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Unlock Your Tender Heart with a BioShield Energy Protection

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Unlock your Tender Heart and Keep it Open Safely with Personal Energy Protection

If you protect your energy and your heart, you can safely open your heart. Many HSPs and empaths feel in order to be safe in the world they need to close their hearts and lock them away to protect themselves from everyone else’s emotions and pain.”

The BioShield can make a world of difference.

The BioElectric Shield protects and strengthens your energy field so you’re no longer drowning in other people’s energy. HSPS ( highly sensitive persons ) and empaths are often not even sure what your own thoughts and feelings are. Wearing the Shield, you rediscover what it’s like to be in your own energy, free from all the overwhelm. You can begin to feel safe enough to open your heart.

The BioElectric Shield deflects other people’s emotions and negative energy, but there is some caution needed, especially with those you are closest to.

Why doesn’t the BioShield deflect all the strong emotions of those closest to you?

When you’re with a spouse or family member who is pouring out their pain and angst you may still walk away feeling terrible. Once again immersed in their stuff. So what the heck happened? Do you have to close down or lock your heart completely away?

We get calls from our HSP and empath customers who are wearing Shields and finding they still have some issues with taking on other people’s energy or pain. In almost every case, they are talking about a spouse, family member, or close friend who is going through something or is a trigger for them.

Before you had a Shield you were in a state of constant bombardment. You couldn’t tell what were your feelings or someone else’s. It was so commonplace you didn’t even notice it. Once you start wearing a Shield this isn’t the case anymore. When someone else’s energy does impact you, it’s more noticeable.

I know what you’re going through. I spent over 40 years of my life being devastated by everyone else’s pain – then I found the BioShield

Wearing the Shield improved my life giving me resilience and strength and I was happier and more even. I would still energetically reach out to some of the people who were in distress, energetically trying to help. I’d discovered that I’d “taken on” some of their negative or distressing energy, even physical pains. I can clear that energy, but it’s much healthier not to pull it in in the first place.

The Shield cannot keep you from reaching out energetically. But it’s a habit that can be changed with practice.

Going to trade shows back in the ’90s and talking to hundreds of people helped me figure this out. Even wearing my Shield, I would come home exhausted. Our consultant explained I was opening my energy like a bridge but taking on 100k tons instead of the 10k I was built for. Taking it on myself wasn’t actually helping them nd it was keeping me from being as effective in the world, in my life and in my work and being happy.

The following techniques can help even if you aren’t lucky enough to be wearing a Shield

What if there is a way to experience a “gap” or pause before you launch into an automatic behavior?

After a while, I realized that when I was wearing my Shield, there was a Pause between the impulse to reach out and “take in” someone else’s energy and pain and the actual action. In meditation circles, this is known as the Gap, the silent space between thoughts. Our energy consultant explained to us that the Shield calms and balances our energy to the point where we can become much more conscious of this Gap. It’s easy to facilitate by simply taking a breath.

I began paying attention and pulling back my energy. To quote some commercials “Oh what a relief it is!”

Instead of taking in their pain, I listened and gave them a sympathetic ear, or a hug. The difference in my energy level and ability to not take all that in was amazing. I still find at times with people I’m really close to that I can still get sucked in. Although the awareness that it’s happened makes it a fairly quick thing in most cases to release any energy pollution. I’m sharing my favorite techniques with you below.

You need a little practice in not automatically “reaching out” to take on others’ pain.

HSPs and empaths are wired to energetically “reach out” and try to help others, especially loved ones. However, in the process, you often take in more of their energy than you should. The Shield helps, but it cannot override your instinctual way of being. Hey, you’ve been doing this your whole life, so unlearning it can be a process as well. Be easy on yourself.

You don’t need to close your heart, but do pay attention to the space or pause before you open yourself fully.

When faced with someone who is in pain, upset, or angry, take a moment and feel a space, a pause, in which you can choose how much of their energy to take in. Sometimes you can still be taken by surprise, or taken over by extremely strong emotions, especially with those you love, or whose issues you relate to most strongly. In the case of similar issues or fears, it can be a stranger that triggers a response. You can choose not to close your heart down, preferring to stay open. You no longer need to lock your heart away. Just be a little careful what you let in, and know that when you slip a few simple techniques can put everything back to rights quickly.

Reality check – Are the emotions you’re feeling even yours? (This one tip can make a huge difference)

Ask yourself if what you’re feeling relates to what’s going on in your life? Is there a reason to feel sad, depressed, angry, etc? Did something happen that would cause you to feel the pain in your body? Is this normal?

If y what you’re experiencing doesn’t actually seem to fit the circumstances, then in all likelihood, it’s not yours. Just recognizing that, takes much sometimes all of the negativity or impact of the emotion away.

Once you become proficient at noticing and letting go of others’ energies or emotions, you’ll realize you don’t need to close your heart away. Be aware of when you’ve opened too far, and release that energy.

What should you do if you have taken on someone’s energy or pain?

Once you’ve taken on this energy, you often don’t realize it’s not yours. You continue to try to process it, figure out what you need to do, learn, shift, etc. This isn’t Your issue or energy, so you just need to learn to let it go. Sometimes, you suddenly feel tired, have a strange pain that wasn’t there before, feel like crying, or even feel extremely angry.

Ways of Letting go once you’re recognized the issue:

  • GRATITUDE: Shift to thinking of something positive. Think of something you’re grateful for. Even if it’s really tiny, it helps.
  • BREATHE: Imagine simply breathing the energy out thru the bottoms of your feet and top of your head.
  • ASK FOR HELP: Ask your higher guidance, source, god, goddess, Archangel Michael, etc, to find and remove all energy that is not your own and fill you with the power of love and light. Then breath and give thanks, and feel your lightness return.
  • FILL WITH LIGHT: Imagine golden-white light filling your entire body so that nothing else remains but pure light and love.

Techniques for additional protection

This works for protecting from someone else’s intense emotions, but also if you’re around an energy vampire (they actually suck up your energy).

  • Crown chakra to solar plexus
    • Visualize the golden white light coming in thru the top of your head (crown chakra)
    • Then down with your breath and out thru your solar plexus (a couple of inches above your navel)
  • Surround yourself with white or golden white light, and visualize all negative energy simply dissolving when it comes in contact with your energy field.
  • Send them love.

Practice makes all this almost automatic and can be a huge relief.

With a little practice, these self-protective/clearing measures can be almost automatic. Your Shield will continue to work with you, balancing and strengthening your energy, and is an important part of your energy toolkit.

Special Note for those who tap into events happening in the World

My sister and I both react strongly to events, and tragedies that are happening on the planet. I don’t watch the news, but many times I’ve been a sudden bundle of grief, unable to stop crying. I did the above techniques and knew it wasn’t mine, but couldn’t release it fully either because it wasn’t the normal level of “stuff”.

When that happens now, I turn on the news or open it on my browser. When I click on an article that a plane crashed and 204 were killed, an earthquake devastated an area, or 65 people died in a flood in Texas, etc, etc, I can feel in my heart that’s where my pain is coming from. As soon as I acknowledge it, at least 50% of the pain is released.

Release the Situation with Love

Take a few minutes to take some deep breaths and send love to the people, or situation. Don’t ask for a specific outcome. Send your love and energy for the highest good and see them and all around them filling with golden white light and love. It helps me to put my hands over my heart and say a quick prayer. When I feel done, I ask my guides to sever all cords and ties until there is nothing left but light and love. You’ll usually feel almost instant relief.

Note: It may be tempting to follow the story, watch it, or even get obsessed with it. Don’t let yourself do that, because you’re just getting sucked back in. When you think of the situation again, just send love and light again as needed without getting hooked on the consequences.

When You Open Your Heart, Your Life Opens Up

As HSPs and Empaths, you’re often forced to shut down in order to survive and stay afloat. What you don’t realize is how much you’re missing. Yes, you’re keeping out the overload and the pain. But you’re not fully open to the Love, the Magic, and the Beauty that surrounds us. When you are wearing a BioElectric Shield you can be more open, and while it’s keeping out the negative energies. The Shield allows in a lot more of the Love and the Joy. Many wearers report feeling in connection with God, Source, and Spirit for the first time in years after wearing a Level 3 or 4 Shield for a while.

Customer Review – I’m Reconnected With Myself and Source thanks to My BioShield

We got this email from Cindy B, California Sept 2021

I am extremely fortunate to be wearing the Level 4 BioElectric Shield!  I began with a 3, but within months moved to a 4 because of my sensitivity level.  I felt confident in making the jump because Level 3 had already changed my life. For over 20 years, I had been extremely ill and constantly picked up on other people’s energy emotionally and physically. I, many times would be incapacitated for months at a time.  All in all, no matter what I did or tried spiritually, psychologically, or organically, I have become a universal reactor and lived in isolation most of the time. I just chose to put distance from others as it was all too painful.

Moving up to Level 4 was a no-brainer and the wisest investment for me.  Now my life just unfolds daily.  Having been weak and experiencing “curious” ailments for so long, I can now feel my frequency has been raised and my body is recovering.   Much of the energy from people, EMFs, and chemicals has subsided drastically.  

I have energy, and clarity and my creativity is returning.   Most of all, my heart is now opening again, and I am reconnecting with others, myself, and most delightfully, source.

Thank you, Cindy

If you don’t already have a Shield, please give it some serious consideration.
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Find out what other Empaths and HSPs have to say about their experience with the Shield

I’ve shared my personal Shield journey here –  The Shield literally changed my life. I was so excited I joined the company to help other people find out about the Shield and to learn to understand their energy sensitivity. One of my best accomplishments was to help design the HSP/Empath Quiz to give you feedback in five areas of sensitivity – and provide a lot of information and tips to go along with it. It’s not another “Yep, you’re sensitive quiz”. You already know that or you wouldn’t be taking it, we go further into actually helpful info.

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Written by AnnaMariah Nau

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