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BioElectric Shield Pricing – Putting price, performance and value into perspective

How are Shields Priced?

Putting Price, Performance, and Value Into Perspective.

Before we even begin to explain the pricing, we’d like to say that we are very proud that our Shields are handcrafted – one at a time, with a great deal of skill and intention. They are made in Montana, USA – not China, not India, not South America, not any place other than Montana. We respect work done by other countries, and at the same time, we want you to know that our BioElectric Shield will always be handcrafted by conscious, loving people in rural Montana.

Below we’ve done a cost analysis to give you perspective on your actual cost over time. But before you focus strictly on the cost take a minute or two to think about why you are interested in a Shield, and what value you are hoping to get.

Note: Prices include not just the cost to make each Shield, in order to stay in business we have to make enough to cover overhead. Consider these other costs involved: creating and maintaining the website, shopping cart and database (you’d be surprised at the monthly cost), Google and other advertising, medical & salaries (which are modest) for office and shipping personnel, phones, internet, computers, maintenance, keeping equipment maintained, shipping, fees to accept credit cards and PayPal payments, packing and shipping materials and a load of other small and large fees I won’t go into.

We Reduced all Shield Prices August 2021

Despite greatly increased prices on materials and everything else, we are aware that people are struggling and with 5G going in they need protection more than ever. We reduced our prices by 10-20%, the absolute bare bones to cover our costs and break even, we hope.

We are here to help you live the best life possible and are doing our best to make it possible for you to get the protection you need.

  • Contrast that with the vitamins and supplements you buy? How much do you spend on them per month? And then again the next month?
  • We have prepared a cost analysis to help you put the cost of a Shield in the proper perspective!
  • When we bring our centered and balanced selves to all situations in our daily lives we are more loving, more prosperous, more PRESENT.
  • So we ask our potential customers: What would you be willing to spend to bring more vitality, more balance, and protection from the stressful and harmful energies in your life?
  • Unlike supplements or many other things we buy over and over again, the Shield can last a lifetime. We have customers wearing the Shield they purchased in 1990.
  • If you are willing to spend less than the price of a fast-food hamburger a week to greatly enhance the quality of your life, you will want to invest in a BioElectric Shield!

We actually have an upgrade policy that allows you to start at a lower level Shield and then upgrade within three years if your original Shield is in good condition. You may get a quiz recommendation for a Level 3 or even a Level 4 Shield, but if that’s just not in the budget get a Level 2, and consider upgrading at the next sale, but keep in mind that the results you are getting are going to be less than what you will experience when you get the stronger Shield..We’re not saying this just so you’ll spend more money; we want you to get the protection you need and so you’ll have an excellent experience with the Shield. If you get a lower level than what you need, the results may not be enough to be noticed, and you just may give up and decide that the Shield doesn’t work. It’s kind of like putting a bandaid on a gushing wound. If you are being seriously impacted by the levels of EMF, Wifi, 5G, etc coming at you, then it only makes sense to actually get the product that will help you with the correct amount of protection. Hopefully, putting this all in perspective will allow you to have a better understanding of what your actual investment is.Cost-Benefit Analysis BioElectric ShieldThe Shield is a one-time purchase. Unlike supplements, massages and so many other things that you have to keep spending money on month after month after month. Most people I know spend $50-300 a month just on supplements – if you spend just $50 a month that’s $600 a year, and you have to do it again the next year as well!

We even give you a 90-day money-back guarantee – how often do you get that?

We have people who are still wearing the Shield they purchased in 1990. With a little care, you can wear your Shield for twenty years or more (we don’t know exactly how long – check back with us in 30 years, and I’ll bet we’ll have people wearing 50-year-old Shields.

Let’s see what that comes out to per year at today’s prices.  If you to wear your Shield for 5, 10, 20 or even 30 years*

Let’s talk about inflation and the price of precious metals

About our Sterling Silver Shields

I received an email the other day from a woman who lost her Shield. She was upset because she originally paid $140 for her Silver Shield in 1998 and wanted to purchase a replacement for the same price.

When I explained that the cost of silver had increased, it was clear that she thought we were gouging and increasing prices simply because we could.

That prompted me to do a little research.

In 1998, silver was between $4.50 and $6.50 an ounce, today (10-19) silver is $18* an ounce and predictions are that it will increase to $25 by year-end nearly 5X what it was in 1998! In 2011 the price was $45 an ounce – an increase of nearly 1,000%

The price of silver and gold is volatile and can change remarkably in a short time. We try to anticipate the market, but often get caught having to purchase at the higher prices.

In 2011 Silver had increased nearly 1,000% since 1998; the Shield increased only 248%. In 2011 alone, silver increased by 74%! Today, 11/5/13 silver has decreased again, but predictions are that it will increase again soon and it’s still 482% higher than in 1998.  (Note: We aren’t going to be recalculating all these details on a regular basis – we have Shields to make, and articles to write to keep you informed of current trends and risks – like Smart Meters and 5G networks – but this should give you an idea of how price stacks up.)

And metal costs aren’t the only things that have gone up – Shield labor, pouches, boxes, shipping, marketing, website and on and on. But I’m sure you get the idea.We were selling the silver with brass tab Shield for $140 back in 1998.

The current price of the all silver Shield is $347 – an increase of only 248%. (We have discontinued the silver/brass in favor of the slightly stronger all sterling.)

We try to keep the prices as low as possible and these statistics give a little better idea of how well we’ve done that. If we increased our prices at the same rate that silver increased the Silver Shield would be over $1,350!

The Shields are a bargain at any price – the protection and balancing are simply invaluable for your health and well-being.*The price of silver varies daily, so although the current price may not exactly match the $22 listed, that was the price the day I did the calculations Nov. 5, 2013. I hope you get a general idea even though the exact figures will vary. You can look up prices at

Adding Inflation: from 1998 to 2017 the total inflation on the dollar amount alone not even taking into account rising materials costs, the $140 paid for a silver Shield, would now be $262 and that’s not taking into account the increase in silver. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Why would someone spend the money on an all-gold Shield?

Why do people get all gold Shields?

Many choose to get a gold Shield regardless of cost. The performance received for a gold Shield is practically beyond description. In short, the BioElectric Shield is JEWELRY WITH A PURPOSE. If you wear a gold Shield, you will see the quality of your life change. Each person who wears a gold Shield, scribes this differently, but so far, everyone who has purchased one has felt the value received was well worth the cost. In fact, we’ve had some people say it was a huge bargain for them in view of the significant changes it made in their life.

Your exposure has increased! 5G networks and smart meters combined with how much most of us use technology have exponentially increased, too much to even measure. Taking our quiz,

Quiz recommendations before 2019 were usually about 30% Level 2, 65% Level 3 Shield and 5% Level 4.

As of Oct 2019 that has changed with approximately 15% Level 2, 70% Level 3 Shield and 15% Level 4.

Why are gold Shields more expensive than their exact weight in gold? What is gold weight in the Level 4: 14K bioelectric Shield?

The short answer is that raw material costs are a fraction of the cost of the finished goods. Some customers over the past 28 years have felt the Shield cost should just be a straight across match to the international metal market pricing.

However, any product that involves changing a raw material into a useful object involves many more costs than the raw material cost. The price of gold quoted on is based on a raw material price. We pay material costs based on certain manufactured gold products like sheets or rolls of gold wire. These costs are significantly higher than the per-ounce cost of gold!

Many people who are not in the jewelry industry are unaware of the prices changes when the metal becomes a “useful object.” Once the objects are obtained, the process of creating a piece of jewelry is started, and many more steps and costs go into the finished product (whether it is a Shield, a ring, a watch, etc.).

Gold jewelry isn’t priced by its weight. It is a factor, but manufacturers take that cost plus their fabricating costs and their overhead, and often a markup for “design” and multiply by 100% or more…and then the jewelry store doubles or triples the price again. Our markup isn’t that high. In our case, even when we are selling to our distributors at up to a 40% discount, we need to still make a profit on that discounted price or we won’t be in business. We’ve actually lowered our markup on the gold to do our best to keep the prices as reasonable as possible. We’d love it if everyone that needed one, could afford a gold Shield.

Here’s an interesting article on the subject by a jewelry store owner

Fantasy versus Reality – A little story for you….this may shock you

Now here’s a shocker… we just recently explained our true material costs to a distributor who thought that he should get a larger discount on a gold tri-gem Shield, because, according to him, our raw material cost was small (incorrect assessment on his part) so we should give him a larger discount. We explained to him that with his distributor discount, his profit was approximately twice as much ours.

Every time we supply a distributor, we offer them the opportunity to make a good commission. This cuts our profit, but please understand, our mission is to get as many Shields as possible out in the world. The owners, a Chiropractic Neurologist and Occupational Therapist, are very concerned about the health effects of radiation! They want people to be protected, and assume “it takes a village” to get the word out. Rather than pay for expensive magazine ads, we have an affiliate program that offers commissions and discount coupons.

How do we keep prices down?

We buy raw materials in bulk so that we get the lowest prices possible. Metal prices change constantly so it’s our best guess when to buy. When we buy sheets of gold from our providers we pay their markup which covers their production costs their profit. To get a reasonable price we need to buy several sheets of gold at a time. Our last purchase was over $50,000. It takes up to a year for gold Shield orders to arrive and return even our raw material cost.

What are the other costs of making a gold Shield?

Another cost factor is that we pay our master Shield maker considerably more for each gold Shield he makes. His materials are more costly and due to the extreme care he takes in making it, a gold Shield takes him a two to three times longer to make.

The Vibration of Healing and Protection vs Mass Production

We have had several offers from companies who will mass produce our Shield in India, Bali, China, and other places. However, our commitment is to provide you with the highest vibrational healing tool we can create.

Each Shield is created one at a time, with a great deal of care and intention for healing and protection. Each gem is hand-cut, hand-placed, hand-soldered, and hand-polished. Knowing this, do you really think our Shields are expensive? We don’t. And, shall we say it again – they handcrafted in serene, rural Montana, USA. How often do you get to enjoy something that is made with this kind of love?

The real bottom line on a decision to purchase a gold Shield – or any Shield, is to look at the value provided over your lifetime. Does it make a valuable contribution to your life, well being, spiritual advancement or other areas of concern?

What do we wear?

A Personal Note

All of us who are associated with the company wear either Level 3 Silver and Gold Shields, or Level 4 all-gold Shields, including the Tri-gem. For those of us who moved up to Level 4, the results have been very obvious and rewarding. In general, I would say we all feel more focused, more grounded, more compassionate, and completely protected. Many customers over the years have moved up level by level and have given Shields to family and friends as they move up to the next level.

Level 4 Shields include 14k Yellow gold, 14k White gold, 14k gold with a diamond, or a 14k gold Tri-gem Shield (sapphire, diamond, emerald). The easiest way to find out if one of the Level 4 Shields is the best choice for you, or which style is best is to take our quiz or for a very personal recommendation, take advantage of our free photo analysis.

Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully understand a bit more about what goes into the making of a Shield. Regardless of which Shield is recommended for you, you can rest assured that you are getting the best protection available today.

Health Practitioner Comments about the Pricing of the Shield (this is a letter she wrote to one of her clients)

“Dear Client,

Thanks for your note asking about the pricing of the Shields. Yes, because the BioElectric Shields are made with pure silver or 14k gold, their price is determined by the market price of the materials needed. The price of gold is currently at $2,300 per ounce, so a gold Shield would be expensive. Silver has been hovering around $23 an ounce, which has also bumped up the price of silver shields.

I am grateful that they have a 90-day return policy on their items because that gives people more confidence. Just last night, I had a shower before bed and left my Shield in the bathroom. By 3 a.m. I woke up with a horrible headache and a sense of pulsation in my brain that I had experienced before getting the Shield. I knew that it came from the EMFs in my neighborhood and so I fetched the Shield and put it next to my bed, and then I dropped back into sleep. I know the Shield works because whenever I have it on, I am no longer affected by these frequencies! I am so grateful to have found it!

Not everyone is aware of how much their energy field is affected by electromagnetic frequencies. For me it was simple. I felt as if I was dying until I met Virginia and her husband and started using their products. The other products I used made no difference to me at all: I was wearing 3 Q-link products at the time, yet my brain was so scrambled that I could hardly make a sentence. My doctor diagnosed me with leukemia and I thought I was going to die… and then I found this solution, so I really have seen the results. It is a small price to pay for health and vitality!

Let me know if you have any other questions – ultimately, it is your decision and I want you to choose what you are comfortable with.

As for me, I am not looking back at all. BioElectric Shield has helped to give me my life back, and it continues to offer opportunities every day to share with other people who are suffering from EMFs. So often, people who need it are simply drawn to the Shield and once they start wearing one, they realize just how much better they are feeling!”