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22 Tips to Reduce EMF in Your Home or Office

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  • Reducing EMF in your home and work can improve your health now and in the future.
  • EMF is now listed as a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization
  • The BioInitiative Working Group reviewed 1800 studies citing health risks, DNA damage, and other unsettling effects of prolonged exposure to EMF.
  • Electrosmog is a term that refers to the magnetic, electric, radio (microwave), ground current, and high-frequency radiation is that it is mostly invisible until great damage is done.

Electrosensitivity usually happens gradually.
Most ES’s start as healthy working citizens and through chronic and acute exposures to electric radiation, they became electrically sensitive with little warning. Their message: it could be you next. ES people have a most difficult time finding a place to live safely in our wireless age.

Symptoms include headaches, burning sensations, tingling, debilitating (severe) “brain fog, heart arrhythmia, migraines, severe depression, chronic insomnia to even life-threatening and seizures, heart attacks.

22 Tips to Reduce EMF Radiation in your Home or Office

Note to our readers: Not everyone will want to put in place ALL of these suggestions, but if you are electromagnetically hyper-sensitive or feel you may be developing this issue, you can follow as many of these suggestions as you want – and see what happens. If you DO feel you have this issue, we encourage you to call us so we can help you prevent or reverse the sensitivity. If you are Electrically Sensitive or suspect that you may be, consider multi-layer protection and take a look at some of the Home and Room Protection solutions especially the Satic units for dealing with the Dirty Electricity and issues discussed in item #11.

Electrosensitivity usually happens gradually. Most ES’s start as healthy working citizens and through chronic and acute exposures to electric radiation, they become electrically sensitive with little warning. Their message: it could be you next.

  1. reduce emf -partner with naturePARTNER WITH NATURE
    Rise with the sun and go to bed early. This way you make maximum use of daylight and can avoid using artificial lighting whenever possible. If you go outside every morning, your exposure to natural daylight will stimulate your brain, your hormones, and your entire body. Your day will improve by giving your body a dose of daylight, particularly sunlight. During the day, go outside as often as possible! When you are outside, your energy field has a chance to expand, and cleanse from built-up electronic energies. You might even schedule a once-a-day time to be outside. If you have a dog, you can make sure you take a daily walk. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can take yourself for a walk!
    If you are experiencing sleep problems, you may react to too much EMF in your bedroom. Several studies correlate higher levels of EMF radiation with poor sleep. In 2010 and 2012, two similar studies found that employees of high voltage substations need more time to fall asleep and that their sleep quality was worse than the control group. Another study from Pub Med found that melatonin levels are disrupted by EMF radiation. Melatonin is what signals your pineal gland, and this gland controls your sleep-wake cycles. You may have tried taking melatonin supplements to help you sleep better since adequate melatonin signals your brain to relax and go to sleep!Your bedroom: Purge your bedroom of all electronics. If you need an alarm clock, get a plug-in clock and place it five feet from the head of your bed. A Bioelectric Room Shield will reduce EMF radiation.

    Evening Activities Make a Difference
    Research shows that blue light from our screens on any device is stimulating. It is advised that you stop reading an e-book 2 hours before bedtime. Reading with blue-blocker glasses will also assist in keeping the pineal gland observing the natural light of an evening, thus producing the melatonin your pineal gland requires to signal your body it’s time for sleep. The blue light coming off a cellphone, or the vibrations or dings that occur on your phone will also disrupt your sleep if the phone is left in the bedroom. This is yet another reason why no electronics should stay in the bedroom at night.
  3. WIFI
    • Turn off Wi-Fi at night. You can do this with a simple plug-in timer that is plugged in at the wall. Then you plug in the Wi-Fi unit. Set the time on the timer to go off at bedtime and come on in the morning. If you have a power outage you will have to reset your timer.
    • If you are extremely sensitive, hardwire your electronics.
    • Bedrooms- purge them of electronics. If you need a plug-in alarm clock, place it at least 5 feet from the bed, and remove any cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. from your bedroom. If you are exceptionally sensitive, you could unplug you bedside lamp just before you go to sleep – or have a Satic Whole Home Line conditioner installed so that the electrical wiring in your home has minimal EMF coming out of it.
  4. CHOOSE NON-WIFI AREAS: Avoid areas with wireless networking (WiFi) – internet cafes, airports, etc. sources: 8, 9 However, since this is basically impossible these days, we recommend wearing a personal energy protection, such as the BioElectric Shield to protect you at all times.
  5. KEEP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM STRONG. Choose a nutrient-rich organic diet, 8 hours of sleep, moderate exercise, and plenty of fresh air and sun. Wearing a BioElectric Shield will help boost your immune system. (The link is to see how it does this for you)
  6. GROUND LAPTOPS AND COMPUTERS: This reduces the electricity running through your body when touching them. See Video of How to do this
    Use Shielding on laptops and tablets
  7. ELIMINATE OR PLACE EMF PROTECTION ON CORDLESS DECT PHONES AND BABY MONITORS. All cordless technology emits a constant electromagnetic signal even when not in use. If you must use them, then use a room Shield in the room where both the monitor and base units reside.
  8. USE EMF PROTECTION STRATEGIES WITH YOUR CELL PHONE: Use airplane mode when your phone is not in use. Text instead of calling. Do not hold the phone up to your head. Use speakerphone and put your phone in an EMF anti-radiation pouch. Or use Radiation Free earbuds. Make sure cell phones are turned off when not in use and avoid using them inside a car. When you do use cell phones, use speakerphone and appropriate shielding devices, and keep more than 2 feet from your body when not in use. Read our Ultimate Cell phone Safety tips
  9. SMART METERS– Don’t let them be installed, or if it’s too late, try to get removed and go back to the analog meters. If this isn’t possible, place a Room Shield on the inside wall across from the outside wall where the Smart Meter is installed. Read why…  
  10. ELIMINATE DIRTY ELECTRICITY FROM ELECTRONICS OR HOME WIRING – To reduce dirty electricity in your home’s wiring install either the Whole Home Satic Unit or Portable Satic Line Conditioner Plugs.
  11. PRACTICE A CHEMICAL-FREE LIFESTYLE: When you reduce your total body burden of toxins by replacing all personal care and home-cleaning products with chemical free versions, wear organic clothing, use organic bedding, you make it easier for your immune system to deal with the toxins including EMF that are unavoidable. In your own home, you have a choice what to clean with – and it can be non-toxic!
  12. WEAR SHOES WITH A SOLE MADE FROM NATURAL MATERIALS (like undyed leather), walk barefoot on the beach or earth, or hug a tree – these all may help you release excess EMFs into the earth and ground your body.
  14. Unplug electrical appliances when not in use.
  15. Avoid using small appliances like hair dryers, microwave ovens, electric toothbrushes, electric blankets, heating pads, baby monitors, and other electric products. You may want to use a toaster oven rather than the large regular oven when possible.
  16. Avoid appliances with variable speeds: This includes fans, heaters, front-loading washing machines and some furnaces.
  17. “SMART” appliances: Many, if not all, appliances made since 2009 have some kind of computerized technology and is constantly putting out EMF. If you have a choice, chose “dumb” appliances. You can help reduce the EMF in kitchens, media rooms, bedrooms etc by using a Room Shield 
  18. REPLACE DIMMER SWITCHES WITH REGULAR SWITCHES to eliminate high-frequency radiation, or “dirty electricity,” that can be hidden in your home’s electrical wiring.
  19. LIGHTING – LOW-VOLTAGE HALOGEN AND FLOURESCENT LIGHTING (including the currently popular energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting). Fluorescent lighting has been shown to cause migraines10 and contains mercury, which is a hazardous material that can create huge health and environmental problems. There is one company who makes a lead shielded light and a non-flicker bulb – Ott Technology.
  20. USE LCD COMPUTERS AND TV SCREENS- AVOID PLASMA TV’S. Keep computer use to a minimum; keep unplugged when not in use.
  21. BUYING OR BUILDING A NEW HOME? If you are currently buying or building your own home, make sure you choose a home at least 5 miles from the nearest microwave or cell phone tower, high tension power line, or other radio and TV transmitters. Check for future cell tower sites as well as existing ones. Design with as much natural lighting as possible so that you are less dependent on artificial lighting. For added protection against radio and cell phone waves, use low-e coatings on windows.8
  22. WHERE IS YOUR BREAKER BOX OR SOLAR INVERTER? Locate the electrical power panel, solar inverters (if you are using active solar), clothes dryer, hot water heater, and any other large electric appliance at least 20 feet from living/sleeping areas. The routing of any dedicated circuits for computer and other electronics should be kept away from critical areas like the bedroom. Install a Satic Whole Home Unit. Provide a dedicated circuit for the refrigerator so that you can turn off other breakers at night if desired, except for the fridge. You can also hang a room Shield in the room where your power panel or Solar inverters are stored.
  23. REDUCE YOUR TIME ONLINE: Your body will appreciate if if you give yourself some time offline. Go for a walk, read a book play games – remember some of the things you enjoyed BE (before internet)
  24. WHAT IS YOUR EMF EXPOSURE LEVEL? You may not be aware of how much EMF you are being exposed to. You can take a free EMF Protection quiz to find out. At the end of the quiz, follow the link to get a free recommendation for what level of protection would fit best for you exposure level.
  25. PERSONAL ENERGY PROTECTION OPTIONS: Want to explore personal energy protection options?
reduce emf -partner with natureShort List of How you can help yourself

  1. Get EMF Protection
  2. Keep cell phone and portable phone use to a minimum
  3. Eat organic
  4. Get enough sleep at night (6-8 hours)
  5. Spend time in nature regularly
  6. Exercise regularly
  7. Read over our list of tips above


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Julie Genser is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in NYC and is certified in permaculture and ecovillage design. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Design and Environmental Analysis from Cornell University. Julie is also the founder and director of , a grassroots community for personal wellness that aims to empower those healing from environmental illnesses with the information, resources, and support necessary to create change in their world.


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