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Best EMF Protection Products

How do you determine the best EMF products for you?  There are three “best EMF protection” categories to consider: best EMF products to shield your body, best EMF products to shield your electronic devices, and best EMF products to shield spaces and places, i.e., your vehicle and your home space.

Our company has been in business selling the best electromagnetic radiation protection products since 1991. We have learned that layering your protection, starting with your body first, produces the BEST results. And since 2016, we have provided free EMF exposure and Highly Sensitive People quizzes to help you determine exactly how much protection you need by the exact responses you choose in those quizzes.

Why do we say the EMF protection starts with protecting your whole body? 

What is more important than how you FEEL every day?  If you don’t feel well, mentally sharp, and filled with energy, something is off. It might just be your reaction to the increasing level of EMF pollution that we ALL are exposed to. 5G is no joke. Smart meters can wipe someone out. New stronger WiFi routers can trigger headaches.

Our mission is to help people feel absolutely great. And we’ve found that shielding from EMF radiation using the very BEST EMF products produces the results people want. Our solutions may appear to be a bit more costly initially, but when you go for the best EMF products out there, you absolutely get what you pay for. We’ve chosen the BEST EMF products available today. That’s all you’ll see on our site. We simply don’t carry the rest. We hope we’ve saved you some work of sorting out this complex topic.

And by the way, I’ve been an Occupational Therapist since 1974. The mission of the entire profession is to “make doing possible”. This means bringing back function and joy to someone after some kind of debilitating event. Most people only find out what an OT is if they have a child with a learning or physical handicap, or end up needing rehab from a stroke or some other physical issue. But, the mission is the same for OTs. We want to return function and satisfaction to a person’s life.

What do I know after 31 years of providing EMF protection for thousands of people? I’ve seen that EMF radiation can debilitate a person just as fast as a physical problem. Why do I know this?  Because by now, I’ve probably spoken to more than 20,000 people about this issue. This article is designed to save you time. We’ve found the best EMF protection products and will tell you about them now.

Tip 1.  EMF Protection for your body
How much EMF protection do you need?

How sensitive are you? We’ve discussed protection from electronics but what about the EMF radiation that exists in our everyday environment? The very best EMF protection starts with Full  Body Protection.  Sure, it’s great to get EMF protection for your cell phone, but seriously, do you think this is protecting you from the ocean of WiFi that is surrounding you 24/7? In other blogs, we’ve detailed the health hazards of this kind of constant exposure. It’s VERY hard to grasp that EMF is an issue. It’s invisible. Odorless. And doesn’t affect most people immediately. You literally have no idea something not so great can be going on until… well, you don’t feel well, and suddenly it’s bad enough that you’re making an appointment to see a doctor.

Are you more susceptible to the effects of electromagnetic radiation frequencies than others? This may be due to environmental factors, such as how much time you spend working with electronic devices like laptops or smartphones, or an increase in the amount of your electromagnetic exposure.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

The BioInitiative Report has detailed over 1,800 studies that have shown that EMF radiation can cause any of these symptoms – and more, all the way to cancer and a dysfunctional immune system. Protection from EMF radiation is key to health!

If you are very sensitive to EMF radiation, a different approach is suggested. If you are impacted by your own home WiFi, by using your phone, or being in places like Starbucks that offer WiFi, it’s time to consider full-body protection.


The first step in getting full body protection is to find out what level of protection you need. There are two quizzes available for you. Both are free to take.

If you have 5G in your neighborhood or you are extremely impacted by the effects of EMF, we highly recommend a Level 3 Shield. 


Understanding your risks and exposures is the first step to protecting yourself and your family from EMF. We’ve made it easy to start on the path to safety with two easy-to-use questionnaires that you can fill out yourself at home.

Quiz 1: Take the EMF Quiz – Is your exposure to EMF affecting you?

Our EMF Quiz takes into account your lifestyle, habits, and environment to determine your overall exposure risk to the radiation effects of electronic devices and wireless systems. You’ll answer simple questions about your age, your geographic location, your work habits, and your daily home activities to assess what level of protection you may need and how to find the right solution for your health and safety.

Be sure to click “Send my Results” when you finish.
  • Do you use a cell phone, laptop, or tablet or have WiFi, a Smart Meter, or 5G in your area?
  • Do you live in a city of over 35,000 people?
  • Do you have 5G or Smart meters in your area?
  • Do you get headaches, foggy brain, ADD, anxiety, or other physical problems?
  • Are you exposed to some form of WiFi for more than 6 hours a day?
  • Is your WiFi on 24/7?
  • Have you noticed any symptoms that you didn’t have before the increased saturation of EMF in your life?

Based on your answers, you’ll find out what level of protection you need along with recommendations on how to best preserve and enhance your personal energy.

Quiz 2: Take the HSP-Empath Quiz How Sensitive Are You to People, Places, and Situations?

Our HSP -Empath Quiz

The HSP – Empath Quiz takes a different approach. Here, you’ll be asked to reflect on your personality, temperament, and relationships with other people. At the end of the HSP Quiz, you’ll receive a “score” determining your overall sensitivity, as well as a breakdown of all your sensitivity types, including emotional, electromagnetic, sensory, reactive, intuitive, and permeable boundaries. If you have been sensitive all your life, but have not had a name for it, the term is “empath” or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Many HSPs and empaths take our quiz and feel like they’ve finally been understood and the answers help make sense of their lives in profound ways.

HSP Quiz

Be sure to click “Send my Results” when you finish.

This quiz includes questions about your EMF exposure as well as your response to other people’s energy.

  • Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your environment or other people?
  • Need to retreat to recharge or feel things more than others?
  • You are probably sensitive to WiFi and EMF as well as other people’s energy – a double whammy for your vitality!

You will learn about how sensitive you are in five energy subtypes. You’ll get tips in each of the areas on how to make your life smoother and easier as well as a recommendation for personal energy protection.

Personalized Recommendations

Coming to terms with your sensitivity levels and EMF exposure can be difficult in a society where we are surrounded by electronics and EMF signals all day and night. Our EMF Quiz and HSP Quiz are both designed to provide measurable results to help you understand the potential hazards you face as well as what you can do to correct them.

If you have extreme sensitivity or health issues, or just want more personalized feedback about the best EMF protection BioShield for your situation, take advantage of our Free Photo Analysis

If you have more questions after you get your quiz results, you can email [email protected] or call us (542-201-8878). We will discuss your unique EMF protection needs and help you find the best solutions.

TIP 2: EMF protection for shielding your electronics

Some EMF protection products are more expensive than others. Where does it make sense for you to begin to invest in protecting yourself from EMF?

PROTEemf protection cell phoneCTION FOR YOUR ELECTRONICS

The least expensive EMF protection is protection for your electronics.

Specifically, if you get an EMF protection anti-radiation case for your cell phone, this is something that is very inexpensive. Even adding EMF protection earbuds will keep this protection cost quite low. We suggest adding this type of protection to the devices and technology that you use the most, especially your cell phone and tablets.

Some examples of budget EMF protection include:

  • 5G SYB Cell Phone Case
  • 5G SYB Radiation Free Earbuds or an
  • SYB Pocket Protector (Mainly for men -f you keep your phone in your upper pocket)
  • 5G EMF Protection Earbud adaptor (like your earbuds – just add this adaptor to make it radiation-free)
  • Aulterra EMF Neutralizers – go directly on your phone to reduce radiation
  • SYB Wristband EMF ProtectionEMF Protection Flex-Shields – peel off sticky sheet that, when placed on any surface, provides EMF protection (phones, tablets)
  • EMF protection wrist band for an iWatch or Fitbit
  • AegisGuard anti-radiation spray for routers, cell phones, tablets, TVs
  • EMF blocker laptop or notebook pads (Keep radiation from the bottom of the device from entering your pelvis)

    Click here to view all the products for EMF Protection for Electronics


Tip 3. EMF Products for spaces and places in your life.

Inside our Vehicles

emf protection for carHow many hours a day do you spend in your vehicle?

Does it have Bluetooth hands-free capabilities? An electronic dashboard and ignition? If so, you and all passengers are being exposed to EMF radiation whenever you are in the vehicle!

An easy EMF protection solution is the BioElectric Auto Shield. The all-silver premium style will handle 5G more effectively than the standard brass model. (Brass is shown in photo)

Attach it snugly to your rearview mirror. It constantly breaks up and redirects EMF radiation out of the vehicle.

Inside our Homes

best emf protection
Inside our homes, we can be exposed to EMF radiation from our wiring, from any electronic devices (computers, TVs, tablets, cell phones), our WiFi routers, and near appliances (refrigerator, washing machine).

How do we protect ourselves from these sources of EMF radiation?

Our wiring comes from power poles that do NOT deliver clean power.

  • If you are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, cleaning up your home electricity is one of the steps you can take to reduce your exposure to radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is created whenever you use electricity in your home.
  • Most people don’t realize that all homes have dirty electricity.
  • Dirty electricity is created when either your wiring or your electronics create a spike of energy in your electrical circuit.
  • The spike, also called dirty electricity or harmonics, creates large amounts of Electromagnetic Radiation.
  • Both the plug-ins and the in-line units reduce your exposure to radiation by flattening the spikes, thus eliminating dirty electricity. Your home will FEEL different as electricity flows CLEANLY through your home, electronics, and appliances.

best emf protection dirty electricityTo address this issue, you can get the Satic Whole Home Line Conditioner or Plug-In units. The Whole Home unit is installed next to your breaker panel. The dirty electricity from your power pole enters this line conditioner. The spikes and surges are flattened, resulting in clean electricity that is then delivered to your breaker panel. If you use the plug-in units, they are placed in two locations, one in an A circuit room, and one in a B circuit room. Every time electricity flows through those plug-ins, the spikes are flattened, delivering clean electricity each time the current flows through the plug. These plug-ins are used in areas of less than 1600sq. feet, and can also be used for specific areas such as a home theater or heat pump location.


Routers are notorious for emitting high levels of EMF radiation. Get an electronic timer. Plug it into the wall. Plug the router into the timer. To reduce EMF radiation, set your electronic timer so that it shuts off at bedtime and comes back on again in the morning. This helps many people get higher-quality sleep. You can also spray the router box with the AegisGuard anti-radiation spray. It will stop 99.9% of the radiation emitting from the box! For the back area where there are wires, simply spray some cheesecloth and lay this over the back area of the router.


A Stetzer filter that is put in the same outlet as your refrigerator, washing machine, or air conditioning unit, can work as a line conditioner for that one item.

Whole-Home EMF protection5G emf protection paint

If you or someone in your home has extreme electromagnetic hypersensitivity, you can use the AegisGuard anti-radiation paint additive. The interior walls and molding that are on the opposite side of the exterior walls get painted. In other words, you do not paint all the walls – just the ones that will make your house one big envelope of protection. You will also have to spray the windows with the AegisGuard anti-radiation spray.

Room EMF Protection

emf protection roomIf you have certain areas you wish to protect, an easy solution is to place a Room Shield in that one room. They cover an area that is 30 feet in every direction from wherever the Room Shield is placed. Popular spaces include your home office, the bedroom, or the media/great room. Any room with electronics in it (like computers or TVs) is a good candidate for a Room Shield.

EMF Outside Your Home

If you have a cell tower close by, it is important to consider the above whole home protection, personal protection, and room protection in some combination. If you have a Smart Meter installed, it is wise to place the Premium Room Shield in the room where the Smart meter is located on the outside wall. There is also an EMF protection picture frame line that can be used directly behind the back of the smart meter. We advise both items given the fact that Smart Meters send out tiny bursts anywhere from 10,000 – 60,000 times per day (Data from Pacific, Power, and Gas)

Click here to view all the products for EMF Protection for Home, Office and Auto


No matter what type of product you choose, it’s important to remember that no single product can provide 100% protection from EMFs. You’ll still need to take steps to reduce your overall exposure and consider what protection is best for you in the four areas we discussed. Here is a LINK to all the products mentioned in this blog.

Once you’ve considered these factors, you should be able to find the perfect EMF protection products for your needs. Many people add EMF protection one product at a time, as the budget allows.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thanks for reading!

But by using one of the many available EMF protection products, you can help minimize the potential health risks associated with EMFs. So don’t wait – choose the product that’s right for you and start protecting yourself today!

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