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ADD/ADHD Focusing Shield Testimonials and Stories


We ask customers to record what is different in their lives now that they wear the BioElectric Shield ADD/ADHD Focusing Shield. The responses included both children with ADD/ADHD or Adults who work around computers, WiFi, and sometimes stressful situations and were having difficulty concentrating or focusing. Some of the adults were diagnosed as children, but many developed this issue in more recent years as technology has advanced.

They tried an ADD/ADHD Focusing Shield and shared their stories in hope that others would gain the confidence to try a Shield as well. In listening to them, we were able to relate to all of them! Maybe this will be true for you too!

We have a 90-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk free.

Many parents have provided their children with ADD/ADHD/Focusing Issues with the Level 2 or 3 version of the ADD/ADHD Focusing Shield. They report that school is easier for their kids, and some have decreased or eliminated the medication required to focus.
Guideline to Choosing a Focusing Shield: Click Here
Individualized Recommendation Available: To determine if your child needs a Level 2 or Level 3 Shield focusing Shield, we also offer a  photo analysis process.
This simply means you will fill our a questionnaire and submit a photo. All the directions are on the photo analysis page.
Our Occupational Therapist and energy consultant will evaluate the photo and information and make recommendations.
We also have many adult wearers of this ADD/ADHD Focusing Shield just to help their focusing abilities.


BioElectric Focusing Shields Help for ADD and ADHD - ADD/ADHD Product Reviews Focusing Shield for Children

One day I received a call from the Mother of not one, but two ADD/ADHD boys. She wondered if the Shield could help them. School bothered them so much that they had to be heavily medicated just to function somewhat normally. They told her they didn’t like how they felt taking Ritalin because it “dulls down everything and makes life feel blah and tired”. At my request she sent me photos of the boys, so I could show them to our energy in Montana, both who have the special ability to see energy to the cellular level as their “normal” eyesight.

After this Mother called me, I asked if our energy consultant would be able to develop a Shield matrix that would help this issue. The first two boys to wear the ADD/ADHD focusing Shields responded quickly and positively to wearing these Shields.

They loved them and said that they found it so much easier to focus on their work. They eventually reduced the amount of medication they took, which helped them feel more normal and alive.

Since that time, many years ago, more and more people have enjoyed the benefits of our ADD/ADHD matrix, which can be put in any of our Level 2-4 Shields. If you or your child has an issue with ADD/ADHD or ASD, I recommend taking advantage of our photo analysis. You will receive an individualized recommendation, and I will call you to discuss your options.

For many adults with focusing issues, just the regular Shield is enough. One of the side effects of EMF is lack of focus.

Child off Ritalin by using the ADD/ADHD focusing Shield.

Hyperactive Boy

Our Son Had Tantrums and was too Difficult to Handle – He is off Ritalin by wearing the ADD/ADHD Shield- Our house is finally calm

“For six years, we had reports from the teachers that our son, now almost 10 years old, was difficult to handle at school. He required a disproportionate amount of their attention and had a lot of behaviors that looked like ADD or ADHD.

We tried all the non-drug options that I learned about, including therapy. Nothing seemed to be helping and, although I was resistant, his therapist strongly recommended that we try Ritalin. In the meantime, we had an educational consultant observe him at school, and she echoed the things that the teachers said: Transitions were difficult and he was often disruptive. He was often at loose ends, easily distracted, uncooperative with even the most basic instructions, among other comments.

He had a reaction to Ritalin so we took him off that and I learned of the Shield. I was intrigued by the ADD/ADHD information on the website. Also, when he was young, he was a very happy baby and toddler. We didn’t watch much TV but when we did, he would have a temper tantrum within 24 hours. So I knew that he was impacted by electromagnetic fields.

I got a Shield for him and one for me. About 5 weeks after him wearing the Shield (in the morning, after school, and sleeping with it on his bedside table at night), the educational consultant returned to the school for two more days of observations.

Her report: He does not stand out at all. He has his quirks, but if you look at him in a group of students, he doesn’t stand out in any significant behavioral way. He is focused, able to complete worksheets and not out of control in any way. She felt like our work together was done.

She asked what we had changed, what drugs we were trying, and I was thrilled to explain the Shield. She may have had her doubts, but her words were, “Whatever you are doing, keep it up. It is helping him.”

Even he can see and feel the difference, so he has no objections at all to wearing it, and our home is much calmer, too.

Antoinette, Cambridge, MA

More ADD/ ADHD Focusing Shield Testimonials

My super power shield -That’s what my son calls my shield. anyway, I’m doing well with it. I have been noticing a lack of anxiety, better sleep, AND my focus is improved – my most challenging circumstances are the hospital clinicals and this past weekend I felt good and in control and able to focus. That’s a welcome switch for me! I just feel better.”


Mother, Business Owner and Nursing Student

Suzy’s testimonial spans over several years because she would come to our booth at the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in London in subsequent years.

Initially just one day after she had worn her Shield to work at her bank job, she reported that her boss and other staff commented on her change in concentration and efficiently.

Here is her experience of the ADD/ADHD Shield:
“After putting on a BioElectric Shield, I had a great day.Things were so easy. In conversations, I listened instead of being unfocused. My timing is better. It’s amazing. I moved throughout the day more efficiently and felt a wonderful sense of well-being.”


London, UK

Karen Wight, a mother of 2 boys (age 9 and 12) reports that both boys received ADD/ADHD Shields as Christmas presents.
When they returned to school, both found school much easier to handle. They were able to pay attention more easily. She is so enthusiastic about the results that she has become a distributor.

We were in London doing a 10 day show. One day a young woman bought one of our focusing shields, claiming her job as a teller required huge concentration on her part, and she still made mistakes because she couldn’t stay focused. So, off to work she went with her new focusing Shield. Two days later she returned to tell us that her “whole life had changed because of that Shield!. Wearing the Shield, she was able to stay focused and received compliments from her manager several times in 2 days. He was amazed, and quite frankly, so was she. It’s amazing how great life felt for someone whose self-esteem had been low because of her ADD issues, and suddenly she was receiving compliments for her work.

Here is the quote she wanted to give us to share with you, our readers:

“My life has changed! I am so much more relaxed at work, in my relationships and at home.
I am calmer and less stressed out.”


Guildford, London, UK

Before the Shield: These last few years have been an emotional and spiritual roller coaster for me..resulting in a tremendous spike in sensitivity towards the energies/vibes of others. I used to perform at venues all around my tri-state area. I went from being able to do that to barely tolerating sitting in a restaurant and eating with my family. I was easily over-stimulated in all situations which led to me being secluded in my room. This seclusion had me researching the laws behind what was happening to me and finding a cure..this research led me to the Bioelectric Shield Company.

After reading the reviews and thoroughly looking into the company, I decided to purchase a shield. I chose the Level 2: Focusing Shield because I have a history of ADHD and always had issues with focus.

After the Shield: When I first received it the mail I could actually kind of \”feel\” energy emanating from the box! The very first thing I felt as soon as I put it on was this new surge of sharpness. It felt like my perception had been put through a pencil sharpener and my focus was/is more intense (great meditation aid). The realization of how protected I was came when I had my 3-year-old over with my nephew. I love them both but together they have the ability to suck the life force out of me..lol But not while having the shield on.

I work in a call center setting and I always walk away at the end of the day feeling drained and tired, but with the Shield, I actually last a lot longer before fatigue sets in, and when I do get tired I blame it on other issues, I don’t feel the computer screen beating me up anymore.

I will not pretend to know the ins and outs of the science behind it, but I don’t have to, it works. it is to the point where I will not take it off because without it I feel exposed, naked so to speak. I would like to thank the owners of the BioElectric Shield company for changing my life with this product.”

Jason Hoskins

Better School performance for Jess


This is an EXERPT from the Dolphin Empowerment Newsletter (Issue 103) written by one of our distributors -and the parent of a bright child, who had trouble concentrating when sitting in front of a computer

I homeschool my 10-year old son, Jess. We’ve been doing most of his school work on line. He had been struggled with reading. Every time we would sit down in front of the computer to do the school work, he got really distracted, twitchy even.

He was in the living room reading something with no problem whatsoever and I though, “Why does he have so much trouble online?” Then it occurred to me that maybe he is as sensitive to electromagnetics as I am.

I happened to have a brand new BioElectric Shield still in the box. I put it on my son. The difference is like night and day. Reading has gone fabulously ever since he started wearing the shield. His overall mood – not just school related – has improved significantly. Even he can’t believe how “well these things work.” I’m kicking myself for not realizing it sooner.

I shared this story with AnnaMariah Nau, the Business Manager, and one of my good friends from the BioElectric Shield Company. This was her reply:

“This is one of those shoemaker’s kids stories. Most people don’t think about their kids needing Shields. Although what we keep finding is that even more of them DO and benefit on many levels. Just imagine how different you feel when suddenly all the chatter and noise goes away….putting on a Shield is pretty much like that, the chatter and noise from computers, cell phones and other people just goes away leaving you in this nice space of peace and quiet. Boy my mood increases a lot when I have my Shield on.”

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We are not advocating that you take your child off medication without coordinating with your family doctor.

Virginia Brown,

Retired pediatric Occupational Therapist, President of the BioElectric Shield Co.

What we are suggesting that for many children and adults, the ADD/Focusing Shield can be an invaluable, non-drug, tool that will help focus attention.

Many children are extremely distracted by electromagnetic radiation or other people’s energy. The Shield directly addresses both these issues.

In some cases the Shield is enough to remove the need for Ritalin. Sometimes a dose can be lowered. It’s case by case specific if a person is taking a drug to help with focusing or ADHD.