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Satic-Block EMF & Dirty Electricity – Plug In


Reduce Radiation In Your Living And Working Spaces

  • If you are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, cleaning up your home electricity is one of the steps you can take to reduce your exposure to radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is created whenever you use your electricity in your home.
  • Most people don't realize that all homes have dirty electricity.
  • Dirty electricity is created when either your wiring or your electronics create a spike of energy in your electrical circuit.
  • The spike, also called dirty electricity or harmonics, creates large amounts of Electromagnetic Radiation.
  • Both the plug-ins and the in-line units reduce your exposure to radiation by flattening the spikes, thus eliminating dirty electricity. Your home will FEEL different as electricity flows CLEANLY through your home, electronics and appliances. Watch video about dirty electricity

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Reduction: Harmonics Filtration Means the elimination of dirty electricity and excessive EMF radiation. Safer, healthier electrical/living environment
Dirty Electricity Elimination Nano-surges degrade TV audio and video quality of TV or Audio sound;
Dirty electricity produces excessive electromagnetic radiation wherever it is present.
Reduced electrical consumption via amp reducing phase correction Cooler equipment, longer lifetime, a lower utility bill
Phase Correction Increases efficiency and performance of all electrical units.
Voltage Regulation: surge protection for your whole system Protects sensitive electronics

SATIC PLUG-IN UNITS - Use in Condos or Homes up to 1600 sq.'

The Pure Power Plug-In is a simple yet effective solution that plugs into a standard outlet and filters harmonics and interference from your electrical circuit to providing clean power and reduced electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. Two Pure Power Plug-Ins appropriately installed can produce a healthier and more efficient electrical system.

The beauty of these plug-ins is that you simply place two in your home: one in an A circuit location and one in a B circuit location. The ES120 plug will clean up the dirty electricity on ALL the items plugged into the circuit!

Return policy: 15% Restocking fee if returned within 30 days. If box is torn, an additional $15 charge.
No returns accepted after 30 days.

Satic Power Perfect EMF Reduction Boxes - Whole Home Units

  • Designed for homes (verses condos), these units are installed next to your breaker panel.
  • All the electricity from the street enters this box so that perfect clean power enters your breaker panel.
  • Requires an electrician to install
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee.


Return Policy: No refund if whole home unit has been installed and uninstalled. 15% Restocking fee if returned unopened within 30 days.

How Will You Feel After It's Installed?

Everyone has a different level of sensitivity to energy, but the most common comment is: My home (office) feels nicer and more like the great outdoors than it's ever felt. ABC News Report on the Satic USA Power Perfect Box An ABC News Broadcast about the Satic Power Perfect Box and its ability to reduce EMF and save money on electric bills.

What Is The Difference Between The Satic Units And The Stetzer Filters?

When you install a Stetzer (or Greenway) filter, you are affecting only the dirty electricity being generate by that one plug (or power strip). This is very effective if you have a few places in your home you would like to eliminate EMF radiation that comes from the use of that particular electronic device or appliance. The technology is not robust but it will work for a short run ( the length of cord used to get to the device). In time, these units will wear out and stop working.

The Satic Unit is a far more comprehensive solution. The plug-in units come in pairs so you can plug one unit into the A circuit of your home, and one into the B circuit. They will condition ALL the items plugged into each circuit! The plug-ins are self-repairing and will never wear out. The home unit, even more robust, will condition ALL the electricity running through your home. There are a few places you might wish to add one of their plug-ins. A home theater area, hot tub, or heat pump are all applications that will benefit from having the electricity cleaned immediately because it will extend the life of the electronics used in the device.

Customer Report On Newly Installed Satic Home SD Unit

"We just put in the Power Perfect box.  Stetzer readings in my room went down from about 70-100 to the 30's.  I then put a Satic ES-120 in a socket in the living room at the head of the hallway where my room is.  That socket had an initial Stetzer reading of about 1100.  The ES-120 brought it down to about 90.  I put another ES-120 in a socket closer to the breaker panel.  The initial reading there was in the 400's and came down to maybe about 130.  The readings in my room were then under 30.  One socket was at 17." Paul R from Indiana, March 6, 2020.

Pricing Note: Price equals the Satic Retail Price, plus the standard shipping they charge on each item.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 9 cm
Warranty Infomation

3 Year Warranty for Pure Power Plug-Ins. Every Satic Pure Power plug-in filter is manufactured in the USA with meticulous build quality, guaranteed performance and warranty

Satic Filter PlugIn Quantity

Satic Plug In – 4 Pack – Full house, Satic Plug In -1 Single Unit, Satic Plug In -2 Pack


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