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Are You Just too Sensitive?

by | Jan 22, 2015 | 0 comments

Are you Too SensitiveDo you have days when you are exhausted by everyone else’s drama? Do you even sometimes forget that it’s Their Drama and Not Yours? Are you just too sensitive?

If you are like a lot of Highly Sensitive People or empaths, the answer is probably a resounding Yes!

You might be surprised to know that, often, you are being pulled down and drained by all the emotions, thoughts, and energies around you, and they can even feel like yours.

The BioShield can make a positive change in your life, allowing you to remain centered within your own positive energy… if it’s not all that positive now, the Shield can help you balance it more. Many have found that once they aren’t being bombarded by all the negative thoughts and feelings of others, they are more positive, less anxious, and even more joyful.

The Shield has made a huge difference in my life, and I’ve seen how it’s helped others. I feel very strongly that the Shield is more needed now than ever and is a solution to two ever-growing problems – electromagnetic pollution from our technology and the level of negativity and fear on the planet. This level of fear is happening both on a planetary level and with the people in your life – friends, family members, and coworkers- who are increasingly anxious and into their dramas, which can have a huge effect on your mood and energy levels.

Many people are teaching methods of self-protection, and that’s often extremely helpful. The only problem is that you must remember to do them…frequently. I don’t know about you, but I find it extremely difficult to stop in the middle of a conversation with someone and put up my protection. That’s often too late. You’re already swamped with their energy. The other issue with some methods of keeping out other people’s energies is that they are like putting up a brick wall – Nothing gets in.

TAKE OUR HSP SENSITIVITY QUIZ – for insights and tips for dealing with your sensitivity

By all means, check out some of the books and newsletters for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People and learn how to become a skilled empath….yes, it’s possible to use your sensitivity to help yourself or others. You don’t have to remain too sensitive to get through your day.

But the bottom line is, how do you protect yourself consistently and still stay open and loving? With the Shield, the good vibes and the negative stuff that’s not beneficial to you are deflected.

Are you asking yourself now if this is just one of those slick sales pitches where I will talk you into something, and you’ll never hear from me again?

NO.  I’ve been told I’m a great salesman and could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. But that’s not true. Now, if I was convinced that the Eskimos would benefit from having ice cubes, then yes, I could sell the heck out of them. But only if I knew it was the right thing for them.

The same goes with selling Shields—I/We’ve refused to sell a Shield to someone we knew either didn’t need it or wasn’t right for it. We’ve even suggested people keep using something they already have or, horror of horrors, buy the other guy’s product. That’s right, we’ve turned down sales. We have even turned down sales of diamond and tri-gem shields. Why? Because that Shield wouldn’t be the best choice for that person.

Call us and talk 541-201-8878 or email your photo and answer a few questions to analyze which type of Shield will benefit you most. I/we firmly believe that the Shield will help most people – probably about 98%…but nothing is for everyone, and we’ll tell you if it’s not for you. Is that a fair deal, or what?

We Guarantee it. We offer a 100% Risk-Free 90-day Money-Back Guarantee—no questions asked! How can you pass this up? What if I’m telling the truth, and wearing a Shield will make a difference in your life? What’s to lose? Nothing. So go for it.

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