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Even Eye-Rolling Skeptics Wear EMF Protection Pendant

Skeptic embraces EMF Protection Pendant

How it happened?

Skeptic embraces EMF Protection Pendant…
how it happened.

How do you turn an eye-rolling skeptic into a believer? First you let them figure it out slowly on their own. No pushing, no sales pitch, just making the information and the product available should they get curious.

My husband is the self-described original eye-rolling skeptic. He’s not going to fall for anything woo-woo or even particularly healthy. Even after being together four years, he’d shown zero interest in the Shield. I think he may have asked me once what it was all about. No curiosity at all, in fact he made fun of my attachment to my Shield. (I’ve been wearing one since 1994 and think it’s absolutely vital for my own health and well-being, but that’s another story)

And then things changed, as they have a habit of doing. A few friends of mine told me they wanted protection from cellphones, computers and other EMF sources as well as other people’s energy. I’d ordered some Shields to share with them, and they were coming to our home to see them. David decided to humor me and wear a gold tab one. He made it clear that he STILL was an eye-rolling skeptic and wearing a Shield wouldn’t change that.

He liked it, but couldn’t quantify any changes that he was experiencing. Although, we did both notice that first week when he wore a Shield he was unusually grouchy. But after that week, he went back to his normal easy-going self. The Shield does some energy balancing and sometimes in the process emotions come up, or discomfort is felt. That’s the case with him; he seemed to be releasing some old stuff around prior relationships, because it was clear to both of us that the things he was reacting to weren’t even “our stuff”.

He does some photography and offered to re-photograph the Shields for us so that all the photos would be consistent. One of the EMF Protection Shields he was photographing was an all white gold Shield. When he pulled it out of the box, he instantly felt that this was “his” Shield. He started wearing it, still doing the skeptical, eye-rolling thing, saying he knew it wouldn’t make a difference for him, but he really liked how it looked and felt. I have to tell you, this was another week in which he was really hard to live with, irritable, grouchy and kind of irrational. I almost told him to just take the danged thing off, but felt that again this was just a transformational stage. At the end of the week, once again he was back to normal, well mostly.

He came home from work one day and sat down and said he had to make a confession. He didn’t feel that he could remain a skeptic any longer. This was a huge revelation.

Since he’d started wearing the white gold Shield he felt that he was “walking straighter”. He elaborated by saying he was walking more directly in a line, more focused, but also standing straighter and feeling more connected and solid. In my terms, I’d call this grounded, in his terms, it’s solid.

He normally hates giving presentations, and gets extremely nervous. Recently he gave a big presentation to all the management at his company and reported that he felt very calm and confident, much more so than ever before.

Eye-rolling skeptic to believer, the journey can be made. I have to smile when I see him getting ready to walk out the door, and go back for his Shield. He rarely leaves home without it.