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What is 5g radiation?

by | Dec 20, 2022 | 0 comments

The G in 5G stands for the 5th generation. Over the past decades, starting in 1984, we had 2G and then 3G, and finally 4G. Each generation of wireless sent signals faster than the previous generation. All these signals create EMF radiation; the faster they are, the more radiation is created.

The difference between 4G and 5G Radiation

4G’s range spans 700-2500 MHz, enabling many cell towers to dot our planet.

To this day, many people still reap the benefits of 4G connectivity.

But at what price?

When 4G became available, we could stream the entire internet from our phones because the speed of the signal allowed for more packets of information to be downloaded very quickly.

We all loved that! However, there was a downside for many people.

Although 4G is not as fast as 5G, we know that all types of EMF, including 4G, are toxic to our biology.

Adverse Health Effects

·         DNA damage

·         Headaches

·         Nausea

·         Brain fog

·         Memory loss,

·         Sleep problems

·         Depression

·         Bone marrow damage

·         Heart palpitations

·         Fatigue

·         Lack of focus and concentration

·         Cancer

·         Oxidative damage (to cells and tissues)

5G technology now delivers wireless signals in billions of cycles per second.

These signals are so fast that they are very short. They are millimeter waves, similar to what is used in a microwave.

Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields have been classified as a Class 2B carcinogen by the International Agency for Research of Cancer (IARC), a division of the World Health Organization.

The group that classified radio frequency included 31 scientists from 14 countries who published their results in several IARC volumes. They have shown that all EMF can damage your DNA. Damaged DNA is the basis for cancer.

5G Radiation Dangers

The introduction of 5G networks has benefited many lives, but experts have warned that certain genes could make individuals more sensitive to radiation.

A 2021 study found that genetic effects due to exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) vary in accordance with frequency, intensity, cell type, and duration of exposure – further evidence pointing towards EMFs causing various forms of genetic damage.

With all of these frequencies being so new, measuring the long-term effects of these energies on us and our planet will take time.

Why would you need a 5G Radiation Blocker?

Does our human body need a 5G radiation blocker? Our answer is yes!

Let’s think about the comparison between your energy field frequency and the frequency of 5G.

During waking hours, your brain has a frequency of 12-40 cps (cycles per second).

If you are meditating or deeply relaxed but still conscious, it is between 8- 12 cycles per second.

The earth’s frequency, known as the Schumann Resonance, is approximately 7.83 cycles per second.

For a moment, let’s change these numbers to MILES PER HOUR. So, our brain’s electromagnetic frequency is often about 30 cps.

It’s faster than the earth, but it’s still very slow. So – for this analogy – our frequency is 30 miles per hour.

Now imagine holding up a cell phone to your ear.

Or even in front of your face if you are talking to the speaker.

The electromagnetic radiation from your phone moves millions or even billions of miles per hour.

Wherever the signal is, you have 5G radiation. Or 4G radiation.

Or you’re watching TV, and if you have 5G – you have 5G radiation allowing you to watch TV – it’s in millions or billions of miles per hour

Radiation Blockers to Protect Your Body

It’s best to stay informed and protect your electronics, at the very least.

The best protection comes when you wear a full-body protection radiation blocker, so you are protected from 5G and all sources of EMF wherever you are.

Read more about the Benefits of wearing an EMF Blocker


What is an EMF blocker?

4G & 5G Cell Towers

Because the frequency waves are short, they can not go far.

If you have 5G, mini-cell towers are installed every few houses apart.

Consequently, the local area becomes saturated with 5G radiation.

These frequencies have also been used as a weapon by various governments worldwide.

Since 4G has been shown to damage health, protecting your body and brain from these even higher 5G wireless signals would be prudent.

5g radiation towers

A 5G radiation blocker is needed to counteract the much faster frequency of the 5G wireless signal.

4G, the wireless frequency many people still use, sends out wireless signals and radiation in the megahertz range, which is millions of cycles per second.

4G has been shown to cause numerous physical problems.

5G is a game changer. 5G uses millimeter waves that move much faster than 4G, and cover less area.

This means that small cell areas are set up to send signals rather than all of them coming from one cell tower.

Each mini-cell transmitter is about the size of a WiFi router. They are placed about every 200 meters, which means the entire area between routers is saturated with 5G radiation.

5g routers put off 5g radiation

Can our body handle 5G radiation? 

Let’s compare 4G with 5G for a moment. 4G wireless signals are calculated in millions of cycles per second. 5G wireless signals are calculated in billions of cycles per second.

This means the 5G wireless signal is 10-100x faster. In fact, 5G can peak up to 20 Gigahertz per second or 20 billion cycles per second.

To get the full impact of 5G radiation, let’s change the term cycles per second to miles per hour.

If we compare our human frequencies cps. In the analogy, this is 20 billion miles per hour. It’s hard to even imagine how fast this is.

5g radiation - high speed runner

Imagine sitting at breakfast with your cell phone in your hand, with an invisible energy field pummeling your body at 20 billion cps.

And if you lift the phone to your ear to take a call, those frequencies go straight into your brain.

A strong 5G blocker can protect your body from these issues forever.


5G radiation is everywhere, and it’s important to be aware of it.

As time progresses, we’ll most likely find more & more adverse effects due to the radiation emitted from 4G, 5G, & other unnatural frequencies.

If you believe you could be negatively affected by excessive exposure to EMF, Take The EMF Quiz.


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