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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection


14K Gold Bioelectric Shield
Inside every BioElectric Shield is a physics-based crystal matrix (see How it Works) surrounded by a case of made of a precious metal. The type of metal amplifies the strength of the energy activity created by the crystal matrix.

  • Level 1 – Essential – Brass, a good amplifier, is used in all Level 1 Shields. They are very effective in a room, auto or as a starter personal Shield.
  • Level 2 – Plus – Sterling Silver, a stronger amplifier, is used in the Level 2 Shields. Children and others who have low-moderate exposure to EMF do well with this level of protection.
  • Level 3 – Premium A Sterling Silver disk with 14K gold tabs is used in the Level 3 Shield. By adding gold tabs to the silver, this Shield is far stronger, including protection from Smart Meter radiation, 5G and other EMF. It is chosen by those who are EMF & environmentally sensitive, empaths, and HSPs,  (those who are sensitive to other people’s energy). Why? Because gold is the strongest amplifier of the Crystal Matrix Energy in the Shield.
  • Level 4 – UltimateLevel 4 – Ultimate – All 14K yellow or white gold is the ultimate amplifier and is used in all Level 4 Shields. Provides all the protection listed in Level 3 at a much higher level and is especially good for those in highly saturated EMF environments, international travelers, and those who need the ultimate in protection from EMF, other people’s energy and other forms of stress, including geopathic stress.

Specialized Crystal Matrices

To address certain energy needs, we have special crystal matrices. They all offer the same protection and energy balancing as the standard matrix but offer additional energy support for specific issues. Any of these matrices can be added to Level 2-4 Shields.

  • Focusing Matrix -If you have an issue with focus, you can choose our focusing matrix instead of the standard one. We add additional crystals to assist you in being more focused. Available in Levels 2-4.
  • Individually Customized Shield – Your Shield matrix will be designed to support your unique energy field.
  • International Matrix -If you live outside of North America, when you order your Shield, please choose the International Matrix (Available in Levels 2,3 &4) instead of the North American or Focusing Matrix. (this doesn’t apply to where you travel, but just to where you live most of the time.)

Upgrading to the next level

If you feel you need more protection that the current level Shield you have, you may be able to upgrade to a higher level. If your Shield is in good shape (no dents or deep scratches) and it is less than five years old, we will credit you the price you paid originally and substract that from the cost of your new higher level Shield. There is also an upgrade fee to cover the cost of refurbishing your Shield to a new condition.

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