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Engineer Endorses EMF Protection Effects of BioElectric Shield


Hi Virginia, engineer endorses EMF protection of BioElectric Shield

I am a licensed professional electrical engineer with 55 years of experience with electromagnetic radiation. I have been aware of the problems with electromagnetic radiation of all sorts affecting human beings since about 1980 when I first became worried about my own exposure at work since I worked with all kinds of electromagnetic radiation every day as an electrical engineer designing electronic test equipment of various sorts. I worked with high-frequency radiation of all sorts from 1961 until 1980, when I first realized the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. I have studied this field extensively ever since 1980, and I am very well-educated and experienced with all types of high and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation of all sorts.

Don Comments on the Protection

I have to say that I am very grateful to your husband and yourself and all the folks who work to help you with the Bioelectric Shield since it has been a major health protection help to me ever since 1992 when I bought my first one and it worked so incredibly well. Over the years, there were so many striking times when it produced unquestionable positive results that there was no way to question that it was having major physical effects. The more recent articles indicating the actual mechanisms that cause electromagnetic radiation to harm the physical body are very interesting and will help us with time to understand how this actually works, but there is much more to learn about how the Shield actually works to protect us. Once you understand what is happening, there are huge opportunities to make things work even better.

Classic Physics Has No Explanation

From the theoretical classical physics viewpoint, it is quite apparent that none of the devices, like the bioelectric shield, can stop the radiation from entering the body as it normally would. I know from my actual hands-on work experience with electromagnetic radiation of all sorts that it takes actual metal shielding to affect that at all, and the tiny amount of metal in any of the shielding devices simply cannot affect the entry of the fields into the body at all.

However, when I first started using your shield in 1992, it was immediately clear to me that it stopped many of the bad effects of electromagnetic radiation immediately and very well. My take has always been that if something helps my health, it does not matter in the least if I understand it at all, and the objective fact that it helps my health is undeniable proof that it works.

I have read just about every description from manufacturers of various types of electromagnetic protection devices, and they are all written by people who are not professional engineers who understand exactly what electromagnetic radiation is and how it works. Not one of the explanations makes any theoretical sense at all, but if a device works, it does not make any difference whether we understand HOW it works or not. The doctor who made the videos for your website takes an identical view to me, and he has spent a lot of time seeing what improvements people had from using the Shield, and clearly, the proof is in the results that people have. I must say that his videos are one of the very best examples of excellent health research that I have ever seen, and I am very grateful that I was able to read them on your website.

Engineer asks us – Why Does the Shield Work?

(Don Meyer’s First Question Sent to Virginia Brown: After using the Bioelectric Shield for 25 years, I know it protects me from electromagnetic radiation of many kinds, but maybe not all of them. Do you guys know why it works, and how it protects us?

Virginia Brown’s answer: “I know that our energy consultant can see that when a person places a Shield on their body, the Shield matrix creates a large energy field that blends with their energy field and places a cocoon of energy around that person. She describes it as a “perfectly balanced human energy band.” She further explains that everyone’s frequency will fall within this band. This balanced energy from the Shield then resonates with your unique frequency, strengthening and stabilizing your energy. Within 24 hours, it creates a spinning vortex of energy that serves as a “gatekeeper” for your energy field. It will deflect any frequencies not compatible with you. This includes EMF, other people’s energy (if it’s not compatible with yours), and negative or stressful energies from situations or the environment.

Don Meyer’s Second Question – Does it block the exact effects that Dr Papp talks about, or does it work in a different way somehow?

Virginia Brown Answer: As explained above, it adds a protective energy field to your own energy field. The crystal matrix creates the shielding, strengthening and balancing energy. The metal is mainly amplifying the energy created by the crystal matrix. As you commented above, there is not enough metal to do anything significant by itself (in terms of EMF protection), though my consultants tell me the mirror finish is 1-2% more effective than the satin finish because it’s reflective. I believe, but can’t prove that the Shield prevents the EMF from triggering the calcium ion dumping Dr. Papp described.

Physics may not have the instrumentation to see what the Shield is doing, but as we both know, hundreds of thousands of Shield wearers experience the positive, protective effect of wearing a BioElectric Shield.” See How it Works for some visuals on this)

Don’s third question: How did your husband first figure out how to make the Shield work?
Dr. Brown created a video explaining how it came about – it was a series of Waking Dreams that gave him the answer.

Bottom Line – What Don Noticed for the past 25 years

So my take on this has always been that the Shield somehow strengthens the body so that the radiation does not affect our health nearly as much as it would without the shield. It is not at all clear to me how it does that, but the results of wearing the shield are immediate, strong, and undeniable. My experience has always been that the Shield must be worn around my neck and preferably right over the heart center.

Comments about EMF, Dr. Klinghardt and Autism

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt is the most advanced person on the planet right now with regard to knowing what effects electromagnetic radiation is having on human beings, and it is clear from listening to his very powerful talks that electromagnetic radiation is having huge effects on human beings. They have been able to improve autism by using proper electromagnetic shielding around sensitive people, and there is a whole world of things still to be learned about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. It is very likely the most pervasive and important health problem that we have right now because of the huge proliferation of handheld phones and computing devices. No matter where you go you can access that web, and that is telling us that we are ALL impacted by electromagnetic radiation. (Company Note: We had special matrixes made for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder – if you know of someone with this issue, we invite you to visit our product section, which describes these special BioElectric Shields.)

I put you and all your dear ones in God’s loving arms.

Don Meyer