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What is a Lightworker Empath?

by | Nov 28, 2022 | 0 comments

Person within a person with energy all around

What is a Lightworker Empath?

A Lightworker empath is a lightworker who identifies as an empath. They are tuned into feelings and energy and have a specific purpose of being of service to uplift the Earth and all its people.

Being a Lightworker is a calling, and many believe Lightworkers are souls who volunteered to help the planet by sharing their love and light to give hope and light in the darkness of fear and pain. This calling is deeply ingrained and is usually a primary motivating factor.

What is the difference between an Empath and a Lightworker?

Not all Lightworkers are empaths, and not all empaths are Lightworkers. You could be both.

There is a lot of confusion these days about the difference between an HSP (a Highly Sensitive Person), and an Empath. Not all Highly Sensitive People are Empaths, but all Empaths are Highly Sensitive People. Read more

How do I know if I’m a Lightworker?

Do you feel that you have a purpose bigger than yourself and that you’re here to somehow help people and/or the world?

Have you always felt that there’s something bigger, something more you have to contribute or are connected to? It’s because you’re highly awake and closer to the source of all that is.

Have you ever had the experience of doing something that makes you feel like you’re here, open and powerful? Those experiences come when lightworkers are fulfilling their true purpose.

You shine while doing your purpose, and your aura is huge and expanded. People can feel you when you walk by because you are so present, and when they are in your presence, they feel it and begin to know more of what’s possible.

Earth with lights streaming out

20 Signs You Are A Lightworker

  1. The first sign of a Lightworker is a feeling of having a calling or a distinct purpose in being here. Often from an early age. 
    1. It’s not just about having a job but about making a difference. 
    2. The need to fill that mission or higher purpose often feels urgent.
  2. Many Lightworkers are sensitive to the energies of people and the planet.
    1. You may have empathic abilities, which often include feeling the energies as if they’re your own. Nonempath Lightworkers can tell their energy and emotions vs. someone else’s.
  3. You may be sensitive to energies and/or have Empath gifts and talents.
  4. You often put others’ needs before your own. You can even become a bit of a martyr. 
  5. You’ve probably been a spiritual seeker and had a spiritual awakening.
  6. As a child, you didn’t fit in.
  7. You question your path, often feeling there’s so much more you need to be doing. Your life may not feel big enough to encompass who/what you know yourself to be.
  8. You care about the planet, the environment, and the treatment of animals and of people.
  9. Like empaths, you love people and being with them, but need a lot of alone time to recharge and regroup. 
  10. Know that healing the world starts with personal healing and growth.
  11. You feel the blanket of fear on the planet and the fears of yourself and those around you. You want to help others get past the fear and feel the love. https://bioelectricshield.com/in-the-media/fear-and-bioelectric-shield
  12. Many have had difficult childhoods or often traumatic circumstances, creating compassion and searching for deeper meaning and healing.
  13. You’re drawn to spiritual practices, meditation, crystals and gemstones, divination methods, and other mystical or shamanistic practices. They open something up in you as if it’s a long-ago remembrance.
  14. You want to heal yourself and others.
  15. You believe that there is always an answer to violence and hatred.
  16. You have encounters with the unexplained, angels, and higher beings and often have visions or premonitions.
  17. You crave authenticity. You’re miserable around liars and inauthentic fake people. You feel guided to be a teacher, writer, or counselor and to share what you’ve learned and how you’ve healed.
  18. You need to help others recognize their divinity and heal themselves.
  19. You’ve probably been called a do-gooder or bleeding heart. You do wear your heart on your sleeve.
  20. You are happiest when you can spread love. After all, it’s who you are and why you’re here. 

How do I know if I’m an Empath?

Lightworker golden light


An empath is a person who is deeply attuned to the feelings and emotions of those around them. Empathy is the ability to understand others’ feelings. But an Empath feels them as if they are their own. They take them on and can’t tell that it’s not all theirs. Only about 5% of all people are true empaths. 

This can be both a blessing and a curse. I’ll talk more about this below.

Here are 12 common qualities empaths possess:

  1. You experience other people’s emotions and pain as your own.
  2. You’re often overwhelmed by emotions in public. You may avoid public places because of this. It’s embarrassing to suddenly be sobbing for no discernible reason.
  3. Violence and tragedy feel like it’s happening to you. You avoid the news on TV and the internet because the scenes and pain are devastating.
  4. Movies with violence, abuse, and depictions of evil often feel like a punch to the gut.
  5. You may feel the physical pain or illnesses of others. Remember that day(s) you were just fine, then suddenly you had a headache (neck pain, backache, etc.) and discover someone near you or that you’re connected to also is in pain. Yep, that’s what I’m talking about.
  6. Intimate relationships can be difficult. You lose yourself in the other’s feelings, emotions, and needs. You also miss your alone time.
  7. You’re a walking lie detector. You know when someone is lying or not being authentic. You know when someone isn’t being totally honest. This can be a huge benefit, but you may not enjoy knowing how often people around you aren’t truthful.
  8. People tell you their stories. They feel calmer and lighter after being with you. 
  9. You want to reach out and help heal people’s pain. 
  10. You need alone time to recharge and renew your energy.
  11. You often feel like you don’t fit in.
  12. Crowds leave you drained.

In addition to being an empath, there are many different types of empaths. You can read more in my previous article Which Type of Empath are You?

Are there downsides to being an Empath Lightworker?

Empath lightworkers may burn out more quickly because they take in emotions, fear, and darkness from the planet as if they were their own. This can be exhausting. There is often a tendency to forget one’s needs and give everything you have, leaving you drained.

Empath Lightworkers can lose track of who they are and give so much that they don’t have the energy to do everything they’d like to do.

Empath Lightworkers need to learn deep levels of self-care to protect themselves.

Self-care Isn’t Selfish. It’s an Act of Love

self care - quote

One of the best forms of self-care I’ve found for Empaths and Lightworkers is Personal Energy Protection by BioElectric Shield. 

Because of the high frequencies you are working with, the best choices are the Level 3 and 4 Shields. They deflect the EMF that drains you physically and scrambles your energy field. Possibly, even more importantly, they keep your frequency high and clear and deflect other people’s stress, negativity, and pain.

What do love and light have to do with the BioElectric Shield?

Are there advantages to being a Lightworker without empath abilities?

There are benefits to being a Lightworker without being an Empath. You remain a bit more detached because you don’t feel the full depth of the world’s pain as if it’s your own. You still feel it, but you know it isn’t as debilitating as it can be for empaths.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you don’t care and feel deeply, but you do so without the additional drain of taking it on as your own. You know it’s not yours, and that bit of distance can help you be even more effective in some work areas.

This difference makes it easier for you to go into some of the most intense situations without being completely overwhelmed. 

Can you think of some other reasons this may be an advantage? I’d love to hear from you.

How do I know my purpose?Purpose collage - hand in light

You may be disappointed that your purpose may not be huge, important, and look super spiritual. Your purpose can cover anything that uplifts others and/or the planet and be as simple as being available to give someone a smile or a hug.

Many Lightworkers struggle to know their purpose because they believe it has to be healing, writing, social work, or something along those lines. That may not be true. Whatever you do, wherever you are, you are sharing the love and light you are and uplifting people.

You could be mailing packages and fulfilling orders, but if you send each one out with love, that love can be felt by many, the mail sorter, the person who delivers, and the recipients, and may be felt each time the item is used. 

Your purpose may not be something big that looks and feels important. Your purpose may be to be that beaming light or to live the love of the Universe on Earth.

Hey, there are days when you’re not going to feel expanded and powerful, it just feels a little harder, and you may begin to lose that sense of being a Lightworker. But pay attention to those moments of expansion or connection that remind you who you are and why you’re here. If you’re stressed or struggling, they wake you up, open you back up to the love and light you are, and keep you going. 

Regardless of your calling, job, or practices, the bottom line is that you are most alive and shining brightly when you share love, being love. It’s a kind of magic connecting your soul and awakens all that is bright, shiny, and amazing about you.

I love my job, but honestly, there are days when it’s about dealing with orders that went awry, spreadsheets, and loads of details, and I begin to forget and wonder why I’m working too hard.

That’s when I answer the phone and connect with someone struggling, and I can share something that gives them love or hope. We end up feeling like we’ve known each other forever and must be long-lost family. I often end the call laughing or even crying, I’m so moved, and at that moment, I know exactly why I’m here.

Cindy – Reconnecting with Herself and Source

Cindy was one of those calls. She shared her struggle with her health and sensitivity. She even told me that she’s felt lost and disconnected from the source for about 30 years. We had many talks over a few months that left us both feeling lighter and more loving at the end of the call.

I am extremely fortunate to be wearing the Level 4 BioElectric Shield!  I began with a 3, but within months moved to a Level 4 because of my sensitivity level.  I felt confident in making the jump because Level 3 had already changed my life. For over 20 years, I had been extremely ill and constantly picked up on other people’s energy emotionally and physically. I, many times, would be incapacitated for months at a time.  All in all, no matter what I did or tried spiritually, psychologically, or organically, I have become a universal reactor and lived in isolation most of the time. I just chose to distance myself from others as it was all too painful.

Moving up to Level 4 was a no-brainer and the wisest investment.  Now my life unfolds daily.  Having been weak and experiencing “curious” ailments for so long, I feel my frequency has been raised, and my body is recovering.   Much energy from people, EMFs, and chemicals has subsided drastically.  

I have energy and clarity, and my creativity is returning.   Most of all, my heart is now opening again, and I am reconnecting with others, myself, and, most delightfully, my source.

Thank you, Cindy B, 2021, California

Are you struggling with your purpose? Diamond BioElectric Shield brings clairty

Are you called to do more with your life but unsure where to start? Do you struggle to sort through all the possibilities and fail to get a clear signal from your higher self?

A Diamond BioShield can be an ally on your spiritual journey, your path of self-discovery.

Do you struggle to sort through all the possibilities and fail to get a clear signal from your higher self?

Break through the Fear and Static with a Diamond Shield

You may be surprised to learn that EMF and all the fear and static in the world can make aligning with your purpose and higher self extremely difficult and frustrating.

Break through the static to your higher self with the focus and alignment of the Level 4, 14k Diamond BioShield  (aka BioElectric Shield). This Shield is more than just EMF protection; it is an incredible protection and energy enhancement tool. The Level 4 – 14k Diamond BioShield can help you align with your purpose

I get it; a Diamond Shield might just be a little out of the question. There are many other ways to get clarity. I share some of my best techniques for getting insight and clarity in Let Your Still Small Voice Take the Agony out of Decisions

Shine your light – don’t get hung up on labels

Spread love

I’ve seen too many articles, posts, and questions trying to label everything and everyone. Lightworker, Empath, Highly Sensitive Person, Indigo, Crystal, crystal babies, and a long list of other terms that we’re using to try to make sense of all the ways our gifts combine.  Lightworkers are often called Beacons of Light, Earth Angels, or Starseeds.

Let me be clear. It doesn’t matter what term you put on yourself. What matters is that you open fully to the Light and Love that shines from your heart so you can be that Beam of Light the World desperately needs.  

I encourage you to figure out what your particular gifts are and what you need for energy protection and self-care and then drop all those labels. The more you label yourself, the more you limit who and what you are becoming. You can keep growing into all you are.

You are Not a Victim of Your Sensitivity – You Are Strong

You are not a victim of your sensitivity, you are strong warrior

Empaths and HSPs are especially vulnerable to overwhelm, exhaustion, and anxiety. We’re not just feeling our own emotions. Many of us feel the collective – the world’s fear, sadness, grief, suffering, and chaos. We are in deep pain because we don’t know what to do to help. Don’t stay overwhelmed and feel like a victim. Discover what you can do to strengthen yourself.

“Sensitive people care when the world doesn’t because we understand waiting to be rescued and no one shows up. We have rescued ourselves, so many times that we have become self taught in the art of compassion for those forgotten.”
― Shannon L. Alder

The world needs your strength and compassion.  If you’re not feeling super strong right now, it’s time to find ways to re-energize yourself. The world needs your light, your compassion, and your strength. It’s not easy, but you can do it. Read More

Let the BioElectric Shield help you be as strong as you can be.
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Why do Empaths need Personal Energy & EMF Protection?

Let’s face it, you can learn a lot of tricks and techniques but may not be able to devote the constant vigilance needed. I found constantly feeling a need to surround myself with light took me away from being able to connect with people and share my love and light. There were also times when the intensity of energy coming at me was overwhelming. The Shield changed my life.

Empaths & Highly Sensitive People are often more affected by EMF as well as Other People’s Energy – It’s a vicious Double Whammy

HSPs (highly sensitive people ) and Empaths need EMF and Personal Energy Protection. If you are an HSP or empath, you’ve probably already noticed that you are more reactive to Electromagnetic Radiation from WiFi, smartphones, Bluetooth, and other sources that produce electromagnetic radiation. You may also be electrically sensitive if you have myriad strange health issues – many HSPs are.

TAKE OUR EMPATH & HSP QUIZ and get a recommendation for personal energy protection, plus scores and tips in 5 areas of sensitivity (this is different from telling you what kind of empath you are, but deals in the ways your sensitivity can affect you and make coping difficult.



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