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EMFs & Empaths – Everything You Need to Know

by | Feb 22, 2022 | 0 comments

EMF Empaths everything you need to knowEMFs & Empaths – Everything You Need to Know

How does EMF Affect an Empath or HSP?

EMFs & Empaths are an important subject that isn’t talked about much. EMF can affect Empaths or HSPs more than most. If you are an Empath or HSP Highly Sensitive Person, you already know you’re highly sensitive to the emotions and energies of others, even places, and your environment.

Adding EMFs and electromagnetic Radiation in your environment can be overwhelming and affect your mood, energy levels, and overall well-being.

If you are an empath and feel overwhelmed by the EMFs in your environment, don’t give up. There are things you can do to stop feeling overwhelmed and draining energy.

I will use the term empath for simplicity of writing, but I know it can also include HSPs and Highly Sensitive Persons.

What are EMFs, and Why Should You Be Concerned?

EMF or Electromagnetic radiation comes from our technology – cellphones, computers, Wi-Fi networks, cell towers, 5G towers, wiring in our homes, and anything that plugs in or has a battery. I won’t spend much time writing about what EMFs are – we have some excellent articles. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT EMF AND THEIR OVERALL EFFECTS

Because EMF is ubiquitous and everywhere, you may be affected without even realizing it. You may think you’re tired, stressed, coming down with something, getting old, or having a senior moment.

Because EMF is all around you, you most likely don’t walk into a room and say, “Wow, this room is filled with EMF.” The effects are much more subtle, and they are cumulative and build up over time. It’s a bit like having a night where you don’t sleep well. You may be a little tired the next day, but you still function okay. But if that happens day after day, it takes its toll.

Are Empaths more Affected by EMF, or are they simply more Aware?

That’s a good question I don’t have a firm answer to. I suspect that it’s a bit of both. You’re already wired to be more sensitive to what’s around you, so it makes sense that you might also be more impacted than others by EMF. You also tend to be more self-aware and in tune with changes in your feelings and what’s around you.

EMFs Can Affect your Ability to Access Information

One of the Superpowers you have as an empath is the ability to access information intuitively. It may sometimes seem like a curse, but when you lose that ability, you can feel cut off from a vital part of yourself.

You may be used to gaining insight from an external source or even from within yourself. In some cases, it may be necessary to unplug from technology completely to restore balance.

EMFs can interfere with your ability to access higher wisdom or information from the spirit world. This is one of the reasons we talk so much about EMFs & Empaths because we know firsthand the detrimental effects EMF can have on Empaths and how to reduce or often eliminate that problem. Just imagine regaining your higher connection and inner wisdom.

How Can You Mitigate the Effects of EMF?

While EMFs can challenge empaths, many ways exist to mitigate the effects. Empathy can stay healthy and balanced in an increasingly electronic world with some awareness and simple adjustments.

You can use various tactics to mitigate the effects, from grounding and shielding to avoiding devices that give off high levels of energy. You may also need to take certain precautions when using technologies such as cell phones or computers for long periods, which may be a challenge if you need to use these technologies during your work.

Here’s a list of products and their uses to reduce EMF in your life

11 Tips for Protecting Yourself from EMF and restoring balance

1.     EMF and empaths you don't have to live inside a bubble.Shield yourself. Our BioElectric Shield EMF protection pendants do more than merely protect you from EMF. They’re the only product I know of that does all these things. We have a lot of alternatives that don’t include living in a bubble.

  • BioElectric Shield protects from EMF.
  • Shield deflects other people’s energy.
  • Shield helps to balance and ground your energy, when you’re grounded you are more balanced and capable.

2.      Ground yourself. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by EMFs, grounding yourself can help to restore balance. Read more about the benefits of grounding 

3.      Reduce the EMF in Your Home or Office – Read 22 Tips for Reducing EMF

4.      Take breaks from technology. If you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed, disconnect completely from all electronic devices—even your cellphone. Spend some time in nature, reading a book, or even spending some time with friends or family.

5.      Walk barefoot whenever possible. This process, called Earthing, can reduce EMF impact and overall stress and tension in the body. “The research to date supports the concept that grounding or earthing the human body may be an essential element in the health equation along with sunshine, clean air and water, nutritious food, and physical activity.” See study  

6.      Take care of yourself. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by EMFs, it’s important to take care of yourself both emotionally and physically. Make sure to get plenty of rest, eat healthy foods, and drink plenty of water. Give yourself some much-needed alone time.

7.      Reach for information from within. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by EMFs, reaching for information from within can be helpful. This may mean taking time for introspection or seeking guidance from a trusted source. Check out one of my favorite techniques.

8.      Meditate. Meditation is a great way to center yourself and connect with your inner wisdom.

  • Many meditators have found their meditations are easier and more powerful when wearing a Level 3 or Level 4 BioShield.
  •  This is because it’s Shielding out all the static and fear https://bioelectricshield.com/in-the-media/fear-and-bioelectric-shield the outside world.

9.      Seek support from others who understand. It’s easier to navigate this world when you don’t feel alone. From personal experience, I can tell you that just knowing there are others like you can make you feel a lot less crazy.

  • Talk to a therapist or to friends or family who are also sensitive or find groups or communities. Many communities of people are sensitive to EMFs and/or who are also empaths. Look for Facebook groups or communities and Meet-ups.

10.  Increase negative ions – this doesn’t reduce the EMF, but it does increase the positive energy/ Himalayan salt lamps or fountains increase negative ions. Bring in live plants, flowers, and uplifting artwork to help calm your nerves and please your eyes.

11.  Create an EMF-free space for yourself. One way to reduce your exposure to EMFs is to create an EMF-free space for yourself. This may mean dedicating a room in your home to EMF protection or simply removing EMF sources from your bedroom and other personal spaces. Because of Wi-Fi, smart meters, and cell towers, this isn’t always easy. You can accomplish this in a couple of ways.

You don’t have to go live inside a bubble – Wearing a BioShield, especially a level 3 or 4 can help you feel like you’re inside a bubble. Then if needed, you can work on your rooms, wiring, or devices. Here’s a list of products and their uses to reduce EMF in your life

  • Hang a Room Shield
  • Paint the walls with EMF-reducing paint – this keeps outside energy from coming in.
  • Wash curtains or draperies in EMF protection laundry additive by AegisGuard.
  • Spray the windows with EMF Reduction Spray by AegisGuard.

Don’t Give up Hope! If one thing doesn’t do the trick, keep trying

We’ve been talking about EMF & Empaths and helping EMF-sensitive empaths and HSPs for over 30 years. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. with out 90-day money-back guarantee on the Shield, there’s no risk in seeing what it can do for you. You most likely will be pleasantly surprised.

Interviews with Virginia Bonta Brown and AnnaMariah

Virginia and AnnaMariah Bioelectric Shield Interview about EMF, HSP and personal protectionOur very own Virginia Bonta Brown and AnnaMariah were interviewed, and tips were shared.

Virginia talks about the effects of EMF radiation and what steps you can take to protect yourself. As a pediatric occupational therapist, Virginia saw firsthand some of the effects energy had on children and has made it her mission to help protect children and adults so they can be empowered to be at their best. Did you know that exposure caused by holding a cell phone to their head for only 5 minutes will decrease a child’s attention span by up to 3 hours?

As our technology increases with the roll-out of even more smart meters and 5G networks,  taking care of yourself is increasingly important.

AnnaMariah is an Empath. In this interview, she shares her story and discusses what it means to be an HSP or empath and how you can navigate more easily through our world. She designed our HSP Quiz to help Highly Sensitive People and empaths learn their areas of sensitivity and how they can be more at home in a chaotic world.

Listen and discover what you can do and why protection is necessary.

In this interview, Virginia speaks with KB and Ray on the Wake Up Radio Show for the first 40 minutes or so, and then AnnaMariah is on until the end.

You have several ways to tune in

What’s next?

Take the HSP/Empath quiz and get a personalized recommendation, tips, and life hacks in 5 areas of sensitivity.

Call or Email – we’re here to help 541-201-8878 or email [email protected].

Take advantage of our Photo Analysis if you feel especially challenged or ill or need more feedback. You get a recommendation and more information on what relief you can expect from a Shield.

Click here for other articles and tips about living well as an empath.

The world can be much easier and happier when balanced, grounded, and protected.

Why Highly Sensitive People Need EMF Protection

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