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EMF Blockers for your home

EMF blockers for your home

Some people choose to use an EMF blocker as a way to reduce their exposure to radiation. Others use an EMF blocker as a way to protect their family from the potential health risks of EMFs. No matter why you choose to use an EMF blocker, it’s important to find one that works best for your needs.

There are a few different ways to block EMFs in your home. EMF blockers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used to block radiation from all forms of electromagnetic radiation, including WiFi, 5G, appliances, phones, tablets, and computers. Let’s explore each area of the home where you would use an EMF Blocker.

There are a few things you should consider before purchasing an EMF blocker. First, you need to decide where your biggest exposure to EMF is coming from and then which type of blocker you want. There are several different types of blockers, including phone cases, laptop pads, stickers, paint and fabric additives, and Shields.

Finally, you need to decide how much money you want to spend on an EMF blocker. EMF blockers can range in price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. This decision shouldn’t be just about the dollars spent, however, you should take into account both your sensitivity to EMF and your overall level of exposure. The money spent is a long-term investment in your health and well-being.

Once you’ve decided which EMF blocker is right for you, it’s important to read the instructions carefully. Each blocker works a little bit differently, and you need to make sure you’re using it correctly and understand what it’s blocking.

Why do you need to block EMF?

EMF, Electromagnetic radiation, also called ELF, electromagnetic frequency, and electrosmog comes from everything that plugs in or has a battery, and from WiFi, Bluetooth (including Alexa and your home security systems), cell towers, power lines, and 5G towers. It may be invisible, but its effects are wide-reaching and can affect you physically, mentally, and even emotionally. Your body wasn’t designed to withstand these unnatural frequencies and the rate at which we’ve increased our reliance on technology is incredible.

Anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, ADD/ADHD, lack of focus and concentration, headaches, depression, irritability, sleep issues, and a long list of other issues that may surprise you may be caused by or worsened by EMF exposure. Read more about some of the known effects.

Remember when we thought asbestos, pesticides, and smoking weren’t harmful? We’re at that same place now, just beginning to understand the long-term effects. Most people are unaware that they are being affected since they don’t turn on a cell phone and feel anything most of the time. Just like having that one cigarette seems harmless EMF damage is cumulative so the sooner you block EMF, the better for you.

Your Living Room and Media Room

Typically, this room will contain a large screen TV and some kind of home theater/music system. If your family members use this room in the evening to watch movies. It’s important to block EMF in this room.

EMF Blockers designed for media room and office

The BioElectric Shield Company has 2 products designed to block EMF radiation in this room.EMF Blocker for room wifi radiation protection

The Standard EMF Blocker Room Shield can be hung from a ceiling light/fan, or it can sit on a table in the room. It will block EMF by breaking up the EMF radiation waves from the TV as well as the WiFi signal. This Room Shield blocks EMF for 3o feet in all directions from wherever it is placed.

The Premium Room Shield is a stronger EMF blocker. If you have 5G signals coming into your home or are noticeably feeling the effects, this stronger Shield is recommended.

EMF Blocker for Dirty Electricity from Your Electronic Home Theater Area

If you are like many people, you have your TV and music system, DVD, etc. all hooked up in one area of the room. Often power-strips are needed to supply all your devices with electricity. Each component of your system generates EMF radiation not only when it’s in use, but even when it is in standby mode.Satic EMF blocker plug-in

  • A great way to eliminate all the dirty electricity that produces excess EMF radiation is to use the EMF blocker plug-in from the Satic Company.
  • Dirty electricity is created when either your wiring or your electronics create a spike of energy in your electrical circuit. The spike, also called dirty electricity or harmonics, creates large amounts of Electromagnetic Radiation.
  • This company makes a unit for your entire home, but you can also get one of their plug-in EMF blocker units. Both the plug-in and the in-line units reduce your exposure to radiation by flattening the spikes, thus eliminating dirty electricity.
  • Your home will FEEL different as electricity flows CLEANLY through your home, electronics, and appliances.

EMF Blocker for Bedrooms

EMF Blocker Room Shield

If you are like most people, you spend about 8 hours a night in your bedroom. During this time, you should be sleeping. However, if you have an EMF blocker in your bedroom, it can help you get a good night’s sleep. You can also use an EMF Blocker BioElectric Room Shield, either in the standard or premium style.

EMF Blocker for your Sheets

AegisGuard Fabric AdditiveAnother creative way to protect yourself from EMF at night is to wash your sheets in the Aegis anti-radiation EMF blocker fabric rinseThe AegisGuard™ LL Radiation Shield is a safe, patented, and proven radiation EMF blocker shielding solution for converting all hand and machine washable fabrics, including smart clothing, into shielded fabrics without affecting their color, appearance, or texture. Recommended for anyone seeking relief from the effects and discomfort of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (IEI-EMF, EHS, and ES). You add this powder to the final rinse in your washing machine. It’s very easy to use!

EMF Blocker Canopy around your Bed

If you are handy with a sewing machine, here’s an idea for you. Go to a fabric store and get enough material to make a bed canopy that will be suspended around your bed from the ceiling. It should be very lightweight, and certainly breathable since you’ll be surrounded by the fabric when you are in bed. You’ll have to get creative about either making a frame for the canopy or putting some kind of tract on the ceiling so you can open and close the curtains you’ll be hanging. This is definitely a do-it-yourself way to create a relatively inexpensive faraday cage around your bed. If you purchase a canopy they can range from $500 to $2000.

Once you have made your canopy, wash the fabric in the Aegis EMF blocker anti-radiation fabric rinse. You’ll have robust protection from any EMF radiation in your bedroom!

Personal EMF Blocker BioElectric Shield

An easier solution would be to consider getting a personal EMF blocker BioElectric Shield to wear during the day to protect you from all the sources of EMF and keep it on your bedside table at night. If you are extremely sensitive, you can add the premium room Shield as a second layer of protection. If you have a SmartMeter or utility panel on the other side of the bedroom wall, we highly recommend the room shield. Take one of our quizzes for a personal Shield recommendation

Because the BioShield protects you 24/7 from all forms of radiation including 5G (in levels 3 and 4) it’s a great investment and one that can last you decades. We have people wearing the one they purchased 20 or even 30 years ago. Additionally, the Shield balances your entire energy field and even deflects other people’s stress and negativity. 9 Reasons People wear EMF Protection Pendants.

EMF Blocker for Your Entire Home

EMF Blocker PaintAegis EMF blocker anti-radiation paint

An additional solution is to use Shield your entire home using an EMF blocker paint. With the addition of Smart Meters on many homes, people who had no issues with EMF Radiation suddenly began to have symptoms that are clearly associated with EMF radiation. Wearing a Level 3 and a Room Shield or a Level 4 BioElectric Shield has solved the issue for many people but others need an additional layer of protection. Even if you don’t wear a Shield, painting your bedroom or the inside of your home is a powerful option.

This paint additive is a safe and patented radiation shielding that can be put in the paint color of your choice. It can be used on any painted surface: walls painted electronic equipment enclosures and cabinets. Other radiation protection paints usually come only in black! Recommended for anyone seeking relief from the effects and discomfort of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (IEI-EMF, EHS, and ES). Will block WiFi from neighbors and Smart Meter radiation.

How Does It Work

AegisGuard™ L (Life) Series (LL, LS, and LP) RF/EMF shielding products deflect or reflect, unwanted RF and EMF at opposite angles from originating sources by breaking apart (scattering) deflected radiation frequencies, and the fields they carry, upon contact with shielded surfaces.

Where To Use The Paint For The Best EMF Radiation Protection?

  • To protect the entire house: paint on the inside of all exterior walls, trim, and ceilings and spray the windows on the exterior walls with
  • To protect one room: Paint the ceiling, all walls, trim, door, and spray all the windows with Aegis LS Radiation Shield Spray
  • You will choose which strength of both the paint and the spray based on the frequencies coming into your home. (see photo below of the spray)
  • Other uses: Use on painted electronic equipment (TV, monitor, smartphones), enclosures, and cabinets (which contain electronics) to provide radiation shielding for those surfaces. If there is a glass door, also use the spray.

EMF BLockers for Your Electronic Devices

Let’s address EMF blockers for each kind of electronic device you have in your home, or use while you’re in your home.

WiFi Router and Modem

Nearly everyone uses a WiFi router and modem. There are 2 strategies to use when considering how to block the EMF from your router.Aegis EMF Blocker anti-radiation spray

  • At night, you can put your router on an inexpensive timer that turns off the power to the device when all of you typically go to bed. You can set it to turn on in the morning when everyone needs to use their devices.
  • The Aegis Company, a leader in EMF blocker anti-radiation products, has a spray product that is ideal for wiping on your router.
  • Shields any surface from the EMF radiation emitted by wired and wireless electronic products.
  • All AegisGuard products reflect or deflect at an opposite angle any RF (radio frequencies) away from any item that was sprayed.
  • Does not affect product performance, power consumption, or signal strength.
  • Recommended for anyone seeking relief from the effects and discomfort of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (IEI-EMF, EHS, and ES).

Cell Phone EMF Blockers

By now you’ve probably heard that EMF radiation from cell phones can pose many health dangers. As recently as 12-28-21, Fox News featured a 4:31 minuteSYB Phone Pouch - 5g protection news brief with expert Dr. Devra Davis on the dangers of cell phone radiation. For those who are interested, they provide a link to her hour-long talk with Tucker Carlson on the Dangers of EMF Radiation. Her first point addresses the damage done to sperm, particularly when men carry their phones in their front pockets. The mobile phone industry has its own PR firms to reassure us that cell phone use is safe, but most of us know that there is no definitive proof this is true. She makes the point that the tobacco industry also conducted years of PR campaigns to assure us that smoking was safe.

Given, this, it makes sense to get an EMF blocker for your phone.

When your phone is in an SYB EMF Blocker Cell Phone case, the radiation from the EMF from the phone is blocked by 99%. If you take the phone out to make a call, you can slip it back into the SYB EMF blocker pouch, and use radiation-free earbuds to continue to enjoy the same amount of protection! We’ve been offering these to customers for years and not only do they love the protection, but the cases even come in 5 different colors!

Computer, Tablet, and Laptop EMF blockersEMF blocker for laptop or tablet

What could be easier than putting an EMF blocker pad under your tablet or laptop? Radiation is emitted from the bottom of each device, radiating into your pelvic area if you are holding it on your lap. EMF blocker pads come in convenient sizes and a couple of colors. There is nothing like the peace of mind that comes with knowing your body is protecting from radiation while you’re enjoying your device.

Another approach is an EMF blocker “blanket”. The blanket is relatively small. The original purpose was to wrap an infant in this blanket or cover them in their crib or car seat when in the presence of WiFi. The lightweight nature of the blanket and small size makes it convenient to stick in a large purse or backpack if you need your protection to be portable.

You can also spray your screen with the Aegis EMF blocker anti-radiation spray we mentioned for your TV. This applies to your computer monitors as well. Click for device protection

EMF Blockers for WiFi and 5G

In your home, you can wipe down your modem and WiFi router with the Aegis EMF Blocker anti-radiation spray. To address the specific rooms in your home, you can hang EMF blocker BioElectric Room Shields. And if you want to Shield your entire home from the WiFi and 5G coming from outside your home, you can use the Aegis paint solution.

For personal protection, wherever you find WiFi and 5G, both inside and outside your home, you can wear the Level 3 or Level 4 BioElectric Shield. To find out what level of protection you need, we invite you to take the free EMF Exposure Quiz. At the end of the quiz, you will see a specific recommendation. If you choose to have it emailed to you, you’ll have this when you order your Shield.

Purchase EMF Blockers

Personal Energy Protection – BioElectric Shields

Device Protection – Phones, laptops, etc

Shield your home, office or car 

Summary of EMF Blockers for your Home

EMF blockers are a great way to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. By using one of the methods mentioned above, you can protect yourself and your family from harmful EMF radiation.

Thank you for reading! I hope this article has helped you learn more about EMF blockers and how they can help you reduce your exposure to radiation. For more information, please visit

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Dr. Devra Davis and Tucker Carlson Interview: Cell phone radiation expert says FCC ‘in denial’ of health risks, demands ‘full, independent investigation’

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