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Angry Bull emotional wreck, irritable, angry, unfocused

Has this ever happened to you? Suddenly just an emotional wreck?

Last week was just awful. I was irritable, angry, unfocused and did I say angry? Everything sent me over the edge. I mean every tiny little thing. I was beside myself because none of it made sense, the things I was upset about would never normally bother me at all, or if they did it would have been a fleeting flash and gone, not an all-day burn.

So What Was Going on? why was I feeling so irritable and angry?

I tried tuning in to what I was so upset about, what was causing all this. Nothing. Everything seemed fine. But then the phone would ring, I’d get an email asking a question, my husband would ask me a question, the software I was installing wouldn’t work right, the package I was expecting showed up with the most important piece on backorder. Normally these can be annoyances, but last week everything was HUGE and I couldn’t seem to let it go, or shake it off.

After 4 or 5 days of complete meltdown, it hit me. When was the last time I recharged my Shield? Ohhh, I’m embarrassed to say it was a very, very long time, probably about a year.

We all know about the cobbler’s children and how they go without shoes. Well, this is one of those stories.

Recharge Your Shield – Let it do its job fully

I talk to customers all the time and remind them to recharge their Shields at least 4 times a year. I know we say once a month, but not everyone is that contentious, 4 times a year for 8-10 hours can certainly help keep your Shield charged.

I send out newsletters reminding you all to recharge your Shields. I even tell you that if you’re worried about forgetting it overnight, then you should charge it during the new moon when there won’t be any moonlight to drain your Shield.

I know that charging your Shield is important. But did I do it? Nope.

There’s a happy ending. I hung my Shield outside on my deck, tethered to the handle on our grill. It was in full sunlight all day, and safe and secure. I did this for two solid days. After all, my Shield was in serious need of help.

Why did my Shield being run-down have such a huge effect on me?

  1. It wasn’t balancing my energy as well as it should.
  2. All the EMf in the Washington DC area seemed to be flooding into me, reducing focus and resistance.
  3. This is the important one, as an empath and Highly Sensitive Person I was not only feeling my emotions but the emotions of everyone around me, and even the emotions, anger, fear, and upset of our world in general. Yes, it’s possible to pick up on feelings and fear blanketing the planet.

Wow, what a difference! A couple of days in the sun for my Shield and I’m back to my happy normal self. Those little annoyances are just that, little annoyances. My life is back on track and I’m feeling focused and even-keeled once again.

If you’re feeling irritable, angry, unfocused, and cattywampus, try recharging or even upgrading your Shield

If you’re having a series of bad days where you are feeling angry, emotional, spacy, anxious, fearful, depressed, etc., basically anything that is unusual for you, and you can’t figure out what’s up, give your Shield and yourself a boost. Hang your Shield out to recharge for a day or two (if it’s not secure outside, hang in a window for a longer period). See if that makes as much of a difference for you as it did for me. Read more about caring for your Shield. From time to time, you might even want to send it to us for a full recharge and repolish.

What if recharging doesn’t work and you’re still feeling irritable, angry, unfocused, ungrounded, and off?

It’s possible it’s time to get a Stronger Shield or Upgrade

Take our EMF Risk Quiz for a recommendation. Then take the HSP quiz for an assessment of your areas of sensitivity, and many tips to help you cope and smooth out your life. Or do our free photo analysis and send photos of yourself wearing the Shield and not wearing it.

We have an upgrade plan for Shields in good condition under 3 years old (a little leeway in time is possible. So you can trade in your shield for the next level up.

Charge your Shield and have a happy, peaceful, focused life.


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