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Standing Your Ground – Staying in Your Center

by | Apr 26, 2014 | 0 comments

Woman Standing Firm Standing Your Ground - Staying in Your CenterI just got off the phone with a woman who is in a verbally abusive marriage and is having a hard time standing her ground and remaining in her center with her husband, or anywhere else in her life. This reminded me of a blog post I wrote many years ago after returning from an Expo in Minneapolis. I share this with you now.

Dear friends,

It’s been many years since I did a show and got to talk to old friends and customers and new friends and potential customers in person. It was fun, exhausting, and fascinating. There are always so many different people and each one has a different reason for needing a Shield.

We talk a lot about the fact that the BioElectric Shield protects you from the electromagnetic radiation, and that’s definitely a concern. But this show reminded me once again how many stories there are and what an amazing tool the Shield can be for health, personal growth, emotional stability and even empowerment.

It occurred to me that sharing other people’s stories might be interesting and also help you see areas in which the Shield either is or could be helping you or loved ones as well. I’m going to use all completely made up names here, so I won’t be giving any secrets away.

I talked to a lovely woman named Jane. She had just had a conversation with her twenty-year-old daughter and was really upset. Her daughter had described her mother as walking wounded. Jane had just gone through a third divorce and was feeling like she didn’t have a clue as to why she kept finding men who promised her the world and who not only didn’t deliver but took from her instead. Her energy is extremely open and loving and trusting, which can be good, but only to a point. As we talked I could see that it was very easy for her to be manipulated by other people’s desires and emotions.

I am sometimes gifted with an ability to sense what is happening in someone’s energy field when they put on a Shield. This was one of those cases. As soon as Joan put on the Shield I could feel her energy strengthen, and ground through her body into the earth. It was extremely dramatic. I asked Joan to stand up and take the Shield off for a moment. I then had her close her eyes and allow her body to sway. Then I put the Shield back on her and had her repeat the process. She opened her eyes in surprise and said, “I feel like I’m totally firm, and can’t be pushed over. I feel so strong and different. Wow.”

As we talked I suggested that she do this exercise whenever she was feeling that she needed to stand her ground. I know the Shield isn’t a magic bullet and can’t solve all one’s problems, but it sure can go a long way in providing strength and stability to allow you to deal with them in a new way. I felt so good when she walked out wearing her new Shield.

I was in Minneapolis for another event about two months later. Jane came bouncing in. I honestly didn’t recognize her, this was a completely different woman. She was energetic, confident and smiling. I asked if she’d done anything else new, vitamins, facelifts etc. “Nope, just the Shield. My friends are all asking me what I’ve done. I am fabulous.”  Her daughter came with her and shared what a huge change this had been, and she got a Shield for herself as well. I am such a mush…I cried as they left. I was so thrilled for them both.

About a week later I got calls from two of her friends who ordered Shields, because they wanted the energy and beauty secret that Jane had found.

This isn’t a new story we’ve seen and heard similar stories many times and yet it always brings tears to my eyes. It’s so heartwarming to know we have something that can help people become empowered and confident in their lives.

Why does the Shield help you stand your own ground? The Shield strengthens your energy field and it deflects the energy, hopes, control, fear surrounding you, anger and other emotions coming at you from those around you. Sometimes it’s someone who truly wants to dominate and have control, other times it’s simply their desire to make sure you know what’s best for you…oftentimes well-meaning, but not always what you need. The Shield deflects the emotions and needs of the other person and allows you to stand in your own space, free of outside influence. You get to connect with what it is you want. For some highly sensitive people this may be the first time in years or longer in which they have clearly been in that space of clarity. If you struggle with issues like this, give the Shield a try, it could just change your life too.


Note: I chose this photo because the woman is clearly standing firm…yet remaining open. We normally think of being firm and being in our power as being closed off…but with the Shield we aren’t closed, we can remain open to what we want to let in. You can be firm, yet soft and loving at the same time.)HSPQuizwaves




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