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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection
Testing The BioShield (October 1999)

Effects of EMF Protection BioElectric Shield on Stress Tolerance Patterns

Fifty (50) individuals were tested by an Occupational Therapist using a dynamometer, a device used in clinics to test finger or grip strength. Each subject’s opponens muscle was tested with a dynamometer to determine relative strength or weakness during 3 conditions.

  1. Baseline strength while they were visualizing a blue sky.
  2. While visualizing a stressful situation in their lives.
  3. After the subject then wore a Shield over their lower sternal region for one minute and then visualized the same situation.

When visualizing a stressful situation, 47 out of 50 subjects showed a decrease in muscle strength. When holding a Shield, all 47 subjects regained their strength even while visualizing the same stressful situation. This study suggests the BioElectric Shield strengthens the human biofield during stress.

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