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ADD/ADHD Focusing Shield Testimonials and Stories

Tools and products for self-empowerment have always held a special allure for me, and I have been a long-time fan of the BioElectric Shield Company. I purchased my first Shield in the early 90s and recently added a Room Shield to my apartment.

I’m on a plane most every week for business, and I am very wired (not by choice) with a cell phone, iPhone, laptop, etc. The Shield seems to make everything go smoothly, and most importantly it helps me to self-adjust when I get off center. I attribute my vigorous good health and abundant energy to the Shield, and like all the gadgetry I carry with me, I wouldn’t think of leaving home without it!

The EMF Protection Room Shield is a gentle reminder to face the challenges of life with grace and calmness. It hangs prominently in the center of the living room, helping me transform nervousness into a “bring it on�? attitude, but with a smile.

We should focus on the things we can do in life to improve our health, living in this toxic world. The only thing we can do is reduce our risk of exposure. I am fully confident that I am best prepared to meet those challenges with my Shield, and I’d recommend it to anyone.


Brighton, MA

Dr. Brown originally developed the Shield because many of his patients showed the effects of too many hours on the computer! “As a doctor, I have seen hundreds of patients debilitated by many types of stress. The burden EMF radiation is placing on people today is enormous. I have personally witnessed the health of many patients restored when they were properly protected from cell phone radiation, computers and wireless networks.

We invite you to share this information with your co-workers, colleagues, friends and family. If you don’t tell them about the Shield, who will? You can change their life forever by sharing this information. We appreciate you doing this very much. We feel we all need to work together to help each other these days!


Inventor of the BioElectric Shield

Lori Tierney, Business Executive, speaks about her experience wearing the BioElectric Shield

This is copy of portions of a letter written to a UK
Distributor 25 June 1998.

I ordered the Shield becaues I suffer from both of the conditions you say it is useful for: electrohypersensitivity and sensitivity to other people’s energy.

I am unduly sensitive to electrical energies. Walking past electrical equipment causes me to feel spikes of energy going straight though my ears. I could also see the enrgy as white bols of lightening though my aura. I got such funny looks, I learned to suffer in silence.

The problem got worse when I moved into a place which seems to have a lot of static electricity, to the point where it affects radio reception. I started working from home, using a fax machine, several telephones, and carrying a mobile phone. After speaking on the mobile for even a few minutes, I would get so disoriented that I would lose my memory for a few minutes and feel light-headed. I would fall asleep in front of TV. My concentration had gotten so poor that I wasn’t doing a good job for my employer.

Sensitive to Other People’s Energy
I am also highly sensitive to other people’s energy. As someone who is naturally psychic, I seem to act as a receptor for negative energies. Although I love being with people, I found that as a teacher and hypnotherapist, I was taking on energies I didn’t want. By the end of the working day I would be almost on my knees with exhaustion, owing to the unwitting ‘psychic vampire’ effect of other people’s energies.

Life with the BioElectric Shield

With the BioElectric Shield, my life is transformed. From the first few minutes I wore it, I felt a huge difference. The first thing I noticed was a wonderful flowoing warmth around my chest and neck region. Minutes afterwardss, I realized my legs felt stronger. So much so that I spontaneously danced around the kitchen.

My concentration improved dramatically from the first day, whhen I sat down and worked uninterruptedly at a pile of paperworks.

Four days later I went to London for a business meeting. Train journeys normally wipe me out, yet when I returned late at night, I was still as fresh as when I set ou tin the morning. This will sou9nd very rude to you as you live in Wimbleton, but I dread going to London as I’m convinced it’s full of loonies. I have only to get on the Underground system to be harrassed by every drunk and car-in-the-community person in sight. The first time I realized my Shield was working was wwhen I sat in the Tube that day, and found that evryone in the carrieage was smiling at me! And I wasn’t bothered by one drunk the whole tgrip. In fact, I’ve found since then that even back home, a lot of people look at me curiously and then start smiling for no reason. Am I radiating something?

In the three weeks I have been wearin ghe Shield, I have had several potentially difficult encournters with difficult people. I had expected the Shiled to be rather aggressive in its effects, taking their negative energies and bounding them back. In fact, the affects are much subtler and more pleasant. It’s as if people start to get annoyed, but stay wihtin their own energy, and withing a few moments, they suddently become reasonable, and smiling.

I just can’t thank you enough for making the Shiled available. My memory and concentration are back to normal. I feel physically stronger and have lots more energy. I sleep like a log, feeling pleasantly tired at the end of the day rather than exhausted. I no longer have spikes of electtrical energy piercing my head, and people are warm and friendly when they might have been argumentative.

If there is anything I can do, such as helping you pbulicise your product, please let me know. Youre free to quote anything from my letter if you wish,

Yours with grateful thanks,


 Energy Sensitive, Highly Intuitive Australian Woman Experiences Life Again!

Dearest Virginia,

I wish I could put into words the feeling this shield has gifted me. It has been over a month now since I received my shield and I wanted to share with you my experience thus far. I have wanted to wait to allow myself more time o experience this amazing shield, but I am finding that my journey with the shield will be on going.

Upon receiving the shield I read the flyer that came along with it and as it specified that most people do not experience much of a response instantly, so I put it on anyway, not expecting to feel a response and to my surprise I felt it instantly.

There was an instant calmness that I had not experienced in a long time. I felt protected and felt like I had come home to me. Over the years I have become quite an emotional person, being quite sensitive both to devices and to negative and abusive people. I have found that although I am still experiencing emotional outburst when exposed to people, I am finding that I am a lot calmer and I seem to be able to find clarity quite fast. The effects of feeling protected have allowed me to really own my choices and to allow myself heal on such a deep level.
I have more energy, am able to focus with more ease and have found a deep calmness and clarity and a knowing that I haven’t felt in such a long time.

I have expressed this experience as best I could, but ultimately, there are no real words to express the gratitude that I feel for being able to experience my life again. I haven’t felt here in my body for so long. I have hovered outside of myself for a long as I can remember. I have not been experiencing life, I have been observing it. I can see now that this has been a result of my exposure to negative people and devices that have not helped me to feel safe, all of which have assisted in my detachment from self. This shield has helped me to feel at home within myself again, to really start to feel safe again. To be able to allow life to be present in all parts of my being.

I just want to say thank you so very much for being an angel of light for me and for so many others.

I am soo looking forward to my USA visit and I will be sure and look you up if I head your way in October.

Sending you blessings and love.

I have not been able to take the pendant off and the need to play or wear many of my other stones has reduced a considerable amount.

I am looking forward to my next purchase of a Gold shield, which I am sure will not be too far away.


Sydney Australia

There are times that I am reminded very beautifully why the Shield is so important, and what a difference it can make.

I got a call about a month ago from a single mother who had the courage five years ago to leave an abusive, negative 20-year marriage. She is raising her six-year-old son, Elliott, who has Down Syndrome, and teen-aged daughter Emmalee on her own with very limited finances. Spending $250 on a Shield was a big deal and a gigantic leap of faith. She struggled with the decision over whether she should get Shields for herself or her children first. She finally concluded that as the care-giver her calm and strength would benefit her family greatly, so she ordered her silver heart Shield.

The day after Susan got the Shield I got this email. I believe Virginia and I both received daily thank you emails for at least a week. This is why we are here…this is what we’re all about. Making a difference one person at a time.

(Shown Susan B., Emmalee and Elliott)

“Carolyn, Last night we had severe thunderstorms for a few hours. Elliott was very unsettled as they were approaching. He could feel the vibrations. I held him close to me and he settled down and went right to sleep! Even was snoring through the loud thunder as it was upon us! We had hail and we have a metal roof on our house! He slept in my arms. I did not put him down until the storm passed. I think my shield affected him as well!�?

A week after her Shield arrived Susan wrote again:

“My Emmalee picked up a few sniffles and has been irritable….I had several chances to be stressed out with her and just wasn’t! I got the sniffles and still walked 6 miles yesterday! Took a break as I am stiff from walking 2 extra miles than usual!!

It has been nearly a week of wearing my shield…I have worn it 24/7 since except when I take a shower! I love it!�?

Susan gave me permission to share her story with you, and requested that I include more of her story. I hope you’re as inspired by her courage as I am. Carolyn

“As a single Mom, this is something I did for myself for great self-care. I liken it to putting my oxygen mask on first and then I can help my family and others. Self-care is not something that most of us do…we put others first.



Shield transformed going to school from an emotional train wreck to a fun place to learn


Here is the story of how the Shield transformed going to school from an emotional train wreck to a fun place to learn, as told by Marsha Calder, Morgan’s wonderful mother.

Testimonial: From Chronic Fatigue to Remarkable

I thought I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but now, wearing a Shield, my energy is remarkable! Thank you

Forgive the familiarity of this salutation but how else does one address a group of persons who have proved to be a literal answer to desperate prayers? I honestly can’t think of your company as anything other than friends. I have been wearing my Bio Electric Shield for less than a month & I cannot believe the incredible difference it has made in my life!

I work for a major utility company in Los Angeles and my job necessitates my being in front of a computer seven hours a day. For the last ten months I had become aware of my energy and stamina levels steadily decreasing in spite of a low-fat, healthy diet and plenty of aerobic exercise.
I was beginning to suspect that I might have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My annual series of colonic irrigations helped only temporarily this year whereas they had always boosted my energy/stamina level in the past. I knew the problem had to something that was affecting me on a daily basis. I pondered and pondered and prayed to be shown what to do to help myself feel better. I read about many alternative health treatments but I was left in a quandary as to which, if any, would be the answer to my problem.

About a month before a health expo was to be held in Pasadena, this year, I saw a small advertisement for the Bio Electric shield in their catalog. Something about the ad impressed me. I read it over and over, marked the page and determined to find your booth at the expo and get more information. As so often happens in life when something is meant to be, 1 couldn’t get the thought of your ad out of my mind. Something told me that this was going to help me.

The day of the expo I met Carolyn who explained the shield to me. I explained my chronic, debilitating fatigue to her and the fact that I spend about 35 hours per week in front of a computer. When she told me she felt that the shield would help me, I wanted more than anything to believe her. When she told me to wear it for 30 days and return it if it didn’t help, I did believe her. I ran back to my two friends who had accompanied me to the expo and between us, we bought four shields.

I returned to work three days later full of hope and sporting my shield. At the end of the day I had noticeably more energy. The next day I went home from work virtually rejuvenated! I undertook chores and activities that I had not been able to do in months! I began to resent bed time because I still had energy to accomplish more, yet, I slept well.

Now, some three weeks later, my energy level continues to be remarkable. I constantly sing hosannas to the shield. I had the pleasure of introducing the shield to my colonic therapist who wants all available information for all of her clients who, like myself, are’ computer-zapped.

In closing I want to thank all of you a thousand times over for the incredible difference that you have made in my life. I asked God to show me what to do to help myself and He sure did; He led me to you. May He bless you mightily for the good that you are doing for people.

Thank you.