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Car WiFi, Bluetooth, Hands-free Phones & Music can cause Health & Safety Issues

by | Jun 20, 2022 | 0 comments

Car WiFi health and safety issue

Health & Safety Issues from WiFi Bluetooth Emergency Services & Hand-free Phones/Music in your car!

Your car is a Wifi hotspot if you can talk on your phone or listen to music without touching your phone!

Do you get tired when you are driving? It may not just be the long hours on the road or the hypnotizing effect of driving, it may be that you have a WiFi hotspot or Bluetooth in your car.

This can come from the On-star or other emergency services that are always sending signals, or the Bluetooth connection to your hand-free phone.

The Latest and Greatest? Car Technologies

If you have purchased a car anytime after around 2008, it probably comes with some version of emergency assistance if you push an emergency button.

Can you answer the phone, listen to iTunes, tilt the seats, warm your rear end, open the windows and the sunroof, call for help, or find out if your tires need air at the mere click of a button. If you don’t even need to plug your phone in because it’s instantly connected to your car system you have Blue Tooth. You probably don’t even need to take my hands off the steering wheel in order to answer the phone. The ultimate in hands-free mobile phone communication. Take a look and see if these options are in your car (it’s usually on the mirror or dash).  If so you have a smart car. It’s also a smart car if you can answer your phone or connect to music using hands-free Bluetooth technology. What this means is that you have a WiFi hotspot in your car.  Wonderful, or is it?

Woman Gets Sick Driving after a 3000-mile road trip

Recently the EMF Safety Network posted a story about a woman who took a 3000-mile road trip. By the time she got home, she was exhausted and quite ill. Her alternative medicine doctor suggested it might have been caused by the wifi-hotspot in her car. The one she didn’t even know she had! It came with the car as a safety feature. It was called Starlink.  All-new Subaru’s come with this feature. But let’s not pick on Subaru – all the new cars have similar technology that goes by many different names.

You don’t have to drive 3,000 miles for it to be an issue. We have many customers who’ve noticed it just driving around town shortly after getting a new “smarter” car.

The Dark Side of Emergency Services, Handsfree Phones or Music in Vehicle

The only way your car can provide all these fantastic services is to become a little cell tower, also known as a WiFi Hotspot. Driving around in your car means you are bathing in WiFi and therefore, you are being showered with EMF! And it’s very concentrated since you are now in a traveling sending and receiving vehicle.

We have been getting reports for 6 or 7 years from people with Smart cars of people who are especially tired or ill when driving, especially if they spend significant time in the car, and have been able to help them.

P.S. Even if you are not using this service, there’s a good chance it’s still connected and pulsing energy (check with your dealer to see?) (I know on my car I don’t have the emergency service or an alarm system, however, there is still a light constantly blinking on the dash. I wonder if alarm systems are also an issue?

EMF Exposure is constantly increasing – smart meters and 5G have put your exposure over the top.

Why? The amount of EMF I am exposed to daily keeps increasing, new cell towers go up, we keep somehow acquiring more and more devices that use Blue Tooth or wireless technology. Plus I’m in the DC area and I’m in traffic with millions of other cars who also have cellphones, WiFi, etc. There’s even talk of a city-wide WiFi system going in soon. Smart Meters haven’t come to our neighborhood yet, but that’s only a matter of time. Although I will refuse to have one on our house, there are still the WiFi signals that would be coming from the other 20 meters that would be closest to us in this townhouse complex. In short, we’re bombarded and that’s increasing steadily.

If you are driving a Hybrid your exposure to EMF radiation could be huge. Just think about it, you are driving in a generator of sorts that has to be putting off a lot of electromagnetic radiation.

Another possible issue I see with our new Smart Cars, Smart Phones, Smart “Alecs” on the road.Smart-cars-smar- phones-smart-alec500.jpg

I just got home from driving nearly 2 hours in traffic and felt lucky to get home safely. There were cars going extremely fast, while others were wandering into other lanes, driving extremely slow, seeming to not know where they are going, unaware there are other cars on the road, and just a load of unsafe driving habits. I looked as I passed each of these cars, and less than half the people were holding phones to their ears or texting. So what about the other half?

It seems to me that more and more people are driving like space cadets, not in their bodies, not aware that there are other people on the road, in short, totally distracted.

What is going on?

It wasn’t a full moon, and traffic wasn’t overly heavy, at least for the DC area. In many areas of the country, it would be called congested, but here as long as traffic is moving at or around the speed limit, that’s not a problem. In fact, in addition to noticing if they are using their mobile phones, I’ve taken that a step further and briefly “tuned in” to their energy and a good share of the erratic drivers don’t seem to be in their bodies at all! What that means is they are not focused or paying much attention to where they are or what they are doing, and may not even realize it. That brings me to my question. Is a smart car making people dumb or distracted?

One of the effects I notice from WiFi when I’m not wearing my BioShield is that I feel less focused. This makes me wonder. In addition to the fact that people are texting or holding a phone to their ear and driving, is it possible that the Blue Tooth technology in cars is one of the reasons people seem to be driving so erratically? I swear there are days that a lot of people don’t even seem to realize there are other cars on the road. If they are experiencing the effects of EMF radiation, that could explain some of the crazy driving.

I’m not taking any chances when I’m driving. I want to be my most focused when I’m on the road. If you have a smart car with Blue tooth or any of these other perks, I suggest that you wear your Shield, and then, depending on how much time you spend in your car, you may want to consider getting a Room Shield for your car – but only after you get a BioShield for yourself to wear.

  • Drive Safely this Summer:
  • Don’t Text.
  • Don’t hold your phone and talk.
  • If you are in traffic or driving someplace new, don’t talk on the phone at all, it is distracting.
  • Wear your Shield
  • If you spend much time in your car or are going on vacation, take the Room Shield out of Your Living Room – and put it in your car; or order your car her very own Room Shield – or better yet, get your car her own Shield. Keep the family protected and possibly even calmer and more pleasant.

How to be EMF Smart with your new Smart Car?

You can easily protect yourself from the EMF.

First wear a Level 3 or 4 BioShield to protect yourself from all forms of EMF including 5G, Smart Meters, Cell Phones, cell towers, computers, laptops…..basically anything that plugs in or has a battery, especially if it connects remotely to anything. Take our quiz for a personal BioElectric Shield recommendation based on your exposure risk and sensitivity.

auto shieldSimply hang an Auto BioShield (aka Room Shield) in your car.

We’d also suggest you spray your dashboard with the Aegis AntiRadiation Spray. It’s colorless, odorless, and places an invisible coating of jagged particles which serve to break up the EMF from your dashboard. The Auto Shield will break up the EMF waves from the WiFi Hot Spot.

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