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A Guide – Ultimate Cell Phone Safety Tips

by | Dec 5, 2020 | 0 comments

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Your Ultimate Guide to Reducing the EMF Radiation Exposure from your Cell Phone.Your Ultimate Guide

Cell phone safety tips are important these days when we use our phones constantly – talking, texting, taking pictures, social media, music, audiobooks, reading digital books, games, email, and so much more.

Some of you probably don’t even have a computer and use your smartphone for everything. This makes it even more important to use our phones safely. These Cell Phone Safety Tips can help you use your phone in the safest way possible.

Phone Call Basics

Duration of Cell phone callKeep phone call duration to a minimum.
Effects related to usage are directly related to the length of calls and usage over time.

earDon’t put the phone next to your ear until the person you’re calling has picked up.
Your phone is at the highest power when it is dialing; holding the phone away from your body decreases your exposure. But really, we recommend never putting it to your ear, that’s what headsets and speakerphones are for.

earPut it on speaker or text. 
Because your exposure drops exponentially as you move the phone away from your head, you don’t have to keep the phone very far away to reduce your exposure by 1,000 to 10,000 times.

earDon’t talk and drive – even hands-free driving is distracting

earIf you are tired and run down, avoid using your phone.
Radiation has been shown to weaken your immune system and make you even more tired. One of the most common precursors to full-blown EMF sensitivity is fatigue caused by your body trying to deal with EMF radiation.

When you are in a car – on a bus, train, airplane, etc

  • Don’t use in a moving vehicle. 
    • I know, I know you love to spend your travel time on the phone.
    • But the signal is stronger when you are moving because the phone is constantly having to scan for contact to keep your connection….so the output is at maximum. (this includes trains, buses, cars, etc) It’s also distracting and can be illegal in some states.
  • Don’t use in a parked car. 
    • You are in a closed metal container that bounces the signals all around like being in a microwave, creating what’s called a Faraday cage effect…and all that radiation is absorbed into your body.
  • Don’t use the phone when you only have one or two bars – Save it for a strong signal. 

When not in use or on standby

  • Store it don’t wear it. 
    • Unless you’re on it, stow the phone in your purse or bag.
    • If you keep it on your waist, keep it turned off.
    • Studies have shown that keeping a cell phone in your pocket can decrease sperm count.
    • If you simply Must wear it use
  • Don’t sleep with your phone next to you – and don’t use the phone as an alarm clock. 
    • Truthfully, I’d suggest not even having the phone in your bedroom.
    • Did you know the radiation from the phone can interfere with melatonin levels….and your sleep patterns.

Sperm Issues, Pregnancy, Babies, Children

  • Men – if you want to be a father – limit your phone usage and don’t put it in your pocket. The radiation can reduce your sperm count and affect quality. (This also goes for using a laptop on your lap) Read more about radiation and fertility
  • Protect the kids.
    • Do not let children use cell phones except for emergencies, and then tell them not to put the phone next to their heads.
    • For older kids, it shouldn’t take much encouragement to get them to text more than they chat.
  • If you are pregnant, want to get pregnant, or are elderly severely limit usage.

Myth – You are safe if you don’t own a cell phone – have a low SAR phone – use a Cordless Phone – and other reasons why you aren’t as safe as you think you are!

  • Don’t think that just because you are using a low SAR doesn’t mean your phone is safe. 
    • SAR is the rating given to how much radiation your phone gives off.
    • The surprising thing is that some of the higher SAR phones, actually work more efficiently, so normally work at lower power, reducing the amount of radiation, while some of the low SAR phones can have higher exposure because they need to work at full power more of the time.
    • You can find the SAR for your individual cell phone by typing the FCC ID number of your cell phone into the FCC database available here: http://www.fcc.gov/oet/ea/fccid
  • Don’t just switch to your cordless phone
    • If you’re like me, my strategy was to use my cordless phone when at home.
    • Surprise, it’s actually as bad or worse than a cell phone, especially for children. Your cordless phone is like having a cell tower in your living room.
  • Don’t think that just because you don’t personally use a cell phone you aren’t affected.
    • If you live in our world today, you are being bombarded with the energies of everyone else’s phone, WiFi, WiMax (city-wide WiFi) cell towers, smart meters…and the list goes on.

Metal in Your Body

  • Limit usage if you have braces, metal fillings, screws, plates, metal frame glasses, even metal jewelry.
  • These items can magnify the EMF energies

Reduce the radiation from your phone with these products

  • SYB phone pouch and 5G pocket protectors
    • Reduces 99% of WiFi and Microwave EMF radiation- keep your phone in the pouch when not in use. Even safe to put in your pocket if necessary.
    • Dial your call, put it on speakerphone, then put it back in the pouch.
  • Aulterra EMF Neutralizer 3 Pack. 
    • Put on the back of your phone – even works inside the case or cover
    • Great to use if you wear a Fitbit or iWatch. Just put one Aulterra sticker on the back on the device
  • Anti-Radiation Spray from AegisGuardTM
    • The spray leaves an invisible layer of particles that break up the long EMF waves into smaller waves. When you change the length of the wave, you change the frequency into harmless energy.
    • Spray the front of your phone, but also the back (if you have in a case, spray the back of the phone then replace the case)

You aren’t going to stop using your phone so we invite you to use these safety measures.

We recommend that you wear a personal BioElectric Shield and use additional local protection on your phone! (See our Buyer’s Guide to Reliable EMF Protection)

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