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Testing The BioShield

Nicholas Rose and Susan Blackmore, PhD.

Testing the BioElectric Shield – Nicholas Rose and Susan Blackmore, PhD.

Testing the bioelectric shield. – PubMed – NCBI , Altern Ther Health Med. 2002 Sep-Oct;8(5):62-7

A graduate student, Nicholas Rose needed to perform a research study to complete his PhD in psychology.  His supervisor was Susan Blackmore of Sussex University in England.

Why did they get such strange results?

We sent them real and placebo Shields. Initially we were very puzzled by the reports because 6 studies had already been done in the USA, 2 of which had used placebos. The results were very clear. The real Shield worked. The placebo Shields didn’t. In these first experiments we were not producing Shields for sale. Thus, the 2 placebos used were made, and then sent with 2 real Shields. The real Shields were not even in the same room when the placebos were made, and there were no other Shields sitting around in that room.

Years later, we received a request to allow a graduate study to use the Shield to complete his doctoral requirements. At the time, there were always 50 to 100 Shields sitting in the fabrication area. What we didn’t realize until the experiment was over is that the placebo Shields had picked up some of the healing frequencies (see Dr. Lynn McTaggart’s research on resonance and quantum physics) the real Shields were generating as they sat on shelves. When Mr. Rose did the study, both sets of Shields helped the subjects! The real ones worked better than the placebos (or “shams”, as they termed them), but this skewed the data.

Basically, the authentic BioElectric Shields induced the “sham” shields thereby corrupting the data. (For more on how induction works in Physics, click here.)

We asked them to mail us back all the Shields along with the key which would tell us which ones were real and which ones were placebos ( also known as shams). Our consultant notice that ALL the Shields had healing energy coming out of them, but the real ones had much more of this than the placebos. She explained that the placebos had “picked up” the healing frequency from the real Shields.

The conclusion they reached was that there was not enough difference between the real and the “sham” Shields for the real Shield to be considered a valid tool. In reality, they BOTH worked to reduce stress and strengthen the test subjects. Nicholas did the study to complete a PhD and naturally had no interest in repeating it with placebo Shields that we would have made in another environment, away from the real Shields to avoid this problem. So, we’ve been explaining this research error for years! All the other studies on the BioElectric Shield show consistently positive results as shown with all our other studies.

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