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BioElectric Shield - Personal Energy Protection


The modern world is full of EMF radiation. From our smartphones to our televisions, Wi Fi, and other electronic devices, it can be difficult to escape.  All these devices are incredibly convenient but there’s a price to pay in terms of the damaging effects that EMFs can have on your body.  You shouldn’t be risking your health because you’re surrounded by these devices.

The BioElectric Shield – FOR EXTREME WELL BEING

The BioElectric Shields are made with Proprietary Technology developed by scientists to Shield your body from harmful EMF & negative energy, while helping to balance your physical, mental, and emotional system.  We are so sure you will love the Shield that if you do not love the Shield, return it to us for a full refund within 90 days.

The BioElectric Shield is a unique product with unique abilities that is not sold anywhere else on the planet.

Since 1990 we’ve sold over 300,000 BioElectric Shields, which have truly benefited people’s lives.

Our Shield was created with Nobel Prize Winning Physics & has been backed by renowned scientists worldwide.

By deflecting harmful EMF & negative energy, and stress from others, the Shield protects your energy field & allows you to reclaim your life.

Radio frequency radiation is a growing health concern and the EMF Protection Shield provides a safe and effective way to protect against it.

There is a way to protect yourself and your home from EMF radiation

BioElectric Shield provides powerful protection against all types of electromagnetic pollution, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of modern living without suffering any negative side effects.

Our world is becoming increasingly saturated with electromagnetic radiation and negative energy

BioElectric Shield provides powerful protection against all types of electromagnetic pollution, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of modern living without suffering any negative side effects.

As a result, we feel more drained, stressed, and unable to focus than ever before. Even if you are trying to disconnect from technology, it’s impossible to completely escape the effects of EMF radiation and negative energy. Our bodies have become bombarded and overloaded, leading to physical and mental health issues. 

BioElectric Shields are the only EMF protection products backed by Nobel Prize Winning Physics. With this Shield protecting your body from harmful EMF & negative energy, you can reclaim your life and restore balance in your energy field.

Extremely low frequency electric and magnetic fields are found in environments with high voltage power lines and can also be produced by electrical appliances like computers, microwaves, and cell phones.

Live your life free from the constant drain of energy that comes with electromagnetic radiation and others’ negative energy

Since 1991, we have been at the forefront of providing robust and reliable EMF shielding and personal energy protection solutions. Our physics-based Shield is rooted in solid science and backed by strong research and thousands of success stories. With our products, you can bring balance back to your life and protect yourself from the relentless EMF radiation that surrounds us.

You don’t have to suffer from the energy-draining effects of EMF and negative energy anymore


As we navigate through a world of ever-increasing technology, it’s more important than ever to protect ourselves from harmful EMF radiation. This innovative Shield serves as your personal armor against the harmful effects of EMF radiation from various sources. Its advanced technology identifies frequencies that are not compatible with your body’s energy vibration and deflects them, leaving you feeling balanced and restored. It’s not just about protection from technology, either. Empaths and highly sensitive people rave about the reprieve it provides from the negativity and stress of people and situations.

With BioElectric Shield, you can step out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and into a realm of balance and protection.

Without BioElectric Shield

Electromagnetic radiation constantly bombards your body with no impediment

With BioElectric Shield

The Shield works with your body’s energy field, creating a barrier between you and harmful environmental radiation

Balancing and Strengthening Effect as Shown by Kirlian Photography



After an hour


After Six Months


How to Recharge & Care for
YOUR BioElectric Shield

If you imagine your Shield as a vehicle, then think of the sun as fuel. Without fuel, your Shield will fade in effectiveness – and eventually, stop working.

At the beginning of each new month, it’s time to recharge your Shield. This is the most critical part of owning a Shield – it is ESSENTIAL to charge your Shield monthly. It will last for years when you do this.

Recharge your BioElectric Shield