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Which Type of Empath are You? Find out Now

by | Nov 18, 2022 | 0 comments

Which Type of Empath are You?

Empath - words and hands with light
Did you know there are different types of empaths? 

The most talked about empath is the Emotional Empath. You feel everyone else’s emotions like they are your own. Being an empath is about feeling, not just feeling other people’s emotions. There are many types of empaths, and only two are about absorbing the pain of others. You can be more than one kind of empath.

Psychiatrist Judith Orloff, MD, discusses the various types of empathy in her book The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People.  I’ve listed other sources below. As you can see in the articles I’ve sourced, no one agrees on how many types of empaths there are.

Once you understand more about yourself and your sensitivities, you can better protect yourself and enhance your specific gifts.

What Empath Qualities and Gifts do You Have?

Become familiar with this information, and you’ll be able to identify the areas you relate to and understand when your empath abilities are negatively impacting you.

  1. Emotional Empath – You not only pick up on the emotions of others, but you frequently can’t tell if they are yours or someone else’s. One way to tell is to ask yourself if this particular emotion or pain makes sense in your life, and if the answer is No, then it’s not yours.
    1. Being around negative people who complain or narcissists who suck up all the energy can be especially draining.
    2. Tip – Find more friends who are mostly happy. Hey, everyone complains about things sometimes, but if it’s constant, especially if it’s been the same story for more years than you want to think about, are they healthy to have in your life?
      Emotional Empath - various women in feeling emotions

Physical Empath – You absorb other people’s physical symptoms into your body.

  1. Have you ever been with or talking on the phone with someone with a headache, and voila, you have a headache as well? The same goes for their hip, back, and neck pain or sore throat. You may not be coming down with something, and it may not even be your pain.
  2. Tip – Ask yourself, “Is this my pain?” If it doesn’t seem likely, do an energy release. It can be very simple, use whatever higher power you normally relate to. “Dear higher power, please release all thoughts, feelings, emotions, and energies that are not my own. Thank you.” Note- this also works with someone else’s emotions as well.woman arrives with headache, then shortly after her friend has one too
  3. Heyoka Empaths are a type I’m just learning about. Heyoka means sacred clown or spiritual fool in Lakota and Dakota Native American dialects*(see disclaimer about this term at bottom of page).
    They have clear intuition and often use humor or satire to help others see things differently. They often mirror others’ feelings back to them. They often make you question your preconceived notions of right/wrong or real and fantasy. They may be the person who posts provocative questions on social media.

    1. Heyokas can be brutally honest, need solitude to recharge, know what others are about to say, have a lively inner child, and are usually creative and innovative.
    2. Heyokas can sense others’ emotions without being around them and are often emotionally all over the place. They aren’t swayed by peer pressure or worry about what others think. Always know when someone is lying, and often feel emotionally hungover.
    3. There are 15 characteristics of Heyoka Empaths, which is too much to include here. I refer you to one of the best articles I’ve read yet. 15 Surprising Signs You’re a Heyoka Empath – And Why It’s So Powerful. Empaths with gifts relating to our physical world.
    4. Tip – Don’t take it personally. Some people aren’t comfortable seeing their feelings mirrored. If you’re a Heyoka, you came to this life knowing this ahead of time and agreed to take on this job of being a mirror.
    5. Clarification of Keyoka Empath Tradition Scroll to the bottom of the page for clarification of the
       Heyoka Empath vs Sioux Tradition
  4. Plant or Flora Empath – “You can feel the needs of plants and connect with their essence.” according to Dr. Judith Orloff. Plant lovers tend to be tender and heart-centered, offering their people friends the same understanding and compassion they give their blooms and greens.
    1. Tip – You’ll be happiest if you have a garden space to tend. If that’s not possible, create an indoor garden or adopt a friend with a garden in need.
    2. The photo below is Yonti Kelly, a Flower Whisperer. She uses her amazing talents to create power flower essences at Essences of Wholeness.Yonti Kelly
  5. Earth or Geomantic Empaths have a deep affinity to nature, often relating to what’s happening in the Universe.
    1. “Earth empaths react to changes in our planet, our solar system, and the weather,” says Dr. Orloff. “Let’s say there’s an earthquake, and they can sometimes feel it beforehand. They feel pain in their bodies if the Amazon forest is being ravaged.”
    2. As an Earth empath – I frequently know when an earthquake or other natural disaster is coming and can even feel it physically in my body.
    3. Tip – If you suddenly find yourself overly emotional or in physical pain, check to see what’s happening in the world. Ask your angels or guides to release this energy or do some other energy clearing to reduce the impact. It may help to spend some time barefoot on the Earth.Earth Empath - pixabay
  6. Animal or Fauna Empaths, aka Animal Whisperers, have deep connections with animals, can feel their needs, know what’s bothering them and soothe them. Animals go right to them with total trust, and violence towards animals makes them extremely upset. They are often vegans.Animal Whisperer
  7. Gemstone Empaths have a deep affinity to the energy of rocks, stones, crystals, and gemstones. They are often also Earth Empaths. I’ve shared my experience as a gemstone empath in the previous article What Crystals Protect Empaths?ingredients for an amazing meal
  8. Gastronomic Empaths can taste a recipe just by reading it. They make excellent chefs or life partners. (I was married to one, and I could see his eyes light up when looking at recipes or ingredients. I knew I’d be in for a treat. Yummm!)
    1. They are also amazing at food and wine pairings. Good friends to have when dining out. Amazing sommeliers at a restaurant.
    2. Tip – If you’re a gastronomic empath, you may not want a life as a chef, but you probably will be happiest if you have many chances to show off your cooking skills and share the results with friends and family.
  9. Indigo Empaths aren’t the same as indigo children. Indigo empaths are attuned to morality and virtue.
    1. They know if someone is truly good or just nice. There’s a monumental difference between truly good and the pretense of niceness.
    2. Indigo empaths can’t abide being around those without a strong moral compass.
    3. Tip – If you are an indigo empath, trust your feelings. If you sense something is off about someone, don’t override it by looking at the persona or good deeds, all that can be deceiving. You have your gift for a reason. Let it guide you.
  10. Molecular Empaths resonate with others at an extremely deep level. They tend to understand the essential self of others, past all their emotional guards and ego. They often can surprise with insightful advice.
    1. Tip – Because of your full connection with other’s energy, be diligent about Personal Energy Protection. You might consider a Level 3 or Level 4 BioElectric Shield, possibly even a customized BioShield with a matrix created just for your special energy needs.Molecular Empath - woman will dark background and moledules
  11. Dream Empath – Do you have vivid dreams that source wisdom from dream images, even talking animals or deceased relatives? Dream empaths can discover deeper meaning from their dreams and those of others.
    1. Some even have dreams that are prophetic or of events that are happening around the world.
    2. Tip – You might want to learn more about lucid dreaming.
    3. Tip 2 – Turn off your Wi-Fi at night and keep electronics out of the bedroom. They may interfere with your dreaming.
      Read more about EMFs and Empaths.Dream Empath

      Empaths with Esoteric Gifts

      I am not sure what I should call this grouping, but all the below have some specific similarities and challenges.

      Along with the Dream Empaths, they are highly tuned to subtle energies and information unavailable to most people.

      Increase your Abilities with Personal Energy Protection

      Protection from EMF and other people’s negativity and stress is critical if you want to increase these abilities and strengthen your insights and information. In the late 60s and early 70s, Russel Tarq was part of a remote viewing experiment with the US government. They found that the viewers with the highest success rates were in EMF Shielded rooms.

      EMFs interfere with your energy field and cause brain fog and other disconnects between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy bodies. It makes sense that being outside the influence of EMFs would increase their abilities.

      The BioElectric Shield puts you in a cocoon of energy, deflecting a neutralizing EMF and other harmful energies, including those from other people. Wearing a BioShield, you are protected, and because the Shield also aligns your energy bodies, all your abilities are working at their highest level.


  12. Intuitive or Claircognizant Empath – Emotional empathy is often connected with being an intuitive empath. Intuitive empaths can tap into the deeper energies of what’s going on. “Emotional empaths simply pick up the emotions of others,” Dr. Orloff says. “But an intuitive empath can sense the unspoken in terms of what’s going on.”
    1. “Intuitive empaths experience extraordinary perceptions, such as heightened intuition, messages in threes, animal and plant communication, as well as pick up other people’s emotions,” she says.
  13. Telepathic Empaths can read others’ thoughts. Whether they read minds and body language or are extremely intuitive or psychic, it’s a matter of debate. I have known some who seem to pick words from my head.
  14. Medium or Psychic Empaths can communicate beyond the veil into the afterlife. They pick up vibes from the spirits world to give advice and insights from those who have passed on.
  15. Precognitive Empaths understand potential – in other words, they know what will happen or at least the high probabilities. It’s unclear if they are amazing at seeing patterns and choosing the likeliest outcome or have a psychic gift, but if you’re lucky enough to know one, discount their predictions at your own peril.
  16. Psychometric Empaths pick up psychic vibes from inanimate objects. They can tell much about someone’s connection to an object or place by touching or looking at a photograph.

This is a companion article to What Crystals Protection Empaths?

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I’ve taken this information about empath types from various sources and my studies about empaths over the last ten years. Sources include but are not limited to:

  • Elaine Aron, the pioneer over twenty years ago with, The Highly Sensitive Person
  • Orloff, The Empath’s Survival Guide, and Emotional Freedom.

I’ve also gotten inspiration and information from these blog posts.

How Many Types of Empaths Are There? Here Are Our Favorite 14

15 Surprising Signs You’re a Heyoka Empath – And Why It’s So Powerful 

There Are 8 Types of Empaths and Only 1 Has to Do With Feeling the Emotions of Others

Intuitive Empaths: Signs, Types, Downsides, and Self-Care


I’ve been bothered about the term Heyoka Empath because it’s appropriated a Lakota Sioux term and has only a loose connection to the traditional meaning of Heyoka.

I sent the article to a friend, Carol Burbank, who is versed in Native American Traditions, and she wrote –

“You should add  that heyoka is often a backward kind of behavior, a person “who speaks, moves and reacts in an opposite fashion to the people around them.” In native cultures, they might ride a horse backward, perform a different gender from their birth role, say what they don’t mean instead of what they mean, etc. They are tricksters- not just clowns and jesters- and often live on the edges or break sacred rules.
Their contrarian nature is central. I looked at a lot of heyoka empath sites. Although what they say is interesting, I think the more correct word would be “jester.” None of them talked about the sacred and oppositional practices of someone born in heyoka. Seems a bit of an appropriation to me. The link you provided seems very watered down and out of cultural context.
However, I love the term, the mythology,  and the idea of the heyoka. I am not convinced heyokas are empathic, though, as their primary gift. They’re more obstructionist/directly challenging.
Check out the Wikipedia summary. Some of the qualities come through. Many others are specific to the Sioux culture, not the idea of empaths, as the folks summarizing those qualities seem to use the concept.
“The trendy term of “heyoka empath” is a title that has no basis in tribal customs, nor in the Lakota Elders in life or in spirit, and is a concept that has evolved over the years is and has no origin within the Lakota tribe. The term “Heyoka ” indicates a person within the Lakota tradition. The term “heyoka empath” is NOT a term used or recognized by the Lakota Sioux. There is an assumption that the term Heyoka is universal and can be randomly applied. This is a false teaching that misrepresents the Heyoka of the Lakota tribe. It has been gaining speed in trying to keep up with humanitarian trends to understand empathic abilities and how they manifest.”

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