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How the EMF Protection BioElectric Shield Works by Naisha Ahsian, Co-Author,The Book of Stones Naisha Ahsian author book of stonesBook of Stones Author Reviews the BioElectric Shield

Do you want to know how and why the BioElectric Shield works, and what proof we have that it does?  As the co-author of the renowned Book of Stones, we felt Naisha Ahsian, (now known as Samaya K Aster), a gem expert, would be an ideal evaluator of the effectiveness of our gem-based BioElectric Shield especially since she started off as a skeptic.

She told us she had been given many EMF protection pendants to try, and none had worked. As a company, we had conducted many research studies proving its effectiveness, but these studies did not address the subtle energy aspect of the BioElectric Shield.

Because of the difficulty of proving a subtle energy device works, oftentimes we rely on feedback from our customers to share what they experienced. There are times this feedback comes from someone who is well versed in subtle energy, how it works, and how different products and situations affect them. Some of our best feedback has come from skeptics who’ve tried the Shield and discovered its benefits for themselves.

Naisha Ahsian, a renowned gemstone expert, offers to try a Shield and changes from skeptic to believer

We met Naisha Ahsian aka Samaya K. Aster, co-author of “The Book of Stones” at a number of large trade shows and, of course, given our mutual interests in crystals we ended up talking when we had time. In the beginning, Naisha was extremely skeptical, but over time became more interested and offered to try a Level 3 Shield in exchange for doing a write-up for us detailing her experiences and her knowledge about why and how the Shield works. (See below for her brief biography.)

Why would we ask someone else to explain the Shield?

If you’ve ever had to promote your own work or talk about what you do or make, you know that in most cases you’re too close to it. You get stuck on what you already know and have a hard time coming up with additional explanations. It’s a great idea to have more than one description of anything because we all process information differently, so what makes sense to you, might be completely non-sensical to someone else with a different understanding, education and focus.

The more ways we can talk about the Shield, the more likely we’ll have the words that you resonate with.

Naisha’s First Response

Four days after getting her BioElectric Shield, Naisha wrote. “Virginia, I have been logging my experiences and thoughts on the shield for several days now. That information is on my laptop, so I should be able to send you some of it tomorrow. To put it simply, I’m NOT GOING TO TAKE IT OFF!

“Basically, I’ve found the following: increased stamina, decreased fatigue, improved vision, decreased appetite, clearer thinking, and enhanced mental focus, dramatically lowered stress levels, greater expansiveness, and a much more easily maintained love state.

“I’ve begun working on some of the technical writing as well. Should I just dump it all on you and then you can extract it to use in your materials? I was thinking along the lines of what we discussed at the conference regarding frequency, adaptive oscillation, amplitude, etc. Fairly simple and straightforward for the layperson, but with enough science that it can be explored further if desired.”

Note: Since the rest of this is Naisha’s words, I’m going to do away with constant quotation marks.

Naisha’s Personal Experience – why she became a believer, not a skeptic

Day 1
Within 1 minute of holding the Shield, I felt a coherence being established in my energy field, which is what made me decide to try it on. Having felt other “shields” and having a negative reaction to them, this was a surprise.

After 5 minutes of wearing the Shield, a noticeable increase in the amplitude of my energy field occurred, resulting in a heightened sense of centeredness and focus. My vision markedly improved, becoming very crisp and clear, and my spherical awareness was greatly increased (awareness of all that was going on around me at once, without it being a distraction from my conversation with Virginia).

I immediately felt that this Shield is significantly different from the other similar devices I have experienced. With the other shields, there was a sense of a static frequency that was not flexible or adaptable—actually limiting my energy field’s ability to move and expand.

BioElectric Shield increases the amplitude of Human EMF without conscious effort

Also, the increase in amplitude is critical, as amplitude is the driving force behind electromagnetic energy. By increasing your field’s amplitude, the BioElectric Shield ensures that your energy is the “driving force” in any given situation and is LOUDER than the energies of electronics or other EMF interference. This was both exciting and surprising, as I have yet to encounter any technology that increases the amplitude of the human EMF without conscious effort.

Day 3
Over the past three days I have noticed the following:

1. Increased energy & stamina – I hiked up Mt. Shasta with no sense of tiredness or fatigue, even though I had not eaten in over 24 hours. I am sleeping less, but feel more rested and less fatigued and loggey upon waking.

2. Less brain chatter – This is a big one for me, as it indicates that the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged more fully than the sympathetic—in other words, less stress effects.

3. Less emotional reaction – again, probably due to operating from the parasympathetic nervous system.

4. Huge difference in my experience in flying cross country – I don’t have the fatigue and “buzziness” that I usually feel when flying for long distances. I don’t have the “cooked” feeling.

5. More ease in reaching and maintaining Primus state.

Day 19 – 8 Day cleansing fast was easy
I’ve just completed an 8 day cleansing fast and found it to be one of the easiest fasts I’ve ever done!

I have no doubt that wearing the BioElectric Shield during my fast was the primary reason it went so easily. Usually, an 8 day fast is an energetic trial for me, with the usual fatigue, headaches, and other detox symptoms making the first few days unpleasant. This time, however, my energy continued to be high and even throughout the fast. Detox symptoms were reduced drastically, and my mood was great throughout! The only thing I have done differently this time is to wear the BioElectric Shield. This has been a real, solid proof to me of the shields’ ability to regulate my energy field. I feel great! 

Naisha Explains how the Shield Works and why she’s not a skeptic any longer.

Any device that is constructed to protect you from electromagnetic fields, or regulate your own electromagnetic field, must take two separate aspects of electromagnetic energy into account. These are frequency and amplitude. The first of these, frequency, describes the amount of photonic energy in an electromagnetic wave. A high-frequency wave will have more photonic energy than a low-frequency wave. Frequency is the primary term used to describe how energy devices affect one’s energy, but in reality, it is only half of the story. The other half is amplitude, which describes the loudness of a frequency. Amplitude, not frequency, is the driving force behind determining which energy “wins” when two energy fields interact.

1. Amplitude

Let’s begin by looking at the amplitude and its effects. Amplitude describes the volume or loudness of a frequency.

Frequencies can be quiet or loud—low or high amplitude. Just as music that you play on your stereo can be played either quietly or loudly. The frequency of the music doesn’t change when you turn it up or down. It is the same with the human electromagnetic field. We can have either a quiet (low amplitude) or loud (high amplitude) field at any given time.

When two vibrating bodies come into contact, nature uses a special hierarchy to determine how those fields interact.

The Law of Resonance

This hierarchy is governed by the law of resonance. Amplitude is the first order of this hierarchy. The “louder” vibrating body will cause the more “quiet” vibrating body to take on its energetic characteristics. In other words, the louder vibration wins.

This is a problem when you are looking at the loudness of, for instance, the microwave radiation coming from a cell phone. The amplitude of that frequency may be loud enough to cause a human energy field to move into resonance with it—causing all kinds of havoc down to the cellular and even the molecular levels. We know, for instance, that microwaves and other electromagnetic frequencies can cause the DNA to activate and deactivate different parts of its molecular structure—creating cell mutation, including cancers.

BioElectric Shield increases the amplitude of your Energy Field so other EMFs are less likely to affect you

In my experience, the BioElectric Shield acts to increase the amplitude of one’s personal electromagnetic field. In doing so, it makes it less likely that other EMFs (such as those from cell phones, radio & tv broadcast towers, computers, and electronics, etc.) will be able to affect your vibration. In fact, having a higher amplitude energy field will ensure that you will become the driving force in any energetic interaction. This effect alone makes this device worth its weight in gold, as deficient amplitude is the main reason that one’s energy field is affected by external EMFs.

How does the BioElectric Shield protect from other people’s emotions?

But, it is not just electronically generated electromagnetic fields that we need to be concerned about. The electromagnetic fields of others (their “aura”) can also interfere with one’s own energy systems.

Think of someone who is in a very angry emotional state. The amplitude of that person’s energy field may be very loud because of their strong emotional energy. If you move into their energetic space (within about 12 feet of them!), your heart and brain will pick up their emotional energy as an electromagnetic signal. Your brain will then manifest those emotions by changing the biochemistry in your own body.

It has been shown in clinical studies that, when two people are within 4 feet of each other, the person with the louder energy field will dictate the biochemistry of the person with the quieter field. And, this effect occurs on a subconscious or unconscious level and is not necessarily even noticed until you’ve already taken on someone else’s energetic and biochemical patterns.

This means that, without protection, you could be manifesting the stress biochemistry of everyone around you—whether you are stressed or not!

Benefits for Healers and Psychics

This effect is the main reason why healers tend to pick up their client’s energy patterns and may manifest their client’s illnesses in their own bodies. This is especially true if the client is in a strong emotional state. One way to prevent this would be to guarantee that the healer’s amplitude is louder than that of the client’s energy field. This is exactly what the BioElectric Shield does!

The same effect occurs when a person begins to open up psychically and finds that they become overwhelmed or even made ill by the psychic input they are receiving. By simply turning up their personal energy field’s amplitude, the psychic will find that they no longer get “hit” by the energies, emotions, and negativity of others.

In my experience, the BioElectric Shield is a powerful protection device because it works with these laws of physics to ensure that one’s own electromagnetic field is both balanced and of sufficient amplitude that it offers protection from interference by external EMFs.

With the proper level of amplitude, one is not only less affected by external EMFs, but is also less likely to get psychically “hit” when exposed to strong emotions or “negative” energies emanating from others or within the environment.

Healers are less likely to pick up the energetic imbalances of clients. People are less likely to be negatively affected by the energies coming off their cell phones and computers and will find themselves to be less drained, less out of sorts, and more able to experience a balanced, healthy energy field!

2. Frequency: What sets the BioElectric Shield Apart

One of the reasons I was hesitant to work with the BioElectric Shield at first was because I had experimented with other devices that claimed similar effects, yet had an unpleasant effect on my energy field. These devices were specifically tuned by computer to certain frequencies — usually, the frequency used is the Earth’s base resonant frequency signature of 7.8 Hz. On the surface, this appears to be a good idea. We all need to be more attuned to the Earth’s EMF in order to receive a broad spectrum of light energy that is naturally provided by the Earth.

While these devices did entrain my energy, I found that the energy entrainment was static—meaning that my energy could not move up or down as needed. Instead, it was inflexibly entrained to that one specific frequency, giving me the distinct feeling of being energetically “stuck”.

Certainly, vibrating with this frequency is better than vibrating with the microwaves coming from a cell phone or computer. But, I found that I had a much more difficult time reaching a meditative state while wearing these artificially tuned devices. Also, the energy seemed to dissipate over time as the device became noticeably weaker. After a couple of months, I simply stopped wearing these energy devices because they simply didn’t feel very good.

The Shield allows energy to be flexible rather than stuck

One of the immediate things I noticed with the BioElectric Shield is that it allowed for oscillation adjustment, allowing my energy to easily increase in frequency or decrease in frequency as needed (for instance, during meditation). It was a flexible, responsive field of energy, not a static, “stuck” energy.

I believe that this flexibility in the BioElectric Shield is due to the natural quartz that is used in the device. Quartz makes up about 80% of the Earth’s crust and it has one of the broadest frequency spectrums of any mineral. Because of this, quartz carries a frequency spectrum that is inherent to our bodies and nervous systems, reflecting the natural, full-spectrum energy of the Earth’s EMF—not just its base resonant frequency of 7.8 Hz.

Other devices are tuned to one specific frequency, not a natural spectrum as is the BioElectric Shield. The Earth is currently undergoing changes in its frequency spectrum, and we need to maintain a close connection to the Earth’s energy in order to maintain our health and wellbeing. The BioElectric Shield provides not only amplitude protection but also frequency adaptation, allowing your energy to adapt to changes while still offering protection from artificially generated EMFs.

Cleansing & charging the BioElectric Shield

The BioElectric Shield informational and instructional materials suggest placing the Shield in sunlight once a month or more in high EMF areas, especially if there are Smart Meters or 5G in the area in order to clear it and recharge its energy. How can placing an item in sunlight cause it to recharge? In order to understand how this simple technique recharges the Shield, we need to look at the physics of the crystals used in the Shield. Click for full recharge instructions

Quartz crystals are both piezoelectric and pyroelectric. Piezoelectricity is a state in which an electric pulse is emitted by the stone when it is compressed. Pyroelectricity is a state in which an electric pulse is emitted when a quartz crystal is heated or cooled rapidly. It is this second quality of pyroelectricity that allows the quartz crystals and other stones in the BioElectric Shield to clear and recharge when the Shield is placed in sunlight.

To understand this more fully, think of how rapidly an object heats up when it is left in the sun. when a BioElectric Shield is placed in the sun, the rapid heating of the quartz and other stones inside causes them to release an electrical charge. This pulse of electrical energy clears the stones, allowing them to return to their natural base resonant frequency and breaking any resonance with undesirable energies.

The light of the sun is made up of tiny packets of energy called photons. These tiny particles are subatomic, meaning that they are smaller than an atom. When your Shield is placed in sunlight, the atoms of the quartz and other stones inside are bombarded by these tiny packets of energy, stimulating them and causing their atoms to become “excited”. This stimulation acts to “charge” the crystals and re-empower them so that they are once again returned to optimum function.

So, by simply placing your BioElectric Shield in sunlight for a few hours, the stones within the Shield are cleansed and recharged. This process can be repeated an unlimited number of times because it works using the basic laws and principles of natural physics.

Other “Shield” products from other manufacturers may need to be returned to the manufacturer to be recharged because they are artificially attuned and/or powered with batteries that become depleted. The BioElectric Shield won’t become depleted if you simply place it in the sun once a month. How elegant!

Samaya K. Aster (formerly Naisha Ahsian)Book of Stones Naisha Ahsian

(formerly Naisha Ahsian) is an internationally acclaimed author and teacher on the subjects of vibrational medicine, the healing power of crystals and minerals, and spiritual growth. She is Director of Crystalis Institute for Personal & Planetary Transformation in Sedona, Arizona.

Samaya (as Naisha Ahsian) is co-author of the best-selling Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach. She is the creator of The Crystal Ally Cards: The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge, and author of The Infinite Abundance Program: A 30 Day Course in Healing Abundance Consciousness. She is also the creator of the patent-pending Socratic Subliminal technology.

Samaya has developed two vibrational healing modalities; the Primus Activation Healing Technique which utilizes the energetic power of the human heart, and Crystal Resonance Therapy which utilizes the healing power of crystals and minerals.

Samaya offers rigorous and transformative training in vibrational healing and personal spiritual growth through Crystalis Institute’s online programs; and through personal, one-on-one and group training in Sedona.

Purchase Naisha’s books and products at

Crystalis Institute

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90-Day-Money-Back Guarantee – You are your own best proof. With our guarantee, you don’t have to take anyone else’s word for it.

Even Eye-rolling skeptics can embrace our BioElectric Shield EMF Protection Pendant. How do you turn an eye-rolling skeptic into a believer? First, you let them figure it out slowly on their own. No pushing, no sales pitch, just making the information and the product available should they get curious.