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Protecting people and their energy with BioElectric Shields since 1991
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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection

EMF Blocker Anti-Radiation Products

EMF Blockers – anti-radiation products for your body, cell phones, tablets & laptops, auto, home and home office.

Using applied Physics, the Shield Offers You

emf protection

Blocks, Deflects, and Neutralizes the impact of EMF radiation


Reduces the impact of unhealthy energies from people, places, and devices


Resonates, amplifies, and strengthens your energy.

How it Supports Your Energy

chi-prana earth resonance technology

The crystal matrix generates a harmonious bio-field that strengthens and organizes your life force.


The Shield energy balances your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. People calm down, or feel energized – it all depends on where you need more balance.


EMF’s travel through the skin, bones, and tissue straight into DNA. (BioInitive Report 2012). EMF Shielding helps your DNA maintain its correct blueprints even when attacked by EMF’s.

What People Notice


EMF and other people’s negative energy zap your vitality. The Shield deflects energy that is not compatible with you, strengthening you and reducing stress.


EMF and other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions can be draining – Shield wearers report emotional well-being as their normal mood.


Over time, you will find that your own energy, while staying uniquely “you”, becomes calmer, more focused, more relaxed. The longer you wear a Shield, the greater the benefits.


You’re more productive, focused and centered.

Without BioElectric Shield

Electromagnetic radiation constantly bombards your body with no impediment

With BioElectric Shield

The Shield works with your body’s energy field, creating a barrier between you and harmful environmental radiation


Each Shield contains a matrix of crystals that already vibrate at an Earth Resonant frequency or Schumann Resonance. When you first put on a Shield, this harmonious earth energy places an energy “cocoon” around you, instantly soothing and balancing your energy field. This EMF Shielding protects you from EMF. It also deflects energy from other people, places or situations which are not vibrationally compatible with your energy.(Figure A)


The Shield goes into resonance with your unique energy vibration within 24 hours. It adds balanced, healing energy to reinforce and strengthen your energy vitality. This makes you much less susceptible to any draining energies, lowers stress, and improves focus and mood.


As it vibrates WITH your energy, it also begins to gradually BALANCE and STRENGTHEN your entire energy field, which is composed of 4 layers. (physical – mental – emotional – spiritual)


After you wear your Shield for 24 hours, a spinning vortex of energy is created at the edge of this protective cocoon. (Figure B). You could even say you’re wearing a Faraday Cage, but it’s living, interactive energy, unlike the Faraday cage. This vortex functions as a “gatekeeper.” It lets in the good energy but deflects any energy that is incompatible with you. This includes negative energy from other people, equipment (cell phones, computers, fluorescent lights, etc.) or places (geopathic stress).


Physicists have shown that energy has to take the path of least resistance. Simply imagine water flowing AROUND a boulder in a stream, and this will give you an idea of how the negative energy is deflected so it goes around you. Many Shield wearers say life is easier, less tiring, and more relaxed. They don’t get sick often. Can you see how this could benefit you?


We have also been told by several gifted individuals who see energy fields that the Shield organizes your energy field all the way to your DNA. Perhaps this is another reason why people feel whole and balanced wearing their BioElectric Shield.

Balancing and Strengthening Effect as Shown by Kirlian Photography



After an hour


After Six Months



These photos show the changes that typically occur wearing a Shield. We met this woman at a trade show. A kirlian photograph had been taken just before she came to our booth. She agreed to wear the Shield for an hour and then see if it changed her energy. It did, and she bought a Shield. When we returned the next spring to her area, she came by the booth and another photo was taken. She had not changed her diet or lifestyle in any significant way. She attributed her increased energy, creativity and sense of well-being to the Shield.

3 Laws Of Physics

The BioElectric Shield, an electromagnetic radiation protection pendant, uses 3 Laws of Physics to protect you from EMF and other unhealthy energies in your environment!

maxvon laue 125

1. Law of Protection: Bragg’s Law of Diffraction

In 1914, Max Von Laue won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of the diffraction of X-rays by crystals. William Bragg won the Nobel Prize in 1915 for establishing “Bragg’s Law”, which determines the specific crystal spacing needed to reflect and redirect any type of electromagnetic energy.

Using these principles, the BioShield crystal matrix reflects and redirects electromagnetic frequencies away from your body. In a room, the matrix will redirect the EMF radiation out of the room or simply break up the EMF waves, rendering them harmless.

Don’t want to watch the whole video? Jump to 1:36 on the timeline to see what is relevant to the BioElectric Shield.

2. Law of Regulation: Quartz is an Energy Pacemaker

The BioShield uses a fundamental property of quartz – regularity of oscillation (like a metronome) to maintain your core frequency. Quartz has been used in Swiss watches to keep perfect time because of this property. The average human frequency is about 7.8 hertz. Your cell phone is 60 hertz; your computer screen is 540 hertz. Increased cell metabolism is the mechanism for cancer, aging and many other symptoms.The quartz in all BioShields act as an energy pacemaker, reminding your energy field to maintain its core vibration when bombarded with higher, more intense and sometimes unhealthy frequencies.

3. Law of Amplification: Applied Quantum Physics: Amplification through Resonance

The Shield goes into perfect resonance with your exact vibration within 24 hours of your wearing it. It then reinforces, stabilizes, and amplifies your unique energy vibration, redirecting any energy which is not compatible with your exact vibration. Not only does it refract EMF, but it also deflects negative emotional energy. Thus, you can be around other people or situations without picking up their energy, particularly when it’s negative.

The metal used to surround the crystal matrix in each Shield amplifies the energy created by the matrix. Level 1 uses brass, a good amplifier; Level 2 uses sterling silver, a stronger amplifier; Level 3 is sterling silver with 14K gold tabs, a more robust amplifier because of the gold used; Level 4 uses all 14K gold, providing extreme amplification.

Does the Shield ever fix or freeze your energy vibration? Because all crystals are alive, this means they can interact with your energy field constantly. Although the Shield crystal matrix strengthens and stabilizes your energy, it also supports your healthiest vibrational level. As you change, the Shield changes with you to support you perfectly.

To read more about how Amplification and Resonance Work, we invite you to read “How the BioElectric Shield Works, by Naisha Ashian, Co-Author of the Book of Stones“. The Book of Stones, co-authored by Naisha Ashian and Robert Simmons, is regarded as the most comprehensive reference book for the geological, energetic, and metaphysical qualities of all the major gemstones on this planet. To have an expert in this field offer to evaluate the BioElectric Shield was an honor.

Waking Dreams and the Invention of the BioElectric Shield for EMF Protection

Inventor of the EMF Protection BioElectric Shield.

Boston is one of the technology centers in the United States, and many computer companies are located there. In their clinic in Boston, Dr. Brown*, and his wife, Virginia Bonta Brown, an Occupational Therapist, noticed something odd. The patients who spent many hours in front of a computer healed more slowly, and arrived much more stressed out than the rest of the patient population. After researching the effects of sitting in front of computers, he concluded his patients needed electromagnetic radiation protection. They needed some kind of EMF protection device.

He committed himself to the idea of helping others by finding a solution to electromagnetic radiation shielding. His answer was the BioElectric Shield.

protection from emf using crystals

After leaving a busy city clinic practice, they moved to a quiet location in Montana. In the serenity of the wooded setting, he continued to research the increasing concerns medical professionals had about exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Then, in 1989, Dr. Brown had a series of waking. He saw specific configurations of quartz and other crystals. (Described in his video)

Consulting with a physicist, we learned that quartz, in specific applications, will refract electromagnetic radiation. Above, we describe the three Nobel Prizes in Physics awarded for this ability.

Over the next two years, several studies consistently demonstrated strengthening and protective effects when the subjects were exposed to EMF radiation or imagined stress. In addition, other studies ruled the placebo effect. (See Research andTesting).

Dr. Charles W. Brown

Dr. Charles W. Brown, D.C. , D.A.B.C.N.

Dr. Charles W. Brown, D.C. , D.A.B.C.N., graduated magna cum laude from Palmer Chiropractic College in 1979. After Certification in Applied Kineseology, he continued his education with post-doctoral work at UCLA. He became Board Certified as a Chiropractic Neurologist and Diplomat of the American College of Chiropractic Neurologists. He founded the online Neurology Forum, which continues to be a source of peer support and ongoing clinical collaboration among Chiropractic Neurologists worldwide.

Virginia Brown

Virginia Brown, M. S., O.T.R.

Virginia Brown, M. S., O.T.R., graduated from Hollins College with a B.S. degree in science, and subsequently with a Masters in Occupational Therapy from Sargent College of Allied Health Professionals, Boston University in 1974. After becoming Certified in Sensory Integration Therapy, she served as the Director of the Motor Team (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Adaptive Physical Education) for the Children’s Program at Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland, Oregon. She also served on the Occupational Therapy Board of Oregon, and taught Therapeutic Touch to nurses and other health professionals as a graduate level continuing education course under the auspices of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon.