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Has a Trigger Event Caused Your Sudden Illness?

by | Jul 31, 2018 | 0 comments

Has a Trigger Event Caused Your Illness?

How can you Suddenly be sick?

It may be that a Trigger Event has overwhelmed your system.

Symptoms are often set off by a trigger event such as 5G going live in your area, a new cell phone or computer, installation of a Smart Meter, new router, moving to a more dense area, a new cell tower, installation of citywide WiFi, many things can change in a city without you being aware of it. It’s just like toppling the dominos, the chain reaction touches everything.

Some of the symptoms can be put down to lethargy and possibly stress but they are all obvious signs of an autoimmune reaction to something in your life. Too often we just write off these symptoms as part of normal life as just being mysterious symptoms. Is it really Normal to be this tired, sick, depressed, etc? We don’t think so.

To determine if the issue may be electromagnet sensitivity (ES or EHS) think about what has changed in your environment?

  • Did 5G just get rolled out in your area?
  • Do you have a 5G router?
  • Did you or your neighbor’s get a Smart Meters?
  • Have you or your workplace purchased some new electronic equipment?
  • Have you or a neighbor installed a home Wifi system?
  • Did you get a new cell phone or computer or other technology?
  • Was a Smart Meter recently installed? Have you moved?
  • Is there a new cell tower or installation of citywide WiFi.
  • Bluetooth –
    • Did you install a Nest or other home security system?
    • Do you have Alexa?
    • Bluetooth or other electronics in your car? Including “OnStar” type systems – aka do you have a “smart car”?
  • Do you have an electronic or hybrid vehicle?

Many things can change in your environment without your being aware of it, and even if you are aware of it, you often don’t relate it to what’s going on.

In addition to EMF, there are some other factors that you should be aware of. Each layer of this burden reduces our body’s ability to heal itself naturally and exposes us to more illness and stress.
What relieves your body’s burden?
Read more about EMF sensitivity and electro-smog and how it may be impacting your life.
Once symptoms are triggered, you tend to continue to remain more sensitive, even if the offending trigger is removed!
Electropollution is affecting everyone to some degree. Some people simply notice it sooner or more intensely than others, or they relate how they are feeling to their environment while the vast majority of us have no clue why we feel so awful. EMF It is invisible and the effects, just like smoking, are cumulative. It may take decades before we are fully aware of the consequences.
Protect your health and restore your body’s own natural healthy frequency with the BioElectric Shield. The Shield contains a matrix of all-natural crystals that have been specifically designed and activated to work with your energy field to strengthen it, deflecting the harmful electromagnetic frequencies all around you

Next Steps

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Upgrade: If you have a Level 1 or 2 Shield, you might consider upgrading to a Higher Level for more balance and protection.

The Shield can be a part of your overall plan for taking care of yourself energetically to reduce your overall body burden.

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