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Top Tips for Permeable or Thin Boundary Types

by | Apr 21, 2020 | 0 comments

Are you Easily Affected by the Moods of Others?

This means you probably have a Permeable or Thin Boundary. This is just one of 5 Sensitivity Types.

What are Permeable or Thin Boundaries?

What does this mean in your everyday life?

First, let me tell you there’s nothing wrong with you. Having permeable boundaries is not a character flaw. You don’t have the natural defenses that some people have.

You may have been called thin-skinned or too sensitive most of your life. You may tend to be extremely open, trusting, and connect with others easily. You may feel alienated and shut out around people with thick boundaries. You may tend to think they are shutting you out when it’s just how their energy works.

You can’t just decide to have thicker boundaries.

Can you decide to have thicker boundaries? No, you’re just not built that way. You may feel as fragile as this gossamer dragonfly wing or as easily punctured as a bubble.  But you can learn coping techniques and wear a BioShield to help with energetic overstimulation and absorption. You might be surprised at what it’s like to be “just you” in your skin.

You might even find that you like yourself better when you aren’t picking up on so many thoughts and fears around you.

NOTE: If you haven’t done so, please take our HSP/Empath quiz for more information on your sensitivity types, followed by tips to help ease your life.

Emotional Characteristics You Probably Have if You Have Permeable Boundaries

Open and Trusting – You may tend to be extremely open and trusting and connect with others easily. You may feel alienated and shut out around people with thick boundaries. It feels like they are purposely shutting you out when really it’s just how their energy works. Understanding yourself and knowing that most of the world feels differently is the first big step in feeling less vulnerable and helpless.

Emotional Overwhelm – Intense emotional situations can make you feel overwhelmed or even like you’re being attacked, setting up feelings of fight or flight, anxiety, fear, or even anger as a self-defense mechanism. Your entire energy field and body are like a walking antenna. You notice and feel everything around you and internalize it.

Pain and Pleasure – You feel both pain and pleasure to a high degree.

Risk Factors—You are at higher risk of allergies, illness, and electromagnetic sensitivity. You may also be at risk of simply giving too much of yourself to too many.

Overstimulation—Like the Sensory HSP, bright lights, loud noises, odors, and overstimulation have a very powerful detrimental effect on you. However, many of the suggestions will also be helpful for you.

How These Characteristics of Permeable or Thin Boundaries Affect Your Life

DontBurstBubbleBeing Misunderstood—Let’s face it. You can’t imagine what it would be like to have thick boundaries, and people can’t understand what it’s like to be you. Don’t take it personally, and don’t let them make you feel like there’s something wrong with you.

Just Say NO – You may also have difficulty saying “No”. You need to have the people around you like and appreciate you. You become a people pleaser. Please don’t turn this against yourself as something is wrong with you. Let me explain a bit more. It would be best if you had harmony with the people in your life; anything else is highly painful and disruptive. You probably learned early that saying yes and going out of your way to keep everyone happy makes your world much more secure.

However, there’s a price to pay. You often give too much of yourself and don’t have time or energy for the things you want to do. You end up doing things that are not in your best interest. You sometimes even lose track of who you are as a person.

SuckEnergyEnergy Vampires—Thin-boundary people also tend to attract those who want to take advantage in various ways, including feeding off your energy. We call these people energy vampires. Some are completely unintentional. Others are doing it on purpose and targeting people like you who are more open and naturally giving. Learning some energy protection techniques and wearing your BioShield can also help.

Crisis Junkies – You may also find that you attract people who are always in crisis. This is one way they can get a lot of energy from you, constantly draining your energy, attention, and joy. For your well-being, limiting your interactions with crisis junkies may be necessary. I’m not saying stay away from anyone in crisis but pay attention to those in your life who seem to go from one crisis to another. They may be addicted not only to the rush they get from being in crisis but also to the energy outpouring of all those friends who want to help.

Other Issues Associated with Permeable or Thin Boundaries

ADD-ADHD Symptoms—You may also find it difficult to stay organized and on track. Your thin boundaries let in too much, and you constantly react. Your antennae pick up on everything around you, so your energy field is trying to react too much and isn’t sure what to pay attention to next. Many have found that wearing a BioElectric Shield helps to reduce this scattered ADD-ADHD feeling.

Is what you’re feeling yours? One thing that’s often helpful is to take a few moments when you’re feeling strong emotions and ask if this truly relates to what’s going on in your life or is this thought, feeling, or emotion is coming from outside of you. Often, just naming what it is takes much of the immediacy out of it, and you can get a more objective view of it.

Are you an Empath? People with thin boundaries often empathize and feel other people’s pain and emotions as their own. Even if you’re not an empath, you may get some more valuable tips from the articles for empaths– LINK TO EMPATHS.

Bottom Line – You’re sensitive and can learn ways to deal with your sensitivity levels in healthier and more empowering ways. Sign up for our Newsletter and click ” Tips for Empaths and Highly Sensitive” to get updates on blog posts, articles, and tips for HSPs.

Boundary Test you may find helpful

Byron Katie’s “The Work” may also help you when you are internalizing something.

Life Can Be Easier for You

quizI hope you will consider getting a BioElectric Shield – the Shield balances and strengthens your energy field, deflects much of the energy from other people and technology, and can be an HSP best friend.

Most HSPs will do best with a  Level 3 Shield. (If Level 3 isn’t strong enough for any reason, you can upgrade to Level 4.)

Click Here To Get a Photo Analysis – we consider your sensitivity and EMF exposure when making recommendations.

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What does this mean in your everyday life? First, let me tell you there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s not a character flaw to have permeable boundaries. You don’t have the natural defenses that some people have. You may have been called thin-skinned or too sensitive.

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