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Increase Your Productivity and Focus by Blocking EMF at the Office

by | Feb 7, 2019 | 0 comments

increase productivity -block wifi emf radiation

Did you know blocking EMF increases your concentration, focus, and productivity?

Should you be blocking EMF at work and school?

Your productivity and focus can be affected and you wouldn’t normally even suspect where the problem is coming from. At home, you might have felt WiFi radiation effects if your routers are left on all night. EMF and WiFi may be causing your fatigue, concentration issues while using laptops, computers, cell phones, or being in a WiFi environment and you actually begin to accept this as normal. It’s not. You can get back your focus and increase your productivity.

If you have already taken the steps to block EMF at home, you have likely noticed what a difference it can make to your concentration, focus and productivity. But it raises the question: Should you be blocking EMF while you’re at work, too? 

EMF Considerations at the Office

Your office location

Most workplaces are hotbeds of EMF radiation. Do you work in an urban center or even a small town these days with lots of technology around? Or are you located within a short distance of a cell tower? If you’re within 328 yards or 984 feet of a cell phone tower with a clear and unobstructed view? Does your office/building use WiFi for computer connectivity? Do you have 5g in your area? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to look into blocking EMF at work to protect your body, brain and increase your ability to stay on task and energized.

Your job duties

If you sit at a computer for more than six hours a day, you should be strongly advised to get EMF blockers for your body, and possibly also a room shield for your office space. You can spray your monitor, printer, and CPU with the Aegis anti-radiation spray (plant-based, fragrance-free). The more you can do the reduce the impact of technology around you, the less affected you will be by these brain drains as emf, WiFi and all our technology affect your brain and your energy. When you are more protected, you’ll feel and your focus and productivity can increase.

Your coworkers and customers

Is there a lot of negative energy circulating your office space? Some of our customers at BioElectric Shield have even reported improvements in their working environment after placing a discreet room shield or EMF eliminator around the office. If you’re highly sensitive to these energies, take the Quiz below for coping and thriving tips.

Wireless technology

More and more companies and corporate buildings are turning to “smart,” wireless-enabled technologies for everything from thermostats to Internet service to other remote monitoring uses. These devices can significantly increase the level of EMF in the air, so if you notice changes to your office environment, this could be why. If 5G has been activated in your area you may be feeling the effects.

WiFi and Technology at School may be affecting your Children’s Performance

Children can develop concentration problems AFTER using their tablets or phones for a game – WiFi at school is on all day and could be causing additional issues for concentration and focus, including ADD, ADHD, and even ASD symptoms. Read more about protecting your children

What are your best options?

EMF shielding pendants and room shields to block EMF and other people’s stress at the office is just as simple and efficient as it is at home, so long as you have the right tools. Don’t risk compromising your health, focus, and productivity while you’re at work. Do what you can to block EMF, wherever your day takes you.

People who DID block EMF by wearing a BioElectric Shield report:

  • Increased focus, concentration and productivity
  • Calmer
  • Sick less often
  • More productive
  • Enjoying work more
  • Better interactions with co-workers and customers
  • Able to think more clearly
  • Feeling less frustrated
  • Increased peace of mind and well-being

Take one of our Quizzes to find out how you rank in HSP Sensitivity and EMF Exposure Risk and get a recommendation for protection

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