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AirPod Radiation May Be Frying Your Brain

by | Jan 9, 2020 | 0 comments

Picture of woman with a cell phone and Bluetooth headset AirPod Radiation May Be Frying Your Brain - a lot like putting a microwave to your head.I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t put a microwave next to your head. I am right, aren’t I?

Well, I hate to be the bearer of more bad news but using an AirPod or any other wireless, Bluetooth headset, or holding the phone to your ear is about the same – or worse, because it’s constantly putting out a signal even when not in use.

Should You Use AirPods or other wireless, Bluetooth headsets?

emf protection quizDo you recall when the iPhones came out with wireless the AirPod? Shortly after this, there were scientists who warned that sticking a WiFi receiving device right next to your brain could be a very bad idea. Naturally, Apple claimed that their AirPod satisfies FCC requirements for close-range radiation levels, but there is a problem with this kind of logic.

The FCC regulatory standards in this country are among the laxest in the world. The safety standards the FCC used for wireless devices were developed in the 1990s. They used a standard of measurement called SAR (specific absorption rate) that isn’t the true measure of the actual exposure level a person is receiving from any EMF source, including your phone or wireless AirPods.

AirPod – is the radiation worth it?

The digital music news site published an article in 2016 warning people to think twice about using a wireless AirPod or any other Bluetooth, wireless headsets. Their main quote was “you are putting a microwave-emitting device next to your brain”.  Do you stand next to your Microwave when it’s operating? I don’t. And most people instinctively move away from this kind of radiation – even though it’s inside a box. So, why would you voluntarily stick something in your ear that is emitting microwaves?

Ask the Experts

The Chicago Tribune tested some popular cell phones (iPhone 7, iPhone 8) and found they failed even the FCC’s lax standards for safety even when the phones were held at the 5-15 millimeters away from the body.  After this research, a lawsuit was filed against both Apple and Samsung. By the way, the FCC conducted its own tests by asking the manufacturers to test their own phones. Are you surprised they found them safe? To read more about this, visit

Why Graham Stopped Using Apple’s AirPod

Graham Ryan thought it would be a great idea to try out the new Apple AirPod. He loved them. He used them every day. However, after about an hour, he would start to get spacey, unfocused, and a bit moody. The longer the AirPods were in his ears, the worse the symptoms. He decided to get scientific about it and try out an EMF meter. He bought a Trifield Meter and then tested the emissions from the AirPod.

What he found was that the AirPods were emitting 7-12 mG (milliGauss) all the time. By placing them in his ears, he was locating them next to his brain, thus triggering an unknown response from his nervous system. In his blog, he suggests that the Bose Wireless headphones emitted the least amount of radiation – 1.5 to 2 mG. However, looking more deeply, I found another story about Bose wireless headsets.

What headphones are safe?

Christian, from the EMF Academy, reports he read a post on Reddit from a 28-year-old man who bought some Bose wireless Bluetooth headphones. After using them for 6 months, 8 hours a day, this man started to get ear pain, and strange wounds on his ears. Soon he felt physical pain inside his outer ears. He said he couldn’t believe just a headset could emit dangerous radiation, but couldn’t deny what was happening to his ears.

I’m sure not giving up my phone, so what do I do now?

The conclusion of this post is that the only safe headphones are the air tube headsets. SYB has a wonderful air tube headset that provides a safe EMF sound experience as well as an excellent auditory quality. Save your ears and your brain by using them, or using your speakerphone instead.

We also highly recommend using the SYB Phone Pouch or Pocket Protector, along with the air tube headsets for excellent protection from your cellphone, which is putting out several types of EMF radiation, electromagnetic radiation, Bluetooth (unless you have it turned off), WiFi, and even 5G.  (You save money when you buy the headset along with the pouch or pocket protector)

Of course, we also recommend that everyone also use full-body protection like our BioElectric Shield. Read more about why just device protection isn’t enough.

Take our quiz for an assessment of your overall exposure/risk and get a personalized recommendation.

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