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What does being EMF sensitive mean?

by | Dec 16, 2022 | 0 comments

What does being EMF sensitive mean - EHS

Being EMF sensitive, or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), means your body experiences various symptoms when exposed to EMF radiation. Electrosensitivity is increasing worldwide.

You will know if your body is EMF-sensitive if you experience symptoms that occur exclusively in the presence of EMF. For example, if you use your cell phone to make a call and then get a headache soon after, you may be EMF-sensitive. If you sit in a coffee shop with Wi-Fi and, after a while, you begin to feel unwell, stressed, or experience brain fog, you may be EMF-sensitive.

You will also know you are EMF sensitive if you remove yourself from the source of EMF radiation that made you ill and gradually feel better and “normal.”

emf blockers for electronicsWhat Causes EMF Sensitivity?

The sheer volume of electronic devices we use daily creates a large cloud of EMF radiation in our environment. Non-ionizing radiation comes from cell phones, tablets, notebooks, computers, plasma televisions, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi routers, fluorescent lighting, fax machines, copiers, scanners, LED lights, dimmer switches, Blue tooth, powerlines, solar panels inverters, cell towers, baby monitors, radar installations for weather, microwave ovens, convection ovens, and electric cars.

How many of these technologies do you interact with daily? Over time, non-ionizing radiation penetrates your energy field and body. When this radiation interacts with your cells, it can begin to change your body’s chemistry and electrical systems, producing malfunctioning communication.

Research shows that EMFs affect us at cellular levels, including our DNA. EMFs have chemical effects that cause oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is what breaks down our bodies. EMF triggers the breakdown of molecules in your cells, so instead of doing their job, they become free radicals that destroy your previously healthy cells!

jet lag morningWhat are the symptoms of EMF sensitivity?

There are many symptoms associated with EMF sensitivity or EHS. Some symptoms include headaches, heart palpitations, stress, tinnitus, flu-like symptoms, nausea, and muscle pain.

Common symptoms include:

  1. Headaches – Oxidative Stress from EMF can trigger headaches. Mobile phones have even caused tumors directly across from the ear inside the brain. Many EMF-sensitive people can link exposure to Wi-Fi or using a cell phone with an ensuing headache within minutes or hours of exposure.
  2. Foggy Brain-Focusing-Cognitive issues – EMFs can scramble your brain so that you cannot think clearly and have difficulty focusing. Scientists have associated ADD/ADHD with children who constantly use cell phones. When customers speak with us, they frequently describe the feeling of continually feeling mentally scatterbrained.
  3. Sleep disorders – Both sleep and chronic fatigue disorders are related to exposure to low-frequency and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. This study covers both issues. One of the first symptoms of EMF sensitivity can be related to sleep. EMF can interfere with melatonin production. When a Smart Meter is installed close to the bedroom, it is not uncommon for people to suddenly have difficulty sleeping well. They may go to sleep quickly but then wake up and cannot return to sleep in the middle of the night.
  4. Chronic Fatigue – (see above study) It is common for fatigue to occur after exposure to EMF, particularly for someone who works on a screen all day. Many EMF sensitives find fatigue or other symptoms occur after a certain time. It varies with each person. And, if EMF in the home is disrupting sleep, it is inevitable that, over time, fatigue will increase simply from a lack of quality sleep.
  5. Skin conditions – Skin tumors and other conditions. Ionizing radiation, in the form of UV (sunlight), can produce tumors on our skin. Non-ionizing radiation can affect your skin, and rashes and itching are some symptoms of EMF exposure.
  6. Anxiety, Stress, and Mood Disorders – Studies have shown that workers exposed to EMF in large doses, like power plant workers, suffered from anxiety, stress, depression, and sleep quality.

In many cases, exposure to Wi-Fi, cell phone wireless signals, and common electronics like laptops, tablets, or TV will trigger symptoms in an EMF-sensitive (EHS) individual. EMF sensitivity can occur in both adults and children.

Jeromy Johnson Ted talk on Electromagnetic Sensitivity
The Story of the Silicone Engineer who became EMF Sensitive

In 2016, Jeremy Johnson, a Silicon Valley engineer, who didn’t believe EMF radiation was an issue, had a wake-up call after the power company installed a Smart Meter while he was at work. He developed a headache that evening, and it continued into the next morning. After going to work, the headache subsided a bit, but it returned as soon as he came home. He describes his wake-up call in his Ted Talk.

Overnight, he had become electromagnetically hypersensitive. Because of his credentials as an engineer, his concern over the harm EMF radiation can cause to the body had to be taken seriously. This Ted Talk moved the topic of EMF sensitivity from “quack” to a legitimate concern about wireless communication.

damage to human dna

Is EMF sensitivity genetic?

EMF sensitivity has not been proven to be a genetic trait. However, if a family has one member who has become EMF-sensitive, it is not uncommon for one or more children to also develop EMF sensitivity. The research is limited and is not conclusive as to why one person will develop EMF sensitivity, and someone living in the same home will have no issues with it.

What is the best way to reduce exposure to EMFs?

We recommend specific steps to reduce your exposure to EMFs. Moving to a remote location with no wireless signals could be a solution, but it’s impractical for 99.9% of us. First, we recommend full body protection. Second, protection on your electronics will lower EMF. Third, EMF protection from dirty electricity in your home makes your home feel better and eliminates EMF from your wiring!

1.  Get EMF Protection for your Body: Wear or carry an EMF protection Shield to protect your biofield

A BioElectric Shield is your first and best defense against EMF radiation. It is considered the most effective form of protection because you can wear it all the time and even have it next to your bed at night to provide 24/7 protection. The Shield can also be carried in a belt pouch or pocket or be orde bracelet/wristband style.

Take the free EMF Exposure Quiz to learn more about how much protection from EMF you would need based on your sensitivity and exposure levels. If you are also sensitive to other people’s energy, we suggest taking the Empath – Highly Sensitive Person Quiz . for tips and information about how do deal with those sensitivities with more ease.
Each quiz will give you a personalized recommendation for optimal EMF protection based on your answers.

Linda wearing Level 3 Shield testimonials

2. Place EMF protection on your Electronic Devices

Once you have full body protection, we suggest additional EMF protection for Electronics and Devices as well as your home. We can safely predict that there will be more EMF radiation in our homes, offices, stores, and in the air as cell towers broadcast wireless signals.

By eliminating the majority of the EMF radiation from your devices, you are lowering your exposure to EMFs. The more you reduce exposure, the less likely Electromagnetic Sensitivity Syndrome will be an issue in your life.

There are easy ways to get EMF protection on your electronic devices, including your cell phones, laptops, tablets, routers, etc. EMF Anti-radiation pouches, sprays, stickers pads for under laptops and tablets, EMF reduction headsets, and even a fabric rinse for your clothing and curtains all will lower your exposure to EMF

In this blog, 7 Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself from WiFi Radiation we explore strategies for lowering EMF exposure from your WiFi and your electronic devices. To view an overview of protection products, visit our Shield Your Electronics section in our store.

emf phone protection pouch

3. Get EMF protection for your home environment

For a small investment in an electronic timer, your Wi-Fi router can be automatically turned off at night and turned on in the morning. We certainly don’t benefit from wireless signals while we are sleeping. In fact, when you sleep, your body is dedicated to rest and repair. If it’s being “attacked” by WiFi, your immune system works all night long.

Remove all electronics from the bedroom – TV, phones, tablets. If you need an alarm, use a plug-in clock placed five or more feet from the bed instead of your cell phone. You will likely sleep better without any wireless signals operating in your home.

To read about how you can reduce EMF and dirty electricity in your home using different EMF product solutions, refer to this article: EMF Blockers for Your Home (and Auto). And you can visit our Shield Your Home, Home Office, and Auto section of our store!



4. Do it Yourself Tips


  1. Block EMF from your electronics and Wi-Fi router. Put your Wi-Fi router on a timer so that it goes off at night and doesn’t come back on until the morning. Wi-Fi routers are among the highest emitters of EMF radiation. Hopefully, your router is not in your home, but in a garage instead.
  2.  Wi-Fi settings can be turned down. Your Wi-Fi manual can be adjusted to a lower power level. When it’s installed, if you are present you can ask the technician to show you how this is done.
  3. Stop radiation from cordless base stations and portable phones. They also emit high amounts of radiation.
  4. TVs, Monitors, Tablets, Notebooks – and all screens emit radiation. You can either use the spray or place a flex-shield on the back on the smaller items (tablets, phones, etc.)
  5. Avoid tanning beds. Instead, if you need to use light therapy, go through your dermatologist. (There are certain applications for psoriasis that involve light therapy that can be very effective without the high radiation of a tanning bed.
  6. Limit your phone screen time. Try to limit your total screen time to 2 hours or under. Use a cellphone safety pouch when you talk on your speaker phone.  If you can text an answer instead of talking, this is less time on the phone as well.
  7. Limit x-rays when possible. Sometimes a doctor or dentist will advise x-rays more frequently than necessary. Talk it over with your doctor and ask for the least number of x-rays possible for them to still do their job!
  8. Go outside every day. When you are outside, taking a walk, you are usually much farther away from EMR radiation.
  9. Neutralize or eliminate dirty electricity in your home and office.
  10. Wear EMF protective gems: Some people also enjoy wearing EMF protective gems or placing them around the home, particularly near high EMF areas.

Last, but also helpful are Natural Remedies and Gemstones for EMF Sensitivity

Gemstone grouping - photo by AM

One natural remedy for EMF sensitivity is moving to a remote location and not using any technology. For most people, this is not practical or even possible!

The most powerful natural protection is the gem-based BioElectric Shield. Based on applied physics, quartz, and other natural crystals, the shield protects you from EMF and other unhealthy energies in your environment. Learn more about the science behind the Shield.

what is an emf blocker

Some gemstones are helpful for EMF sensitivity. Please read our article “What Crystals Protect Empaths?”.  Crystals that provide some protection if you have EMF sensitivity include:

  • Hematite
  • Shungite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Pyrite
  • Citrine
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Combination of Onyx and Smoky Quartz

Get Protection Now  –  Visit the EMF Protection Store.


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