?

The earth’s frequency, sometimes called the Schumann Resonant frequency, is said to be changing based on the consciousness of the inhabitants of this earth. As the consciousness of the people goes up, the consciousness of the planet goes up.

The quartz in the crystal matrix of the Shield are connected to the crystal matrix of quartz all over the planet. They vibrate in harmony with one another, so any changes that affect any of the crystals, will affect all of them in the network, and this includes those in the Shield.

Will the Shield absorb negative energy?

No, the Shield works differently than a single crystal or gemstone. When a person buys a single crystal, it has one frequency and will absorb energy. After a while, the single crystal has to be cleansed with seawater or the sun.

When you are wearing the Shield, it is in the “protect and balance” mode, balancing and strengthening your energy field, and deflecting any energy not compatible with you. Therefore, it isn’t ever going to absorb negative energy.

When to Upgrade – Is Your Shield meeting your changing needs?

When to upgrade

  • When you wish to maximize the power of the Shield, you can move up a level and get a more powerful protection.
  • If you want to upgrade, purchase a new higher-level Shield.  We will be happy to discuss this with you.  Please contact us.
  • Please note that your old Shield is still very useful.  You can use your old Shield as a backup, or as room Shield.

Should you upgrade?

  • Are you concerned that your current Shield won’t be strong enough as new technology is added over the years?
  • Has your neighborhood added 5G or Smart Meters?
  • Does your home have WiFi?
  • Have you gotten new technology – A new phone, Smart TV, home Nest or security system, smart appliances?
  • Do you notice greater sensitivity to other people’s energy?  Are you getting more affected by their negativity?
  • Are you noticing physical symptoms  (Could be emotional or mental as well) that disappeared when you first bought a Shield – but are showing up again? This is a strong indicator the EMF radiation levels have increased in your environment and that upgrading your BioShield for increased protection.
  • Has your Home or Work environment changed recently?
    Are you spending more time around confrontational, negative, or stressed-out people? Or have you taken on new responsibilities that are causing extra stress? Even a small change can impact your health and well-being. A stronger Shield can help you deal with internal and external stresses.
  • Have you moved to a larger city? Moving to a big city greatly adds to the EMF and energy and stress from other people, traffic etc.
  • Are you experiencing health, emotional or mental challenges? This can also be a sign that you need an upgrade.
  • Are you traveling more frequently – domestic or international travel? Travel subjects you to large doses of EMF, other people, and shifting time zones. Many wearers have found relief from all these when upgrading to a Level 4, 14k gold Shield.
  • This article isn’t all about just upgrading to the highest Level 4, but finding the Shield that best fits your needs. If you want to hear more about what upgrading to a Level 4 is like, watch this video.
  • Read over the 4 levels of protection to help you decide if you are ready for the next level.
  • If you keep wondering about upgrading, that’s usually a sign that it’s time to act.
  • Retake the quiz or Contact Us.   We’ll help you figure this out!