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Why are HSPs and Empaths Retreating into their Houses?

by | Feb 13, 2019 | 0 comments

Picture of young women holding onto window and looking fearfully outWhy are HSPs and Empaths Retreating into their Houses?

Empaths are retreating from the world. Agoraphobia and hermitism (my made-up term) are very common among people who are sensitive to energy – this includes both other people’s stress and negativity and electrical energy of all kinds (EMF, RF, EMR). They are simply too impacted to “be in the world” and so highly sensitive people and empaths retreat from the world.

Not all retreat and avoid going out completely, but many carefully plan how much they can handle in public settings or even with small groups of people. They need quiet, alone time to refresh and regroup. Those who are super sensitive and possibly also sensitive to electromagnetic radiation are actually afraid to go out.

I recently received this email from “Brenda” – sadly, her story isn’t uncommon. The way she’s being affected physically is unusual, but it can affect the body in myriad ways that can be quite mysterious.

Brenda’s story of reclusiveness and extreme sensitivity causing her to retreat from the world

Dear AnnaMariah,

“I want to thank you so much for all your credible information concerning the sensitivity types, places to obtain other information, and your personal story  I literally cried when I read your story!

I am so excited that there is hope and that I am not alone.  My life is now one of reclusiveness, chemical sensitivities, and body swelling (I believe from trying to protect myself). I’d like to purchase a Level 3 Shield, but that’s not possible right now. Are there other options?

I retired from teaching less than a year ago. In the normal world, I was unable to share my story without seeming like a crazy person.  As of 6 years ago, children in my class would emotionally and academically begin to heal after 9 months with me.  I had no idea what was occurring, but it would just happen.  Then the most narcissistic of children came my way and I began shutting down.

I try to run from anyone needing energy because I have no more to give.  Chronic fatigue sets in and I swell.  It’s not a little bit of swelling.  Over the course of trying to flee, I have gone from 115 lbs. to 220 lbs., from being physically attractive to not so much.  I have just wanted to be alone.  LOL!

I generally stay silent and cloistered, retreating into my home and quiet, with all of this, but you have been a blessing upon blessing for me as I have searched for others like myself.  You are making a difference and my heart is filled with gratitude. ” Brenda

Dear Brenda

“Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know what you mean about sharing “in the normal world”. For those who aren’t sensitive, it’s nearly impossible to explain without coming off as a nutcase. It’s also hard to get answers when you can’t talk about what’s happening. There are many others like you and it does help if you can connect with some of them. I’m so sorry you had to quit teaching, it sounds like you were truly a blessing to those kids.

Venture out and meet other HSPs and Sensitives and end the Retreat

There are a lot of Facebook groups and even Meetup www.meetup.com groups in some areas. Getting together with other HSPs can be much less taxing than with a room full of “normal” people who are on “output” and provides a way to start getting out more, in a calm place, among others who will understand and be supportive. Another good type of meetup would be meditation, crystal bowls, that kind of thing. You’re less likely to need to retreat when you find others who understand.

Several years ago a Facebook friend who had literally stopped going out except when absolutely necessary purchased a Level 2 Shield. Within a couple of weeks, she was posting about places she was going and interesting things she had started doing. I really didn’t make the connection until a mutual friend commented on it. The funny thing is, my friend hadn’t made the connection either, but once I mentioned it she realized what a difference it had made.

Here’s a starting place to protect yourself and balance your energy without having to retreat from the world

One thing you might consider is starting off with a level 2 Shield. It puts it much more in your budget and lets you start off being protected. We have a program where you can upgrade within a year, and we give you all but a small restocking charge towards the price of the new Shield. I’d also suggest checking out PayPal credit – you can get 6 months to pay with no interest.

I hope that when you get a Shield, it will be of enough help that you’ll be able to consider going back to teaching. There aren’t enough teachers like you.”

Brenda got her life and purpose back and was able to stop retreating from life and the world

Six months later I received this email from Brenda and did a happy dance

“I am a teacher again!

I took your advice and got a Level 2 Shield and am happily paying it off over a 6 month period with PayPal credit. But the best part is that I no longer feel completely overwhelmed and drained. I feel like I have my life back. My fatigue has reduced considerably and I’m starting to lose weight.

The most exciting part is that I’m back to teaching. I’m starting off slowly and substituting for the rest of the school year. So far that’s working out great. I still feel good at the end of the day; in fact, I actually am bursting with energy. I think that’s because the Shield is protecting me from energy drains, but also because I’m living my purpose again, and that “feeds” me in so many ways.

I also took your advice and found a Meetup Group and joined a Facebook group as well. It’s so amazing to be able to talk about my experiences and not feel like a crazy person!

Thank you for helping me, so I can return to the children I love and find support and reassurance.”

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