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EMF Protection for Cell Phones

by | May 6, 2022 | 0 comments

emf protection for cell phonesEMF Protection for Cell Phones

EMF protection for your cell phone is important because your cell phone constantly emits EMF radiation even when you are not making a call.  You can these use four tips to reduce EMF radiation from your phone. We offer several EMF blocker cell phone products to provide EMF protection as you carry your phone with you.

EMF, or electromagnetic fields, are invisible areas of energy that surround all electronic devices. They can harm your health when absorbed by the human body for prolonged periods. Cell phones are especially susceptible to EMF exposure because they sit close to the user’s head and body. In recent years, there has been a growing body of scientific evidence linking EMF exposure to various health problems, including cancer, brain tumors, ADHD, and sleep disorders.

Tip: 1 Avoid holding the phone up to your head when you talking. Go Hands-Free

It’s all about frequency…. humans have slow energy like the earth – phones have insanely fast energy – like microwave ovens

It’s all about frequency…. humans have slow energy like the earth – phones have insanely fast energy – like microwave ovens

Human bodies have a frequency of about 7.8 cycles per second – or 7.8 hertz – which is the same frequency as the earth. This frequency is known as the Schumann Resonance. When you go into the forest or to the ocean, you feel the earth’s energy as very nurturing. We feel good when we are in Nature.

Depending on your cell phone, the frequency is anywhere from 800 Mhz – or 800 million – to 2600 million cycles per second. We recommend not holding your phone to your head – after all – your frequency is only 7.8 cycles per second.

The Miles Per Hour Analogy

If you put this in miles per hour – your body vibrates at about 7.8 MPH – and when you hold your phone up to your head – the energy coming at your brain is millions of miles per hour. The first time I heard this, I was speechless as I imagined what this could be doing to my body.

Protect Your Kid’s Brain
We caution about letting your kids hold a phone up to their heads for those of you who are mothers. Children have softer skulls than adults, and the radiation can penetrate far more easily into their brains than into an adult brain. It’s important to teach your children to keep their phones away from their heads and bodies, lessening the amount of EMF exposure.

Tip 2: Reduce the amount of time you use your cell phone in enclosed spaceswoman talking on her cell phone in car

When you are in an enclosed space, like cars, trains, buses, or elevators, you are exposing yourself to more intense waves of energy as they bounce off nearby structures in the environment. Consider an EMF Protection Cell Phone case if you need to use your phone inside a vehicle.

And please do not text while driving. It’s so tempting, but the book, A Deadly Wandering by Matt Richtell, tells the story of a young man, while texting, who lightly collided with another car. That car spun around and was subsequently hit head-on by -a big truck hauling a trailer. The men,  two rocket scientists, were killed instantly, leaving two widows with no husband and three children with no father.  Of note, the young man did not remember texting his girlfriend. Phone records eventually proved he had been texting for several minutes during his drive to work. He was so appalled by his actions that he spent the rest of his life cautioning high school students about texting and driving.

Tip 3: Use your cell phone sparingly and for short periods

The longer you use your phone, the greater the amount of EMF exposure you’re likely to experience.

Tip 4: Keep your cell phone out of your bedroom

If you are experiencing sleep problems, you may be reacting to too much EMF in your bedroom. Several studies have been done correlating higher levels of EMF radiation with poor sleep. In 2010 and 2012, two similar studies found that employees of high voltage substations needed more time to fall asleep and that their sleep quality was worse than the control group. Another study from Pub Med found that melatonin levels are disrupted by EMF radiation. Melatonin is a hormone that your brain produces in response to darkness, and it signals the pineal gland, which controls your sleep-wake cycles.

Even if you’re NOT having sleep problems, it is an excellent idea to clear your bedroom of all electronics, including your phone. If you need a plug-in alarm clock, place it at least 5 feet from the bed, and remove any cell phones, laptops, or tablets, from your bedroom.

Why is it a big deal to clear your bedroom of electronics?

Did you know that your body can shift into repair and restore mode when you sleep? Each night, presuming you are sleeping soundly and getting enough sleep, this is some of what happens:

  • your cardiovascular system slows, which leads to greater cardiovascular health
  • your blood vessels relax
  • appetite and metabolism are regulated
  • your internal clock or circadian rhythm allows for sleep
  • melatonin is secreted, so you go to sleep quickly and stay asleep
  • cortisol activates the production of glucose from protein, which maintains optimal blood sugar levels

If your electronics disrupt your sleep, many of the above functions can be compromised!

Products that Reduce EMF radiation from your phones

Simply following these simple tips will help you reduce your exposure to harmful EMF and protect your health. And, if you’re concerned about the potential effects of EMF on your body, consider investing in one or more of the following EMF Radiation protection products listed below. These products are designed specifically to reduce the amount of electromagnetic field radiation emitting from any and all cell phones.

Many of us use our phones to communicate with family and friends and do this frequently. If you fall into this category, here are some products that can nearly eliminate the radiation from your phone and allow you to speak safely and privately rather than using a speakerphone. Sometimes using your speakerphone is inappropriate, and we carry hollow-tube earbuds, so the radiation isn’t carried from your phone into your brain.

SYB Phone Pouch - 5g protection

  • SYB Cell phone Case – 5G Protection – soft, protective, blocks 99.9% of the radiation while in this case
  • SYB Pocket Protector – 5G protection – particularly useful for men who carry a phone in a pocket.
  • SYB Earbuds – 5g protection – allowing you to speak privately – 99.9% protection so that virtually no radiation is entering your brain
  • SYB headset adaptor – if you already have earbuds you love, simply get the adaptor that stops the radiation from moving up the wired part of your current headset.
  • Aulterra Neutralizers – can be placed on your physical phone. These neutralize EMF radiation and are useful for when your phone is outside the SYB case. We suggest using both the Neutralizers AND the SYB phone pouch. The investment is small, and the protection is “large.”
  • All of these products are listed on our All Products Page  or the bluet

What Else Can You Do?

While it is extremely important to address the EMF radiation from your cell phone, many people take one more additional step. Does a dense wireless environment surround you? Is your WiFi on most of the time? Do you use your phone, computer, or tablet much of the day?  Do you continue to use devices at night for music or movies? Do you drive a car with BlueTooth capabilities? All this exposure adds up. The question is…

Is your exposure to EMF affecting you?
  • Do you use a cell phone, laptop, tablet, WiFi, a Smart Meter, or 5G?
  • Do you live in a city of over 35,000 people?
  • Do you get headaches, foggy brain, anxiety, or other physical problems?
  • Are you exposed to WiFi or Bluetooth for more than 6 hours a day? (this includes Alexa and wireless security systems)
  • Is your WiFi on 24/7?
  • Have you noticed any symptoms that you didn’t have before the increased saturation of EMF in your life?

These may be EMF issues.

Based on your answers, you’ll find out what level of protection you need along with recommendations of how to best preserve and enhance your personal energy.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

Watch Virginia’s Video

Video 10 tips to Protect yourself from Tech Induced Brain Fog






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