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Is Your Fitbit or iWatch Dowsing You with EMF?

by | Oct 11, 2019 | 0 comments


Fitbits produce EMF – Is that a problem?

A customer called us inquiring about Fitbits and EMF. They wanted to know “is this a problem I should be concerned about?”

Well, the answer is – that depends. If you have any sensitivity to EMF or otherwise high exposure levels, you may have an issue with Fitbit related EMF.

I went to Fitbit’s website and found a comment from a man who loved the idea of wearing a Fitbit. He purchased one and the first night he experienced pain in his lower arm and wrist. He removed the Fitbit at 3 am. Not being deterred, he put it on in the morning. The day went fine, but that night the pain became severe and affected his entire arm. He removed it in the middle of the night. It took an entire day for the symptoms to clear and then he returned the product. Clearly, the EMF was an issue for him.

Another customer reported that her Fitbit records her sleep levels, and increasingly the report shows very little REM sleep. She’s been waking up feeling exhausted. The actual act of wearing the Fitbit to track her sleep could be a cause of the disruption. After she took it off, she reported sleeping better.

Fitbit Founder Answers

Matthew from Fitbit gave an answer that he called an “accepted solution”. He reminded us that Fitbit trackers operate at low RF power levels and are exempt from the same evaluation standards of other mobile devices such as cell phones. The FCC considers his device safe. That sounds reassuring. However, cell phones were considered safe for decades until several prominent scientists presented incontrovertible evidence that Electromagnetic Radiation produces biological effects.

Cumulative and Cascading Effects of EMF exposure

Experiencing something for a short amount of time, like a splinter in your hand, or a blood draw is tolerable. The intensity lasted for a short duration. But if you up the intensity or the duration of anything noxious to your body, problems may occur!


We all know that if something harmful to our body is intense enough, we’ll react. One glass of wine is wonderful. Ten will drop us to the floor, passed out. It is important to remember that any living organism will react to outside stimuli if it is strong enough. A little EMF is something most people can handle. Living next to a cell tower, not so much.


EMF in our world has changed from short to long duration. You probably use WiFi and may leave it one 24 hours a day. Most of us have a Smartphone, tablet, and a computer – all producing electromagnetic radiation (EMF). If you have a Smart Meter on your home, you are bombarded with micropulses and EMF more than 10,000 pulses in a 24 hours duration.

The addition of 5G networks around the world, has greatly increased our overall exposure.

The Cumulative and Cascading Effects

We can handle one stressor at a time quite well. But when you pile on the stress of work or life, the stress that comes from EMF radiation and THEN add one more thing, like a Fitbit, it may just be the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s not Fitbit by itself that is the sole cause of the problem. It’s simply that it is one more burden on your immune system and finally the body said “enough!”.

Customers have Reported Issues with Fitbits, Apple iWatches, and other fitness trackers

Quite a number of customers have called shortly after getting one of these products reporting numbness in arm and hands, headaches, sleep issues and a number of other mysterious symptoms. Read some of our own research into the increasing numbers of people reporting mysterious symptoms. Often when we talk, we discover a new fitness watch, a new TV, router, cellphone or other updated technology. It’s a good idea to take precautions and protect your health prior to issues arising because once they do, you tend to be more sensitive to other things as well.

Fitbit and iPhone EMF Solutions

A Fitbit might be just fine for you. however, if you are considering getting one, or have one, we invite you to add some EMF protection to your body. It’s very possible that you can “have your cake and eat it too”. Here are 3 suggestions for safely using your Fitbit or watchphone.

  1. Get whole-body EMF protection first. The Fitbit is broadcasting 360 degrees so you want total body protection. To find out which level of protection is right for you, take our free EMF Protection Quiz.
    If you want to proceed directly to the Shield page to choose a Shield to purchase, click here.
  2. Put an Aulterra EMF Neutralizer on the Fitbit. This will neutralize additional EMF.
  3. And/Or, you can spray the Fitbit with the AegisGuard LS Radiation Spray.
  4. EMF Shield for your iWatch Warning: The SYB Wrist Band will prevent any biometric functionality from your smartwatch, like heart rate monitoring. Apple Watch users will want to disable the “Wrist Detection” feature (see more info on the product page)

The BEST solution is #1. If you are quite sensitive to EMF or have high exposure, you can add solutions 2 and 3.

AirPod Radiation May Be Frying Your Brain

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t put a microwave next to your head. I am right, aren’t I?

Well, I hate to be the bearer of more bad news but using an AirPod or any other wireless, Bluetooth headset, or holding the phone to your ear is about the same – or worse, because it’s constantly putting out a signal even when not in use.




Why Are So Many People Seeking EMF Protection? Why have they reported increases in Mysterious Symptoms?

Why Are So Many People Seeking EMF Protection? Thousands interviewed over six years verify the consistent need for EMF energy protection and many are seeking EMF protection.


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