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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection

Individually Customized
BioElectric Shield

Can an individually Customized BioElectric Shield benefit you?

An individually Customized BioElectric Shield is individualized for your maximum bio-energetic protection, strength, and balance. If you have special physical challenges, very sensitive energy, or a demanding work or home environment, you will find a custom-designed Shield makes an outstanding change for the better in your life.

This is an investment that will provide many years or even decades of protection and balance.

​This investment in your energetic well-being is immeasurable and will serve you for the rest of your life.

How is an Individually Customized EMF Protection BioShield made?

We are fortunate to have two consultants in the same family who have the ability to perceive, in great detail; all the colors and designs that make up the energy field that surrounds any living thing (an aura) Due to a physical difference in their eye structure they see energy to the cellular level. This gift has been passed down through this family for over 500 years. To create a custom BioShield, the consultant studies each aspect of your energy field and designs a gem matrix that will work the best for you. Every custom BioShield includes our standard crystal matrix plus additional gems that will be placed in specific locations in the crystal matrix to provide you the additional protection and balancing you need..

How do I find out if I would benefit from a custom Shield?

find out what benefits you can expect from a customized BioShield. To start the process you’ll send in photos and answer some detailed questions on our Photo Analysis Page.

Our consultant will be able to determine with the photo you will email to us [email protected] . There is no cost for our consultant to examine your photo.

A custom Shield has additional costs associated with it: the custom design fee, the additional gems, and the Shield itself. If you are trading in a Shield you purchased in the last three years and an upgrade fee plus shipping and insurance. (which includes insurance).

The cost of a custom Shield includes:

Custom design fee

This $425 fee covers the time the consultant needs to design your special matrix. Our consultant spends several hours studying your energy field (visible in your photo to our consultant), reading over your answers to the above photo analysis questionnaire and evaluating what’s needed to give you the most benefit. She then decides which gems to add to the standard matrix that comes in every Shield.

Additional Gems

These gems will strengthen your balancing and protection in ways that are specifically helpful to your unique energy field. There is a charge for each additional gem that is added.(If your gems cost more than $95, you will be billed for the additional cost.)

The BioElectric Shield

Your special matrix will go inside a Shield, which is also paid for separately. For maximum benefit, most custom Shields are Levels 3 or 4.

Return Policy

Because they are designed only for your energy field, custom Shields do not come with a money back guarantee

Custom EMF Protection Shield Testimonials

Fatigue is gone

On our testimonials page, we tell you about an 82-year-old woman who had her life transformed by a Shield. She started with a regular Shield, but within a year, upgraded to a custom Shield. It was transformative for her! To read her report, visit our testimonials page.

Migraines handled thanks to customized BioElectric Shield

“I am writing to let you know how well the gold custom BioShield is working for me. As you remember, my headache neurologist, Trupti Gokani MD, referred me to your company when I started noticing that emf’s were responsible for an increase in the number of my migraines. For example, I would notice a headache starting when I or someone near me used a smartphone, laptop or other wireless devices. After we talked and I purchased a silver heart BioShield, I notice a marketed improvement in my headaches – but it only went so far. For instance, rather than getting a headache immediately upon using a laptop, I would start to feel one coming on after 20-30 minutes. So after consulting with you, and taking advantage of your exchange within one-year policy, I purchased the custom shield, which was made based on my particular energy and sensitivities. This new custom shield has really solved the problem for me. I can go anywhere and work on wireless devices without headaches. Considering the rapid increase in this technology this is really a life changing product for me. Thank you again. Sincerely, Betty Butler “

Betty Buttler


Feels protected and able to deal with challenging situations wearing custom Shield

“After wearing a custom Shield for 2 months. “I think it’s really fascinating how it seems to so smoothly surround me – I ‘never leave home without it’! I think in some ways we’re still adjusting to each other – realized I can’t drink as much coffee now (not a bad thing) – but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the changes in being able to deal with people even in challenging situations.”


International Custom Shield – Person who is HIV positive getting better!

“I am writing to update you on how I have been feeling after wearing the shield for the past 7 months, as promised. First & foremost, I am glad that I took your advice to take the plunge to get a customized shield for my HIV infection. On my initial wearing of the shield, I felt a great sense of wellness & serenity, even when I was experiencing great stress at that time; everything seems to flow around me like water. My energy level increased & I hardly need to sleep long hours for the next 2 months. Subsequently, the shield’s effect becomes more subtle but I can somehow feel it working within me. I also noticed that the shield seems to work in cycles as there are times I felt it was not working optimally; then I realized that I have not recharge it sufficiently. Putting it under the sun for a few days seem to put the shield back on track.

As for how the shield is working on my HIV infection. I am not expecting miracles from wearing it. However, the significance in wearing this shield can be seen in how my body is reacting to the increasing viral load. Clinically, my viral load & CD4 are at the stage of critical levels but physically I am not exhibiting any clinical symptoms of AIDS, which has been confounding my HIV doctor in CDC! I have put on significant weight & muscle mass through gym workouts; I am also able to complete long period of running on a treadmill without feeling breathless! To me, this is a significant sign of wellness & health, despite the poor clinical numbers.

With the current herbal medicine you recommended, together with the shield, I have a feeling that I may be able to cheat death this time around. By the way, Thanks for recommended me to use the Bioelectric Shield! I think it is one of the most important investment in my life (I hope it would be a long one at that!).”



Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) Patient – Many Symptoms Gone with custom BioShield

“My energy level increased a noticeable level the first day. I lost my first Shield and felt a noticeable decline in energy during the month I was without a Shield. Previously vacations have been stressful due to all the changes – beds, routines, travel, etc. This time I had energy to do more than we expected and I can home with energy to unpack! The energy boost is wonderful, but I am possibly most grateful for the improvement in my bowels, bladder, and sexual functioning. My bowels are regular (I used to battle diarrhea and constipation.), my bladder more controlled (I used to wear panty shields); and my sexual relations with my husband back to normal (more feeling.)”


Multiple Sclerosis patient

HSP – Electromagnetically Sensitive Person Gets Relief wearing custom Shield

“I have worn custom BioElectric Shields for the last 8 years. I have one that is silver with 14-carat gold tabs. I had it upgraded with a new matrix and a diamond center in 2012. It worked well for protection before the diamond but it has made a huge difference with the addition of the diamond. I wear the shield 24/7. I am extremely sensitive to EMF – electromagnetic radiation and electropollution. I am the proverbial “canary” who is constantly exposed to coal mines. I also feel it helps to give me energy when I have to work long hours at the computer. The added diamond seems to give an extra layer of protection, almost like a laser beam that creates a field around me helping me to energetically deal better with “toxic” people.”



Health Improves with Custom HIV Shield

“I am reporting this on behalf of my partner who has AIDS. Initially, he was very skeptical. He wasn’t feeling well it arrived. He put it on and felt worse. I spoke to you and you said that was expected while it rebalanced his energy field over a period of at least 6 weeks. Then over the next few months, his health improved ten-fold. He is currently training to participate in his California AIDS Ride (a bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles in seven days). This training, in addition to going to a gym, has been keeping him very healthy.”


San Francisco