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Focusing Shields for ADD – ADHD & EMF Protection

EMF Focusing & Protection for ADD – ADHD without drugs with a Focusing BioElectric Shield

Focusing Shields for ADD-ADHD Help You Stay on Task

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects 6.1 Million school-age children and over 9%  of adults – and the numbers are constantly growing.

Do you have focusing issues?

Typically, this means you have some of these behaviors: you don’t stick with one thing until it’s done, you are disorganized, impulsive, restless or anxious, forgetful, easily bored or frustrated, you have a poor self-image, and you are not motivated to finish projects. See the complete list at the bottom of this page.

Does your child have focusing issues?

Typically, a child with ADHD can’t sit still, has emotional outbursts, is focusing on “me, me, me”, can’t listen to directions, is a daydreamer, can’t pay attention and doesn’t finish tasks without help. See the complete list at the bottom of this page.

Improve Your Ability to Focus

Our special focusing matrix has additional crystals that help you stay focused on the task.


BioElectric Focusing Shields for ADD – ADHD are designed for anyone with a moderate focusing issue. Level 3 is best for those with a more serious focusing issue. Every focusing Shield contains the standard crystal matrix PLUS the gems to help you focus. This means you receive EMF protection and increased focus.


If you want a customized recommendation, use our  photo analysis service. Our consultant looks at your energy field and recommends a shield by matching it with your lifestyle and sensitivity, which you describe by answering the questions we provide on the photo analysis page.

Benefits of the Focusing Shield:

  • You will be more centered, grounded and focused.
  • Children find school easier and get along better with their friends and family.
  • Adults find it easier to multi-task and stay focused wearing a Focusing Shield.
  • You will feel more relaxed and in control of your life.
Is the BioElectric Shield a magic-bullet?

This Shield is not a magic bullet, but it’s incredibly effective for most adults and children who wear it – particularly in the sterling with Level 3 – gold tab version. The gold tabs conduct the focusing energy into the ‘s energy field more strongly than the silver tabs. It’s very much worth the initial expense for the long-term benefit received.

If you haven’t been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, but feel you would like assistance in re-focusing your energy to the task at hand, this is a wonderful Shield. It allows you to multi-task calmly, producing satisfaction as you juggle several issues at once.

How will I feel wearing a BioElectric ADD/Focusing Shield?

  • We can’t say exactly how you will experience this new way of being.
  • We do know that you will feel more centered, focused and less scattered.
  • We get a lot of feedback stating that the world just doesn’t seem so overwhelming when wearing this Shield.
  • Parents of ADD/ADHD children have reported excellent results.
  • Adults with ADD/ADHD wonder how they got this far without the Shield.
  • The stories we have heard from people have brought tears to my eyes. It’s SO TOUGH when you can’t focus no matter how hard you try!
  • Nothing to Lose and Everything to gain with our 90-day Money-Back Guarantee

Complete List for Adult Focusing Issues

  1. Lack of focus – Can’t stick with one thing.
  2. Hyperfocus – engrossed in something and lose track of time and everything else.
  3. Disorganized – issues with time, tasks, prioritizing, organizing space.
  4. Impulsiveness – impulse buying, interrupting, acting without thinking.
  5. Restlessness or Anxiety – Just can’t seem to settle down – mind replays events.
  6. Forgetfulness – Losing things, forgetting dates.
  7. Emotional Issues – Mood swings, easily bored, easily frustrated.
  8. Poor Self-image – When you’re in chaos you tend to see yourself negatively.
  9. Un-motivated – Can’t seem to find the motivation to finish things.
  10. Health problems – Compulsive eating, neglecting exercise or other good health activities.
  11. Relationship issues – can come across as insensitive, uncaring or irresponsible.
  12. Other issues – alcohol, tobacco, drug addictions, not achieving goals, changing jobs often.

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Typical Focusing issues with children

  1. Fidgeting and Squirming – just can’t sit still.
  2. Emotional upheaval – Ups, downs, outbursts or anger, tantrums.
  3. Me, Me, Me – Interrupt other people, can’t wait turn, not recognizing other people’s needs.
  4. Mistakes – Difficulty following instructions, and inattention to detail lead to carelessness.
  5. Day Dreamer – the flip side or hyperactive, is being quieter and less involved, even staring into space.
  6. Can’t Focus – Just can’t seem to pay attention. Often say they’re listening but can’t repeat back what was just said.
  7. Tasks not Finished – moving on to next project before the last one is done, lots of things in the air.

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