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5 Stress Reduction Hacks for Teachers!

by | Feb 4, 2022 | 0 comments

stress reduction hacks for teachers

5 Stress Reduction Hacks for Teachers Today!

Teaching is a stressful job that can lead to depression, emotional issues, and more. To help you manage your stress levels as an educator there are some great tips for reducing the pressure on long days in class. Here are 5 stress-reducing hacks for you!

Some of these may seem obvious, but we ask that you revisit each area and see if you can tweak it to reduce stress.

Stress Reduction Hack #1 – Expanded Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning is a key to being successful. Successful teachers devote enough time in planning and have not failed to realize the importance of it for their own mental health, as well. A key point – when you are ready, you’re not stressed!

Many teachers don’t spend enough time on their lesson plans or have lost interest because they’re not fulfilled with what they do every day. One remedy for this is to make sure that he/she devotes a sufficient amount of hours each week for professional development so as not only to improve teaching skills but also to stay inspired about education altogether. There can always be improvements made when it comes down to getting better at something like this; sometimes reading other teacher approaches can inspire you to become an even greater teacher than you are right now.

Stress Reduction Hack #2 – Create a well-organized workspace

It is not only important for your physical comfort, but it can also help you stay more focused and efficient. Having everything at hand will allow the room to feel like home so that even when things get hectic outside of work or school hours there’s no need to give up on getting anything done!

I recently found a fascinating article called The Psychological Benefits of Having an Organized Desk. This chart is from that article. The author states that a clean desk reduces stress, improves focus, productivity, mental stability, food choices, and sleep. Whoa – that’s a pretty impressive list of benefits. If you want more details of how to do this, simply follow the link to the article.






Teacher Hack #3 – Fitness and stress reduction

The Mayo Clinic has all kinds of advice on its site. In the stress management section, they have an in-depth article about exercise and stress. Bottom line – ANY kind of exercise will act as a stress reliever!

What exercise plan do you have for releasing tension at the end of each day or at lunch?

Find a friend: Can you walk with another teacher, or get up 30 minutes earlier in order to stretch before work begins.

Take a breath break: Is it possible that during lunch break you take just five minutes out from your hectic schedule? During this time, go to a place where no distractions exist other than the deep breaths you take while you sit quietly, thinking about something happy?

Exercise in short bursts – try a few 10-minute walks instead of one 30-minute walk. Stretch for a full minute

The benefits of exercise include:

  • pumping up your endorphins
  • reducing whatever stress you already have
  • it’s meditation in motion
  • improves your mood

Teacher Hack #4 – Eating well, prepping your meals

Think about the last time you went to bed feeling confident that your lunch would be healthy, only then realizing too late that this was not possible. You wake up with an exhausted body and no energy for anything other than getting through work or school quickly since nothing has been properly fueled by breakfast.

Between dealing with students’ lunch/recess issues, grading papers, and making copies for the rest of their day you’re lucky to get any time at all during a break. Eating bites from your sandwich amongst all this craziness can be challenging but it’s more important than ever not to miss out on food even if that means grabbing something quick in between classes or assignments
Eating regularly keeps us full throughout our days so make sure not to skip meals. It turns out LUNCH IS A VERY IMPORTANT MEAL. If you don’t eat a huge breakfast, by the time lunch rolls around, your body is often nearly out of fuel. Some folks feel this is a great way to diet, but in reality, it just leads to not having mental alertness all afternoon as well as overeating at dinner.

A great article with more details is found on Teacher Vision – Why Meal Preparation is Important for Teachers

Teacher Hack #5 – Have you ever felt like your emotions are out of control?

We all know there are plenty of pharmaceuticals out there to help us stay calm. Stress has certain energy we all recognize. It’s fight, flight, or freeze. The energy around us is stronger than what we can handle. Barring good drugs, what else can we do?

The BioElectric Shield is a new kind of vibrational technology that works with your energy field to keep you calm and centered amidst chaos. It’s promoted as an EMF radiation protection pendant (or4 wristband style) that handles high levels of EMF radiation. Since nearly all schools have WiFi, so they bathe teachers and students alike in EMF radiation. But the Shield does far more than protect your energy from EMF radiation. It handles any type of energy that is stressful for you!

Wearing a Bioelectric Shield not only reduces stress by protecting you from the EMF radiation from WiFi but also reduces the impact other people’s energy has on you. Whether it’s a student or fellow – teacher, if you get drained by other people’s energy, you’ll want to take the Highly Sensitive Person quiz just to see how much others impact your energy.  Here is the link to the HSP Quiz and the EMF Exposure Quiz.

The feedback from teachers regarding our BioShields has been great. One teacher says she feels less stressed and overwhelmed when dealing with challenging students because it shuts off their sensitivity to others’ chaotic energy.  Another teacher has said she is experiencing an increase in both her physical health as well as mental stability since using this coping skill!

Bonus Tip – Create a Calmer Less EMF Saturated Environment with a Room Shield

If you’re feeling unfocused or emotional, just imagine how it’s affecting your students. Have you noticed that your students are more distracted, less focused, and sometimes even more emotional than they used to be? This may be partly due to the disruptive effect of EMF, WiFi, and technology in the classroom and the city around them. Hanging a Premium Level 2 Room Shield in the room can help neutralize these effects and create a calmer, more focused learning environment.

Questions? Give us a call. We’re always happy to help you reduce your stress or someone you know! 541-201-8878

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